Hepatitis Turned into Stage 4 Liver Cirrhosis

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About 11 years ago Asma from Aceh came to seek our help. She was then 67 years old and was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C.

She was subsequently put on interferon therapy and at the same time, on Copegus, an oral medication. Asma received a total of 16 interferon injections. Each injection cost RM 800.00.

After the interferon therapy, Asma’s condition deteriorated. The doctor terminated the therapy after four months although the treatment was scheduled for six months. The doctor wrote: I have advised her to continue regular checkup with a view to resuming interferon therapy perhaps at a lower dose. Meanwhile she is only on Revicon. I suggest a repeat of her viral titre in three months’ time.

Asma came to seek our help in February 2008 and was started on Capsule A and B, Liver P and LL-tea.

The following are excerpts of our conversation on 27 February 2008. This was before she was on our herbs.

Chris: Comparing the time before you had this interferon injection and the time when you were having the treatment (eight injections) – did you feel any difference about your health?

Asma: Yes. After I received the injection I felt lemah (weak – lack of strength).

C: So from your point of view, did the treatment bring you any benefit?

A: No … According to the doctor, if I continue with the treatment I can either die or become “lumpuh” (lack of strength and would be unable to walk).

Male friend: If she continued with the treatment she might die or become lumpuh …. After the four months, the doctor was afraid to continue with the treatment. The blood was not good.

After six months on the herbs (August 2008), Asma came to see us again with her blood test results.  All parameters were within normal limit. The numbers are a far cry from the time when she was under treatment.

We asked Asma the following questions:

Chris: You came to see us on 22 February 2008 and now it is 30 August 2008 – essentially that is six months ago. Are you on the herbs all this while?

Asma:  No, in total I took for about three months only. This is because I could not find anyone to come and collect herbs for me.

C:  Tell us frankly, how do you feel now compared to those days before you were on the herbs?

A:  I feel much healthier now. Before I took your herbs I felt lethargic – no energy. My appetite was poor and I was not able to sleep well. I was also constipated. I was not better at all. I felt tired.

C: Now after taking the herbs are you better?

A: Yes, I am better. I am more energetic. I have good appetite and I sleep well. My bowels movements are good.

C: You have just gone to see your doctor. What did he say?

A:  He wanted me to continue with my interferon therapy again in November 2008. No, I am not going to go for this treatment anymore.

More than a year later (April 2009), Asma came to CA Care again.

She was still doing well although she had not been taking herbs regularly.  We reminded Asma that there is no such thing as a permanent cure for hepatitis. She has to take care of her diet and also continue to take the herbs. She should be responsible for her own well being.

July 2011, Asma came back to see us again, after almost one and a half years of absence. Since the past  three and a half years, she has been taking the herbs off and on.

C: You took herbs since 2008 – more than three years ago. You came in February 2008 and it is now July 2011. Okay, how have you been doing?

A: I am well. No problems.

C: Not tired?

A: If I work too much, I felt tired, otherwise I am okay. My son just passed away and I felt tired.

C: Sleep well?

A:Yes, before the herbs it was not good.

C: Before you said your appetite was not good?

A: Now, it is good.

C: Before you had pains in the chest?

A: No more pains but if I am tired I will feel the pains.

C: After coming here and starting to take the herbs, did you ever go back to your doctor? Took any medication from the doctor?

A: No, never seen any doctor and I did not take any doctor’s medication.

C: Tell me again, are you really healthy? You started to take the herbs three over years ago.

A: I am healthy and better off today than when I was on doctor’s medication. I am a lot better now. I don’t feel lethargic anymore. And I feel healthy.

About ten years later (August 2019). Sometime in June 2019, Asma vomitted blood. She also passed out stools with blood. Asma did an endoscopy in a hospital in Aceh and was told it was due to her stomach. Not satisfied, Asma came to consult a doctor in a private hospital in Penang. USG showed Stage F4 liver cirrhosis. Blood test showed deterioration of her liver function enzymes (see table below). Her alpha-fetoprotein level was within normal range, 7.30 (normal = less than 13.4).

Asma was prescribed the following medication:

  1. Legalon
  2. Propanolol
  3. Spironolactone
  4. Frisemide
  5. Vimovo Surbex
  6. Conart (Glucosamine sulphate).


  1. This is indeed a sad case to handle. Asma is an elderly lady (oops, but she is 4 years younger than I!). Being ignorant, she does not seem to know what is going on with her. Like all simple minded person, she goes to the doctor when she is in trouble. She believes fully that the doctor knows best, and she will take whatever medication prescribed for her.
  2. When she had problems with her hepatitis C ten years ago, she received interferon injection for about 4 months and her health deteriorated to the critical point that her doctor decided to stop the treatment.
  3. Asma gave up medical treatment and came to us for help. The herbs restored her health. She was on and off the herbs depending on her circumstances. This is what most patients do — I would not blame her! Further, she lives in Aceh and travelling to Penang is indeed a problem for her and also cost her a lot of money.
  4. Asma’s health was okay for some 10 years. Then her hepatitis struck back again. When she was well she ate anything she liked! No, she did not take care of her diet. Like most patients when they feel well, they think they are cured.
  5. I was curious what made her vomit blood and passed out blood in her stools. Before this incident she ate curry beef cooked in vinegar. Well, was that the cause of her problem? It probably was more than that. The blood test results done on 29 July 2019 showed the platelet counts was only 96 while in the previous years it was around 200 plus. Her liver function enzymes were also not good.
  6. Asma was prescribed 6 types of medication by her doctor. It is not for me to comment if these drugs can help her with her stage 4 liver cirrhosis.

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