Prostate-Bone Cancer– Part 1: PSA Came Tumbling Down: From 6,963 to 200 and Severe Pains Vanished

This article comes in five parts:

Part 1: PSA Came Tumbling Down: From 6,963 to 200 and Severe Pains Vanished

Part 2: Grim Prognosis

Part 3: Miraculous Healing

Part 4: Bonus Effects and Challenges

Part 5: Lessons We Can Learn From This Case

On 8 February 2012, I received the e-mail (below) from a lady in Indonesia.

Dear Prof Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

I am H from Surabaya, Indonesia. My father, 72 years old, was diagnosed have cancer by two doctors in Indonesia. One doctor said it is prostate cancer that had metastatized to his back bone, based on the PSA test result. It was (more than) >100. The other doctor said it is multiple myeloma. My father feels uncomfortable on his back (not his prostate/urine) so it’s difficult for him to take a long journey. Would you mind if I come to meet you without the patient? Hopefully Prof.  Dr. Chris Teo can help us soon. We are now still in Indonesia. If possible to meet, I shall look for flights today to meet you in Penang. 

Reply: Yes. Bring all the medical reports / scans, etc. No need to bring the patient. Chris.

Two days later, 10 February 2012, H flew to Penang and presented her father’s case. Sometime in January 2012, her father had pains in his backbone. He consulted a neurologist and was told that it could be due to pinched nerve. He was prescribed medication but this did not help him. Subsequently he did an MRI on 30 January 2012.


MRI report dated 30 January 2012:

  • Multiple malignant bone marrow replacement oleh heterogenous enhanced soft tissue mass pada hampir seluruh cervico-thoraco-lumbrosacral vertebrae, yang melibatkan posterior element and relative disc sparing.
  • Malignant intensity di ala sacrum and iliaca kanan kiri, ischium kiri. DD: proses metastase, multiple myeloma.
  • Level Th9, masa extensi ke posterior (kanan>kiri), dengan destruksi pediket and lamina kanan kiri serta adjacent costae kanan, juga ke neural foramina kanan and paraspinal muscle sisi kanan, sedikit masukj ke intra spinal canal sisi kanan and menyebabkan moderate central canal stenosis di level Th9.

Patient was asked to do a biopsy. He refused. He was asked to undergo chemotherapy. He also refused the treatment.  Patient’s daughter came to a private hospital in Penang for consultation. The doctor suggested orchidectomy, i.e. an operation to remove both testicles. This is actually a medical term for castration and the procedure was going to cost RM 8,000.

Not satisfied, his daughters came to seek our help. Patient was prescribed: Capsule A, Prostate A, deTox, Bone and Pain Teas and Gastric Paste and A-Kid-6 tea.

On 1 March 2012, he was started on Zoladex injection – this cost him IDR 1.5 million (approx. RM 500) each month.

A few months later, patient was started on the e-Therapy.

For a year, we communicated with patient’s daughter via e-mails as below:

22 February 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

We have taken all the medicine you gave to me: Capsule A, Bone tea, Prostate tea, deTox Tea, Pain Tea and we only give him the food that are allowed (vegetables and fruit).

We never do any radiation, chemotherapy or operation.  Since Sunday, my father felt very intense pain. His leg became weak with no strength to walk. And today my father took PSA test again and the result was very high, it was 6962. The result was higher thousand times. What should I do Dr. Chris? Help me please. 

Reply:  You came to see me on 10 February now it is 23 February. Your father has taken herbs for less than two weeks. I don’t expect anything to come out of it.

Since Sunday, my father felt very intense pain. He leg became weak with no strength to walk.

YES. Some patients will suffer healing crisis after taking the herbs for a week or two … Did you take the pain tea? How many times a day? 

My father took PSA test and the result was very high, it was 6,962. PSA test result was higher thousand times.

You don’t understand the test results.  When it is written PSA >100, it does not mean that the PSA was 100. It can mean a million. That symbol > means more than.  Now you went for a second time it was 6,962. Okay, keep that result. In three months we shall see what happens.

What should I do, Dr. Chris?

Taking one or two week of herbs means nothing. The herbs don’t even work yet. You think it is magic bullet? No.  Only after two or three months can I know if the herbs help or not. But if you like you can go and see the doctors and see what they have to say.

23 February 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

Thank you for your kind attention. Yesterday we’re so depressed. Panic! And felt no hope anymore but your explanation really makes me and my family feel so glad. This is because we really don’t want to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We have high hope that your herbs can heal my father, Dr. Chris. We will be more patient and of course only eat healthy food that is allowed. One more time, thank you very much.

15 March 2012: Dear Prof. Chris,

He has backache and his hip feel uncomfortable. Both his legs can’t move.  But if we touch his legs, he can feel that. In this case, is it correct to say that my father’s legs are paralyzed (lumpuh)? Is it because of the cancer or because he sleeps too much? It has been almost 2.5 months he rarely walks – just only sleeps or sits down, because of his backache. Because his can’t move his legs, he has difficulty sleeping. He can only sleep in one position (sleeping position) for about an hour, after that we need to change him to another position otherwise his leg will be become numb (mati rasa, kemeng). Help me Dr. Chris, because my father feels depressed, he can’t move his legs, he never need anyone to help in life until this three weeks. What should we do?  Thanks you for your attention.

1 April 2012: Dear Prof. Chris,

On 29 March 2012 my father did PSA test and the result was 3,103. On 22 February it was 6,962. He started taking your herb on 13 Febuary 2012, so it is about 1.5 month and the PSA is down. Thank you Dr. Chris.

But I have problems:

My father can’t walk now. The Indonesian doctors said that his spine marrow / backbone marrow (sumsum tulang belakang) has been damaged by cancer cell, so he can’t move his legs. Help me Dr. Chris. Do you have any herb to repair his backbone marrow / sumsum tulang belakang? Or to help restore the control of his legs?

3 May 2012: Dear Prof. Chris,

Again we did the PSA test on 1 May 2012. And the result was 1,084.

On 2 February 2012, my father ‘s PSA = 6,962

On 29 March 2012, PSA = 3,103

He started taking your herb on 13 February 2012, and after 2.5 month the PSA is down a lot. Thank you Dr. Chris. We all feel really happy, calm, and grateful. My father will continue taking your herbs.

In July or August I plan to meet you. I hope you can tell me what to do to help him walk again. Please one more time. Thank you Dr. Chris.

10 July 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

I just want to give you my father’s latest information. Both his both legs can move now! But if he is tired, he can’t move his legs but still can’t stand up. His kidney test result is good and the hemoglobin increased. Praise the LORD. OK. I will be patient. Thanks for your attention.

23 October 2012: Dear Prof. Chris,

On 18 October 2012, his PSA = 163.7

Last month, 13 September 2012, PSA = 238.6
So it’s down 31% from last month.

Dr. Chris, I want to ask you. My father thinks that there is no need to take Zoladex injection anymore because he feels really painful on his stomach when the doctor gives him the injection. Can he only take your herb? What do you think Dr ? It is ok to do that? As I know after two years, Zoladex can become useless. What if we stop it now, although it’s only been 10 months?

Reply 23 October 2012: Hello H.,

Please tell me first about his health condition now. The last time you told me he can move his legs a bit. What happen now? What about other conditions, like sleep, pain, appetite? Has he improved on that? Okay, the problem about Zoladex. If he takes the injection he has pains in the stomach? For how long? Apart from pains any more problem? After all the answer above, let us decide what to do. Chris.

24 October 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

My father’s condition is better and better every day. He feels no pain on his back anymore. He can sit and watch TV on wheel chair for about two hours every morning and night. He sleeps and eats well. He’s still learning to stand up by himself (but still use braces on his back & both legs). Now we still help him to stand up.

About the Zoladex — in fact my father is afraid of injection — afraid of needle (for Zoladex injection, doctor uses big and long needle. Every time we take him for injection he will be in bad mood. The pain is only at the time that needle is injected.So if you think Zoladex can be stopped, .it will be better. Thank you for your attention.

Reply:  Okay. Thank you for your answers. He has improved — not only his PSA goes down but also his health has improved. I understand about his fear of the injection BUT tell him that the Zoladex may also help him. My experience is that this injection and the herbs make the PSA go down faster. So I think it is good to continue taking the injection. Chris.

26 October 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

About the Zoladex, as your advice, we have decided to continue taking it. Thank you.

About your coming to Surabaya in February 2013, and being willing to meet us, we really appreciate it. Thank you very much Dr. Chris. When will you come to Surabaya, when will you meet us, and what time — can you write me?

My father condition now is better and better:


  1. Every movement he felt pain in his back when going to sleep and wake up. Can’t sit down for more than 20 minutes. 
  2. After a month, the doctor found he has prostate cancer that had metastatized to his back bone. It was difficult to move both his legs. Finally he totally couldn’t move his both legs. That time he had taken the herb for only a month
  3. He found it difficult to sleep because he couldn’t change to other position. Couldn’t move by himself, and felt pain with every movement. 


  1. He feels better. No pain in his back anymore.
  2. He sleeps better because can move by himself on the bed (but still can’t stand up by himself).
  3. About his appetite, urination — no problem. 

I will tell you more about his condition (every development we will write to inform you). Hope he can stand up soon. Thank you very much. 

7 November 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

My father condition now is better and better. Every day he goes to my brother’s house. Then he comes back to our house at night. Every week he goes to supermarket or mall with us. Sometimes he goes with us to the restaurant to have dinner (although he doesn’t eat but drinks real coconut!). He is happy to meet every one and happy to go any where  than stays at home. My father still can’t walk. He goes out very day and everywhere, but with wheel chair.

29 November 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

This morning my father took his PSA test and the result was really bad. PSA = 197.9 (last month PSA = 163.7). It increases by 20.89%. Oh my God. All of us were shocked. It was really disappointing. We think my father ate too much peanut – almost every day in last month (steamed/ kacang rebus yang masih ada kulitnya) and also ate fried potato + tempe ( fried with pure coconut oil that we made by ourselves). Some food were made from coconut milk (santan) that we made ourselves too. Do you think all the food above are forbidden? Do you have any suggestion? All the herb are still taken, Zoladex is also given. What should we do?

His condition is the same as before. He goes everywhere (feel no pain in his back) but with wheel chair (we gave him much peanut because peanut contains vitamin B that is good for his legs, it is what we thought). Help me Dr. Chris. My father is down today because of the PSA result. Thank you for your attention. 

Reply: Hello H.,

NO, NO peanuts.  I tell all my patients not to eat peanuts! Yes, take care of the diet. Nothing to worry! If you take care of the diet the PSA will come down! Anyway he is okay — so now you learn well — take care of the diet.

One question: Before this problem, did he eat any peanut like he did now ? Did he eat fried potato + tempe ( fried with pure coconut oil that we made by ourselves) some food were made from coconut milk (santan) that we made ourselves too. Did he eat such things before? Chris.

29 November 2012: Yes he took but not too much. Only last month, almost every day he took steamed peanut.But fried tempe + potato (fried by pure coconut oil that we made ourselves) almost every day he took them (I think since June). So Dr. Chris, how about coconut milk? fried tempe? fried potato? 

Reply:  Okay, but don’t add sugar — green bean, red bean, okay. 

29 November 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

Okay, I will give a big attention to my father’s food. No peanut, just a little santan, try to avoid fried food. About the itchy skin, you are right. My father has keloid on his body. Later (after too much peanut, santan and fried food) he feel itchy more and more on his keloid. Almost every night he felt itchy on his keloid. But that time we don’t know why (we thought it was because it’s hot summer season). So thank you for your attention. 

11 January 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

Yesterday my father took PSAa test and the result was PSA = 176.8. This is about 10.66% down from November but still higher than October.

18 October 2012: PSA = 163.7

29 November 2012: PSA = 197.9

Yesterday, 10 January 2013: PSA=176.8

He doesn’t eat peanut anymore. His condition is better than before. No more pain in his back. Both legs can feel itchy when a mosquito bites them. Last year, his both legs felt nothing. But until now still can’t stand up. In this rainy season, sometimes his right leg feels cramp. Then I use your e-machine to reduce that. Sometime only massage the leg will make it alright. Besides being unable to stand up, all things are okay. He can sleep well (mostly after having fun, going to many places.) But if he only stays at home for two days….he can’t sleep well at night. He takes a pee (bab) every 2-3 days depend on his activity and the fruit he eats.

8 February 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

First of all, I want to apologize to you. This morning my father took PSA test and the result is really bad. PSA = 200.6 (last month =176.8). So it’s going up. Sorry. He doesn’t eat peanut anymore. My family thought that he always eats fried potato (it’s fried by pure coconut oil). He used to eat potato fried with olive oil.

Chris and PSA table


Almost always cancer patients are told by their doctors to eat thing they like! Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote: Oncologists harm their patients by giving them cancer-promoting nutritional advice.”  Dr. Harvey Kellogg was even more direct when he said: An ordinary pig knows more about diet than the most learned college professor. 

Over the years, we, at CA Care have been telling patients to take care of their diet if they wish to win over their cancer.  Those who do benefited but those who don’t pay for the consequences of their follies.

In this case, the patient was doing fine. His PSA was falling down with each passing month – from 6,962 down to 163.7 over a period of about seven months. Then after taking a lot of peanuts, his PSA rose again from 163.7 to 197.9.

At CA Care we advised patients to avoid cashew nuts and peanuts. They are not good for you! Peanut allergy is the most common cause of deaths from food allergy.

Read this story: Threat from peanut allergy very real.

This is our clarion call to all cancer patients: Watch out for your diet even if you seem to be recovering well from your cancer!  Being told to eat anything you like is bad /wrong advice!

Cancer patients are often told not to take herbs while on medical treatment. Again Dr. Russell Blaylock has this to say: Oncologists forbid patients to take supplements or herbs while on treatment… This is base on ignorance – not valid scientific facts or studies.

Over the years I have seen that patients who are on our therapy (herbs + diet) fared far better than those who are on medical treatment alone! In this case even the doctor who gave monthly Zoladex injection to the patient was amazed   (or shocked) at the spectacular drop of his PSA.  The doctor asked to see our herbs!

I have learned of this synergistic effect between our herbs and hormonal therapy many years ago. In our book, Prostate Cancer Healed Naturally, I have documented other similar cases.

Prostate CA  Cover

Available in e-book and hard copy formats

  •  A prostate cancer patient in England had his PSA reduced from 107 to 0.5 (yes, zero point five) after three months on our herbs plus hormonal injection. The patient wrote: According to our GP and the consultant urologist that we met with yesterday afternoon this is exceptional and very much against the odds. Our consultant who is 55-years plus stated that during his lifetime in practice he had never before witnessed such an aggressive PSA de-escalation that I experienced. He used words such as fantastic, excellent.
  • Tom is a 58-year old man from New Zealand. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer that has spread to his back bones. His PSA was 140 plus. With the CA Care Therapy and hormonal injection his PSA tumbled down from 140 + to 0.75 within three months.
  • Back in Malaysia, we have a 52-year-old patient who came to us with his PSA at 674.5. He was started on our herbs and Goserelin injection in April 2002. Two months later, 14 June 2002, his PSA tumbled down to 2.6.

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