Colon Cancer: Take Care of Your Diet if You Want to Live

Paul is a 53-year-old from Indonesia. In 2012, he had diarrhoea. An endoscopy indicated rectal cancer. Paul immediately underwent an operation at Pondok Indah Hospital in Jakarta. Histopathology report confirmed a “well differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum, suspected that distal margin still contain tumour cells.” The doctor said it was a Stage 2 cancer.

As a follow-up treatment, Paul underwent 30 sessions of radiation at Gatot Subroto Hospital in Jakarta.

A CT scan after the radiation treatment showed rectosigmoid thickening “perhaps caused by inflammation after radiation, residual tumour still present.”

Paul consulted a doctor in Graha Kedoya Hospital and was prescribed an oral drug, Futraful. And a biopsy in March 2013 indicated residual adenocarcinoma.

In April 2013, Paul consulted a doctor in Medistra Hospital. A PET/CT scan was done at MRCCC Hospital. The result indicated “hypermetabolic lesion at anastomosis site suspect of residual malignancy.” There was no spread to the lymph nodes and other organs.

MRI done in May 2013 at Gading Pluit Hospial indicated mucosal wall thickening in the post operative rectal tumour area. The doctor suggested colonscopy and rectal biopsy.

In June 2013, Paul went to Singapore for further consultation. He underwent an immediate surgery at Mt. Alvernia Hospital on 18 June 2013. A diverting ileostomy was created. The histopathology report confirmed a recurrent adenocarcinoma at the rectal stump.

Paul returned to Jakarta and was started on chemotherapy with Oxaliplatin + oral Xeloda. He received a total of 8 cycles of chemo at 3-weekly interval at Medistra Hospital. All treatments were completed in February 2014.

In March 2014, Paul started to use the electrical capacitive cancer treatment apparel (terapi rompi).

In April 2014, Paul was again on Xeloda.

PET / CT scan done at MRCCC Hospital in Jakarta indicated “suspected regional recurrence.” Paul went back to Singapore to consult his previous surgeon at Mt. Alvernia, He was asked to undergo 3 cycles of chemotherapy using Forfiri + Ebitux. The doctor said if the chemo could shrink the tumour, then Paul need not have to undergo any operation. If the treatment did not shrink the tumour the Paul ad to undergo another surgery again.

Paul refused further medical treatment. He returned to Jakarta and consulted a doctor who practised traditional medicine. He was started on herbs and followed a healthy food regimen. Paul also had liver detoxification.

In July 2014, Paul went back to Singapore again and this time consulted with a doctor in NUH. He was given the same advice as the doctor at Mt. Alvernia.

In August 2014, Paul came to seek out help and was started on herbs. He felt better after taking our herbs. His liver function results showed improvements.

4 Aug 2014 27 Oct 2014 15 Jan 2015 26 Jan 2015
ESR 30 45 30
Alk. phosphatase 165 139 98
AST 109 74 50
ALT 149 79 58
GGT 184 150 128
CEA 3.9 2.3 n/a 8.62
CA 19.9 17.6 25.3 n/a
CA 125 3.6 2.8 n/a

In late January 2015, we got this email from Paul.

Dear Dr. Chris,

Today I am very surprise that I got CEA test with 8,62. This is the highest value I have, and even higher than when the first time I got (2,35 before operation in 2012).

I still discipline to eat all capsules and herbal tea until now. I also still have vegetarian diet.

Just for your information, during end of last year I have vacation to Kuala Lumpur and I ate Chinese food but without meat. And last week, 24 Jan, I also ate Yamien noodle. Is that all the reason?

Dr. Chris, please help advise me what to do. From now I will strictly do my vegetarian diet. Do you think that my CEA may down again? Do I need more dosage capsule or herbal tea? Dr Chris, please advice, and thank for your help.

Reply: This man is from Jambi and you are from Jakarta …same problem la… this story carefully. 

8 cm Liver Tumour Shrunk After 8 Months On Herbs. Still Alive and Well After 2 Years 

Again let me repeat what I told this patient that night was very clear, crude and blunt. When patients are “half dead,” they would follow our advice without protest. But when they get well, most of them will “misbehave.” That is normal.  This advice also applies to  all cancer patients.

  • To live or to die is your choice.
  • There is no need to be upset about the patient’s choice. If he wants to die, let him die.
  • My experiences have shown that if a patient eats anything he/she likes, this “good time” would probably last about 2 months. After that the cancer would recur and he/she cannot “enjoy” food anymore.
  • I also told AS, Perhaps it is time you stop taking the herbs. Go home and eat a lot of what you want to eat and “go” faster.
  • AS had lived for almost 2 years. He should be grateful that he is still alive – healthy and without pain. What more do you want? Be grateful for what you are now!

Dear Dr. Chris,
I still want to live, and my choice is back to your way of life. Hopefully it is not too late, and I believe I can do my diet strictly. Thanks for your advice.

Reflect on the following seriously.

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