PSA Dropped from 7,292 to 26 Within Two Months – Unbelievable but true!

This is a follow-up of an earlier article Eight & A Half Days In A Private Hospital Cost RM47,159.70 – worth it?

This story is about 73-year-old Johnny who had prostate cancer that had spread extensively to this bones. There is indication that the cancer has also spread to his lungs. Johnny  was admitted into a private hospital for treatment.  Unfortunately, nothing much came out of this “hospital adventure”. The family decided to give up further medical treatment and came to seek our help.

Johnny  was unable to walk on his own and had to use a wheelchair. He presented with severe pain due to the wide spread metastasis to his bones. His stomach was “gassy” and uncomfortable. He urinated about 7 to 8 times per night. This made his life really miserable.

Johnny was prescribed herbal teas to take care of his prostate, bone and lungs. In addition he was given Pain tea for his pain, Gastrovit for his gassy stomach and A-Kid-6 for his frequent urination.

Within a week, Johnny’s condition improved. However, what is most amazing  is that his PSA level came tumbling down from 7,292.00 to 26.08 as shown below.

It was indeed a great surprise when I got this whatsapp message on 25Nov 2022 from Johnny’s daughter.

In addition to the drop of his PSA, there is also an improvement of his Platelet Count – from 502 it came down to 300. Take note that an elevated platelet count is associated with an increased incidence of cancer and poor survival for many cancer types.

Johnny’s alkaline phosphatase (ALP) has also decreased from 208 to 165. ALP is associated with bony metastasis. An  elevated ALP is a prognostic marker for poorer survival in metastatic cancer.

Johnny started to take the herbs on 10 October 2022.  So from the blood results – PSA, platelet and ALP – he seemed to have improved after taking the herbs for just 5 weeks.

Johnny’s daughter wrote further:

Daughter: Actually the hospital kept calling for the next appointment but we rejected it. Then in between they still called till the last few days – they asked us do blood test and continue with hormone medication.

My husband just accepted the appointment to do PSA test but rejected others.

 After about 3 hours, the results were out. So we had to go back and see the same doctor who treated him the first time.

The doctor was so surprised with the results and thought it was his medicine that gave this good results.

 But my husband told the doctor: Actually we did not consume your medicine. We took herbs . The Dr was surprised and he respected our decision to continue taking the herbs. Then he asked us to take bone strengthening medication but we refused.

Chris: More important — very important. How is your dad’s condition now: 

a) His urination at night — how many times — before 7-8 times each nigh. 

b) His pain more or less after taking Pain tea? 

c) His movement — any improvement?

D: My dad’s condition is much, much better. He can walk with walker further than before he was started on the herbs. His pain was reduced – can say like no pain. His urination had improved, once or twice only at night.

This visit to the doctor to do the blood test costs RM233.00.

For your information, a similar test done in a private laboratory would cost only RM71, a third of the hospital cost!


1. This story is unbelievable but true.When I met Johnny, his daughter and son-in-law, I did not expect that we would get such a good response so soon, although deep down I felt the herbs would be able to help him. This is because we have helped many patients with prostate cancer and got good results.

In February 2013, I have posted a similar case, Prostate-Bone Cancer– Part 1: PSA Came Tumbling Down: From 6,963 to 200 and Severe Pains Vanished. This is the story of a 72-year-old man from Surabaya, Indonesia. His prostate cancer had spread extensively to his back bone. I have the opportunity to meet with this patient in his house when we visited Surabaya. He benefited from our herbs. You can listen to him in the videos.

2. In addition to the herbs for prostate cancer, we also know that our Pain Tea, A-Kid-6 tea and Gastrovit are effective and have helped many patients.

  • Pain Tea is taken 3 to 6 times a day. Generally the pain will go away rather “miraculously” and when the pain is gone, there is no need to take the pain tea anymore. Be rest assured that our pain tea does not contain any narcotic or opioid! It is also not a painkiller like the medications you get from the doctors. I formulated this pain tea some 20 years ago based on the Chinese TCM philosophy: “If there is free flow, there is no pain; If there is no free flow, there is pain.” Since then our pain tea has helped hundreds of patients with their pain.
  • Our A-Kid-6 tea was formulated to help people with frequent urination at night. Many people reported that their problem was resolved after taking the tea for a few days! I recalled one American man who came to us and was troubled with this problem that he would try not to go to sleep at night. After taking this tea his problem was resolved. He told me if I were to come to California and make this tea available there, I would make a lot of money!
  • Gastrovit tea is for gastric problems. Many people tell us it works like “magic”.

3. When Johnny was down with cancer, the family’s first priority was to seek medical help. Johnny was sent to a  well-known hospital in Kuala Lumpur for treatment. We respected that decision. Go ahead and see what the doctor can offer you!

For eight and a half days in the hospital the medical bills came to RM47,159.70. What did Johnny get out of that? What if his stay was extended to about a month or more – the hospital bills could easily reach RM200,000? Financial toxicity – this iswhat it means when writers write about the cost of cancer treatment!

I was surprised when Johnny’s family decided to seek our help and also decided to give up medical treatment.

The herbs and the change of diet helped him tremendously, to the point that it is unbelievable. But it is true. After the doctor saw the PSA dropped to 26 from 7,292 (within 2 months),  he was happy believing that it was his prescribed Cassodex and Duodart that did the job. The truth is, Johnny did not take the prescribed medicine! He took herbs.

It was good that the doctor was not angry for not following his instruction. Perhaps he could not dispute what he saw and heard that day – the so called unproven, unscientific herbs were effective for Johnny’s cancer.

For your information, the cost of  the herbs which Johnny took for 5 weeks cost less than RM2,000. Compare this to 8.5 days in the hospital which cost RM47,159.70. Of course, many people in the world would not want to know this truth. This would mean professional suicide.

But you, the patient, has a choice. Choose wisely!