Do you know the right questions to ask?
This free guide could save your life.


In 2003, I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer.
I was 26 years old, and clueless about cancer treatment.

The first oncologist I saw didn’t tell me the risks, lied to me about the success rate, and told me I was “INSANE” if I didn’t do what he recommended.

I was afraid that I had no other options, but my wife and I accidentally asked two questions that in hindsight helped save my life….

In the last 12 years, I’ve talked with hundreds of cancer patients. Many reach out to me after treatments have failed them, worse off than when they started, and wishing they had taken the time to read and research before blindly following their doctors advice.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Most cancer patients have NO IDEA what they are geting into

They have no idea how effective the treatments will be. They have no idea what the real risks are. They have no idea how much suffering is involved. They have no idea about the long-term damage the treatments will inflict on their body…

Patients are often mislead and misinformed, and told they have no other options

Doctors aren’t telling patients everything they need to know, and patients don’t know the right questions to ask. Like I said, my wife and I accidentally asked two questions that helped save my life.

You need the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

The truth is your compass. With it, you can make an informed decision, and chart your course of treatment with confidence.

Without the truth, you are like a ship lost at sea, hoping and praying you’re headed in the right direction… Sadly, this is the position that many cancer patients find themselves in, because they didn’t ask the right questions in the beginning.

This free guide will arm you with POWERFUL questions that cut straight to the truth

20 Questions For Your Oncologist is a compilation of essential questions submitted by doctors, survivors, patients and their loved ones. The guide includes a 1-hour audio program, a transcript to follow along and take notes, and a printable question list.

Your next steps could be critical to your survival, or the survival of someone you care about. Don’t let fear, uncertainty and helplessness influence the decision-making process. Get the guide.

To your life and health,

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