If I cannot eat what I like, life is not worth living!

Almost every day I receive emails from patients asking for help. Here is one example. I received this email when Iwas just about to write this article.

To : Doctor Chris K.H. Teo 

Hello, I am AJ. I got a doctor’s number from my friend. My friend said doctor can cure lung cancer. My mother is 76 years old. A check up in Indonesia said there is a tumor in the lung. Every night coughing. If possible we will immediately go to Penang for you to help treat my mom. Thank you for your attention.

After more than two decades of helping patients, I have come to the reality that no one on earth can cure any cancer! Help – yes, but not cure, i.e. to make the cancer go away permanently.

Another  reality I learned is that most if not all patients who go to the doctors or alternative healers, hope to find a cure for his/her cancer. And along the way, thousands and thousands of dollars are being spent. Sad.

As I reflect on what is “going on” I suspect that no one wants to know the truth, and no wants to tell the truth. This is because the truth is not pleasant to hear or to know.

I have learned early that cancer is about healing a human being – the cancer is probably just the symptom that comes with it. I often tell patients, I may be able to help with the cancer but I cannot help you become a “better” human being – your attitude, your lifestyle, etc. No I cannot change you unless you decide to change yourself.

Unfortunately, from my interactions with patients, my statistics show that only 30 percent of patients are willing to go that extra mile to change, the remaining 70 percent just cannot and would not. Therefore in my dealing with cancer, I learn not to be upset anymore. I give you my honest advice. Then I ask you to go home and think about it. If you need my help come again. But if you cannot accept what I tell you or are not willing to change, please don’t come.

In my earlier posting, I wrote about a colon-liver patient from Indonesia. He had undergone surgery and chemotherapy. The treatment failed to cure him. His treatment is free of charge because he is covered by the social health insurance. But the chemo made him real sick. When he was told to undergo more chemo, he refused the treatment and came to seek our help. As usual, I went through the whole routine of telling him about being unable to cure him (but able to help); his need to change his diet; and I asked him if he could tolerate the bitter taste and awful smell of the herbal teas.

His response, No problem. I cannot afford to die yet. My two children are still small. That is the normal respond I often get from patients. After taking the herbs for a month, his health improved. Well, the first battle was won! But the “big war” is just about to begin.

Listen to what his wife told me.

Chris: He has take the herbs for about a month. Is he better now than before?

Wife: Better

(The numbness of his hands and feet reduced by 60 to 70 percent, he sleeps better, has more energy, and stomach wind is gone).

C: The most important thing now is to stick to his diet well. Take care of his diet. He cannot eat what he likes. This is my most important reminder. I know of many patients, after they are better, they will not take care of their diet anymore.

W: Yes, now the stress is not about his cancer. It is about his diet. He is complaining – cannot eat this, cannot eat that. So what is the point of me being alive?

C: It is difficult – I know most patients behave like that! If I cannot eat, what for that I live? There is one lady who told me. If I cannot eat laksa, life has no meaning. My response was, It is no use eating one bowl of laksa and die. Go ahead and eat a lorry-load of laksa and die. It is worth it. And you die sooner too – not need to suffer.  Unfortunately that lady did not die that soon. It took more than two years (suffering) before she died. So I understand such attitude. There is nothing I can do and I know it is difficult (to change people).

There is this lady from Batam. She has breast cancer that had spread to her brain. After all the treatments failed her husband came to seek our help. She took the herbs and was able to move and walk around (something she could not do before). After she got well, she wanted to eat food which I told her not to take. She got angry and went on a hunger strike — refusing to eat any food or her herbs. Later she had to be hospitalised.

I told her husband NOT to come and see me anymore. This is the kind of human behaviour that I cannot help.

W: Exactly, my husband was upset when I tried to control his diet. He said, What is the use of being alive?

C: Did you ask him if he wants to die? I know of many, many patients who died after they started to go back to their “bad diet.”  For now, I am glad that he is at home and you can see to his diet and stop him from eating what is not good for him. But you just wait. When he gets better and better, he will go out with his friends and you have no more control over him! Please remember this, don’t ever think that just because he is getting better and better, the cancer is gone. It will come back the moment you start with your “bad” diet.

Tell me – he is okay now? No problem? And he is better? So his main problem now is his diet?

W: Yes. we always argue about this. I said he cannot eat the chicken meat. He would said never mind, once a week is okay.

C: Indeed it is difficult. He would want to justify that it is only taking just a bit only. That may not kill him yet. Tomorrow, he would ask for more and more. Today he said, it is okay to take once a week. Then he would say twice or thrice a week. It is going to be like that. What can I do? So be it.

W: When I go home, I am going to convey your message to him again.

C: Okay, let’s see what happen after this. There is nothing more that I can do to  help. You already know that the herbs did  help him. After this, it is up to him to decide whether he wants to help himself and get well or not.


I am aware that the most unpopular topic about cancer healing is the need to take care of the diet. You cannot eat what you like. Most patients don’t like this advice. But what can I do? Some patients even make a bargain with me if they can eat this –  a bit only;  or eat that – a bit only. Well, I am not god to give anyone any permission. You need to take care of yourself. And you bear the consequences of your own folly.

Let me share with you one story. There is this lady. She had been taking the herbs and was doing very well. Then one day she came to see me with her blood test showing that something was wrong — many parameters were seriously out of range. I shook my head in despair. Right inside me I felt like a failure. I asked her – What did you do wrong? Her immediate answer, Nothing wrong, everything the same! Okay, I must admit “defeat” and told her, You need to go back to your doctor and get a CT scan done. I am afraid your cancer has already spread. The markers have shot up so high. A week later, the husband came to inform us that the scan showed there was nothing “wrong.” Then he confessed that they were actually on a holiday in China. What do you think went wrong? Lucky for her, her blood results were back to normal again. She is still on our herbs.

When I first started CA Care, one of the first thing I did was to read as many books on cancer and nutrition as I can find. I have one whole book shelf of books on diet. From my reading I understand the need to take care of our diet if we want to “tame” or even “reverse” the spread of cancer. All our patients are told about the need to take care of their diet. If they are not prepared for this, then there is no need to follow our therapy. No use, because it going to be just a wasted effort.

Let me close, by quoting what a medical doctor, Michael Greger wrote in this book – How not die.

  • It all started with my grandmother. I was only a kid when the doctor sent her home in a wheelchair to die … I”ll never forget that.
  • My grandma was given her medical death sentence at age sixty-five. Thanks to a healthy diet and lifestyle, she was able to enjoy another thirty-one years on this earth … a woman who was once told by doctors she only had weeks to live didn’t die until she was ninety-six years old.
  • In medical school … there was no mention of using diet to treat chronic disease, let alone reverse it. I was aware of this body of work because of my family’s personal story.
  • During my medical training, I was offered countless steak dinners and fancy perks by Big Pharma representatives, but not once did I get a call from Big Broccoli. There is a reason you hear about the latest drugs on television. Huge corporate budgets drive their promotion.
  • Most deaths in the United States are preventable, and they are related to what we eat. Our diet is the number-one cause of premature death and the number-one cause of disability. Surely, diet must also be the number-one thing taught in medical school, right? Sadly, it’s not.

If you want to know more about diet, you can visit Dr. Greger’s website: https://nutritionfacts.org/

You may find this video interesting and helpful.