Prostate-Bone Cancer Part 3: Miraculous Healing

This article comes in five parts:
Part 1: PSA Came Tumbling Down: From 6,963 to 200 and Severe Pains Vanished
Part 2: Grim Prognosis
Part 3: Miraculous Healing
Part 4: Bonus Effects and Challenges
Part 5: Lessons We Can Learn From This Case


1: Before CA Care Therapy


2: Miraculous Healing

Gist of our conversation:

  • Before undergoing the CA Care Therapy, patient was unable to move, sit or walk. He had to lie down on the bed and always in one (right) position. Any movement invited severe pains.  The severe pain caused him to sweat profusely.
  • He was unable to sleep throughout the night and someone (wife or children) had to attend to him every half an hour – massaging or applying ointment. So every member of the family took turn to take care of the patient. It was stressful for everybody. His daughter lost 9 kg in weight. Similarly his wife became thin.
  • Patient started to take the herbs and changed his diet. There was no immediate relief.  The pains persisted and his movements were impaired.
  • Why did you persist on taking the herbs if this did not help you?  About a month later, his PSA dropped from 6,962 to 3,013. This gave much encouragement to the patient and his family. He continued doing what he was doing. The next PSA test showed the value decreased further.
  • Three months on CA Care Therapy, patient’s health improved. His pains were less and he could turn around a bit.
  • Four months on CA Care Therapy he could be carried into his daughter jeep and took a ride to his son’s home everyday. The pains were bearable. His sleep was good. He was also able to control his urination. Previously he suffered from incontinence.
  • Did you take any doctor’s medication? No, not on any medical drugs like Casodex or painkillers whatsoever. However, based on our recommendation, patient received a monthly injection of Zoladex. He started to receive Zoladex injection on 1 March 2012.
  • By August 2012 – six months on CA Care Therapy, there was no more pain. His legs which previously were unable to move and had no feelings started to regain feelings. He was able to move his legs. His back pains were totally gone. And he could turn to the left or right without any discomforts.
  • What is your main problem now? Patient is still not able to walk but he can down stand up by himself while holding onto some support.
  • Patient was told by his doctor that generally those with PSA 1,000 and above would die soon. Surgery would not help. When patient told his doctor that he was on herbs, the doctor said: Continue taking them. The doctor requested to see the herbs. For this case, the doctor had lifted up his hands in surrender!