A 17 cm Phyllodes Tumour in Her Breast

This morning I got “hit” by three breast cancer cases. Here is one really pathetic case.

Alice (not real name) is a 27-year-old lady. About 15 years ago, Alice she felt a lump in her right breast. There was no pain. So she did nothing about it. The lump did not grow bigger either. But in later years, the mass started to grow bigger — slowly, according to Alice. Again she did nothing about it.

In June 2016, the lump started to grow bigger and faster. She came to a private hospital in November 2016 and was told to have the lump removed. She did not do it because at the time her husband was diagnosed with TB.

So from June 2016 to November 2016, Alice did nothing about her condition.

When things went out of control, from November 2016 (until now) Alice started to take kunyit putih, Vitamin C and cordycep.

On 30 March 2017, Alice and her husband came to another private hospital in Penang. A CT scan was done. Alice was told to do a biopsy. She refused.

CT scan of her right breast showed:

  • A soft tissue mass measuring 17.7 x 10.7 x 12.9 cm in size, in the right breast. Suspicious of phyllodes tumour.
  • Multiple smaller enhancing nodules can be seen scattered within the left breast, approximately up to 1.5 cm. This is likely to represent fibroadenoma.
  • No evidence of distant metastases.

This is how her right breast looks like.


In her left breast are 14 nodules. The sizes range from 2 mm to 17 mm.



My advice to his young lady and her husband.

Chris: When you come here, what do you expect me to do for you?

Husband: To make the tumour smaller.

C: To also cure you?

Alice: Yes.

C: No way. It is not realistic. I suggest that you go and have the tumour removed. Tell the doctor there is no need to do anymore biopsy. Just have the tumour removed.

I suggest you go and consult with these two doctors.

  • Ask the doctor how much the surgery cost.
  • Can he cure you?

After you have done the surgery, the doctor may suggest further treatments like chemotherapy. If you don’t want to do that, come and see me. Bring all the reports. And I shall try to help you.


This is indeed a sad case. She is only 27 years old. It means that she had been having this tumour in her breast since she was 12 years old. How could this be?

Then, a year ago, the lump started to grow bigger and bigger, to the size of 17.7 x 12.9 cm. That was the one in her right breast. On her left breast, there are still 14 nodules which are still small. We can never know if these tiny “monsters” will grow bigger or not. Again, how could this be?

This is the first time, I have seen such a case. It does not make sense. I just wonder what has gone wrong with this world today?

According to the medical report Alice probably has phyllodes tumour. Fortunately too, there is no evidence of metastasis, i.e. the cancer has not spread to other parts of her body.

From the internet we can learn about phyllodes tumour as below:

  • Phyllodes tumor (cystosarcoma phyllodes) of the breast is rare, accounting for less than 1% of all breast tumors.
  • There are three kinds of phyllodes tumours. Phyllodes tumors which are benign (not cancerous), some are malignant (cancerous) and some are borderline (in between noncancerous and cancerous).
  • All three kinds of phyllodes tumors tend to grow quickly, but they rarely spread outside the breast.
  • It can occur at any age, but they tend to develop when a woman is in her 30s and 40s. Benign phyllodes tumor is usually diagnosed at a younger age than malignant phyllodes tumor.
  • The treatment for this tumour is surgery.