Prostate-Bone Cancer — Part 2: Grim Prognosis

This article comes in five parts:
Part 1: PSA Came Tumbling Down: From 6,963 to 200 and Severe Pains Vanished
Part 2: Grim Prognosis
Part 3: Miraculous Healing
Part 4: Bonus Effects and Challenges
Part 5: Lessons We Can Learn From This Case


Generally, during the Chinese New Year season, our CA Care family – Yeong & Khadijah from Kuala Lumpur, Pak Teddy from Jakarta and Im and I from Penang – would spend our time together in a city in Indonesia. This time we decided to go to Surabaya and climb Mount Bromo. What an exciting time we had!

This time too, I broke tradition by requesting to meet with our prostate cancer patient in Surabaya. So, on the evening of 13 February 2013, all of us got to meet this patient. Let me share with you his miraculous healing story.

With PSA Above 1,000 You Die!

Gist of our conversation:

  • One year ago, January 2012, patient suffered pain in his backbone which later resulted in not being able to move, sit and walk. Before this episode, patient was an active person and used to walk 7 km every morning.
  • He consulted a neurologist who said his problem was due to rheumatism. The drugs prescribed by the doctor did not cure him.
  • An X-ray and MRI showed bone destruction and the doctor said it was due to bone cancer. Further examination showed the cancer had not spread to the brain or lung.
  • PSA was elevated. The lab report indicated it was more than 100 (which could mean 10,000!).
  • Patient and his family consulted with four doctors and all of them gave different views and advices.
  • In the family, when cancer struck so suddenly like this, everyone was at a loss – not knowing what to do. Different people offered different opinions.  Some said: Go for chemotherapy, while others said: With chemotherapy you die!  Patient considered going to China for treatment and was in the process of applying his passport. But he ended up in Penang instead!
  • How did he get to know CA Care? Patient’s daughter shared her problem with her friends. One of her friends is Pak Budi who happened to be our patient. This patient said: Without Budi, we would have gone for chemo, etc. We didn’t know anything about cancer. Budi told us about you.
  • Did you have friends or know of anyone you have undergone chemotherapy for their cancer? Yes, and they die!
  • According to the doctors, if the PSA has gone above 1,000 the patient would die! And here it is this patient! His initially PSA was 6,962 (as of 22 February 2012). Indeed his prognosis was grim.

Believe the diagnosis but don’t believe the prognosis!