Her tongue is healing well. Her health is restored!


Nur (not real name) came to our centre this morning. She put out her tongue and said she can now taste her food! Health wise she feels great!


Listen to what she shared this morning!



Nur: My tongue is much better now. I don’t feel like there is a thick layer on top of my tongue. When I eat chilly, I can feel the “pungent and biting” taste. Before I was not able to feel that.

Chris: So, your food is more tasty now?

N: I don’t feel tired anymore. Before I could not even perform my daily prayers. Now, I can pray even 20 times a day. Before I had to receive a weekly infusion to energize me, but I don’t need it now. Now, I can do all the house chores while my children go out to work. Before that I was not able to do a thing at home for lack of energy.

There is no more blue-black patches on my arms and body. They are all gone. My skin do not itch anymore.

We had posted the story of Nur earlier. To know more about her problems when she first came to see us, click this link: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/tongue-disease-cancer/


I give Nur a great thumb up! She is indeed an amazing, dedicated  and adorable patient.

  1. To come to Penang, she needs to take an 8-hour bus ride to Medan. From Medan she then flies to Penang by plane. By about 11 am or 12 noon, she arrives at our centre, talks to us and on the very same day she goes off to the airport to take the next plane home! She said, she would have a sleepless night if she stays overnight in Penang! In spite of this long difficult journey she did not complain.

Wah, I have patients who “bargained, and asked for special consideration” just because they said they come from “very far.” And what is very far? A 10-minute drive across the Penang bridge! Or a 2-hour-car ride away! Or one and a half hour flight away. No one can beat Nur!

  1. She is very dedicated to her healing. Yes, the herbs have awful taste and smell. But she take them without any protest. She takes care of her diet and keep on doing what is right for her. On one occasion she took pempek. Her whole face swelled. We told her to stop that and she was back to normal again. One day, I told Nur to try taking pempek again! She refused — she learned her lesson very fast!

For those of you who want to know what pempek is, click this link: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pempek. Pempek or empek-empek is a special food of Palembang. It is made from fish, sagu, egg, garlic, salt and artificial flavoring agents. This is one kind of food which patients should stay away from.

  1. She is a person with a grateful heart! When she was sick, she was unable to perform her prayers. Now that she is well, she said each day she performed 3 to 4 times more prayers than what is required of her! She is making up for the earlier loss.

Whenever she comes to see us, with great difficulty, she carries a small box full of fruits or natural products from her kampong for us. No!no! patients need not have to do this at all. Why take all the trouble to do this when we can easily buy them here? In her own humble way, we know that this is a gift from her heart which we must appreciate.

This is a great morning indeed. Thank God for this blessing.