Even in the United States, lung cancer remains incurable!

This is an email I just received today.

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Daniel (not his real name). One of your patients from Indonesia referred me to you to get information on your successful study on lung cancer treatment.

In March 2017 I was hospitalized for a week and was subsequently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I underwent treatment by an oncologist from the City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center. They started the treatment with TARCEVA, one pill a day. And by the grace of God my cancer were gone in about 4 months.

Unfortunately, a new lung cancer developed in early 2018 and they replaced Tarceva with a new pill TAGRISSO. Tagrisso worked well for about a year only.

Since there is no more new medication available, then I went for chemotherapy using Keytruda and Alimta. This was done every 3 weeks for 6 times in 2019. But the effectiveness of the chemo only lasted for few months.

In May 2019, the doctor detected a new cancer that was growing in my right lung. He was reluctant to give me another chemotherapy treatment this time.

I am now back on Tagrisso pill pending further decision. In other word, we just let the cancer cell to grow and hopefully slowly at this time.

Since you have a great success in combating this decease, I am seeking your help or information on any treatment or herbal that you use to treat your patients. I believe this might be the answer to my prayer.

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

What can we learn from this sad story.

  1. When the lung cancer is tested positive for EGFR receptor, the doctor generally ask you to take Iressa pill, that is if you are an Asian. Iressa is not allowed in the Western countries — but the Asian countries, okay! So perhaps that is the reason why Daniel was given Traceva instead of Iressa.
  2. The medical people call this “chemo-drug” the smart bomb or targeted therapy. In Malaysia Tarceva or Iressa costs something like RM8,000 per month. And there seems to be a promotion, buy one free one. Or buy 10 months and you get the medication free for life! Think hard, what does that imply?

Read more: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2017/04/08/lung-cancer-spend-rm80000-and-you-get-free-tarceva-for-life/


  1. For Daniel Tarceva worked like magic. Within 4 months, the tumour was gone (?). Yes, this happened in Malaysia too! But lowering of CEA or disappearance of the tumour does not mean the cancer is gone forever. The sad truth is that, within a year, the cancer recurred.
  2. From Tarceva Daniel was told to switch to Tagrisso — a much more expensive drug. About 2 months ago, a distant relative of mine came to see me. He had lung cancer and was on Tagrisso. It cost him RM15,000 per month. He had been on this new drug for about 9 months. No, the cancer did not go away. And he was told that if he takes Tagrisso for a total of one year, he would be given the drug free for life.
  3. Daniel took Tagrisso for about a year, and he suffered another recurrence.
  4. Since the smart bombs are not that smart after all, the doctor had to turn to the conventional method of chemotherapy. Daniel received 6 cycles of chemo using Keytruda and Alimta.

Read these stories: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/08/06/dissecting-chemotherapy-part-7-avastin-alimta-nearly-killed-me/

Alimta was also on offer: Buy two, free two. If you make it to 12 cycles, free for life!


  1. Unfortunately, the chemo treatment only lasted for a few months. A new growth appeared in Daniel’s right lung. Daniel was back on Tagrisso again pending further decision.

Such sad story happens most of the time, everywhere in the world. So let’s face reality. In my years of helping people with cancer, I have come to a sad conclusion that there is no cure of cancer. In this case, you can argue that Tarceva, Tagrisso, Alimta, Keytruda had helped Daniel. Without these drugs he would not have lived that long. Maybe that is true. These may have prolonged Daniel’s life. But at what cost? For sure, these drugs are expensive! Yes, these drugs come with various side effects.

So why complain? What if you take herbs and can just live just as long? It is definitely cheaper and has no destructive side effects! No, the world does not want to know or encourage this!