Part 4: CA Care Therapy: Bonus Effects & Challenges

This article comes in five parts:
Part 1: PSA Came Tumbling Down: From 6,963 to 200 and Severe Pains Vanished
Part 2: Grim Prognosis
Part 3: Miraculous Healing
Part 4: Bonus Effects and Challenges
Part 5: Lessons We Can Learn From This Case


Very often, patients are warned not to take herbs because of the possible adverse reactions or side effects. Really?  You are often told: Herbs will harm or damage the liver or kidney and they will make things worse for you! Never mind if the chemo-drugs that are pumped into you are actually poisonous cocktail! Or the radiation they give you is damaging to your body. And are told that these – some chemo-drugs and radiation are by themselves carcinogenic – i.e. they cause cancer?

Over my 16 years dealing with herbs for cancer, I see this very often  — Herbs help cancer patients. Very often too if you take herbs, you get unexpected bonus not side effects. Hence, I coin this word – bonus effects (and not side effects).  Listen to this video.



Gist of our conversation.

Bonus Effect 1: New Hair Growth

  • He has more hairs now on his head? Yes, according to the patient and also his daughter! Previously patient was bald on top of his head. Now there are new hairs growing. 

Comment: This bonus effect of hair growth has been reported by other patients as well before this. I too experience growth of black hairs on my head with the e-Therapy.

Bonus Effect 2: Hypertension Gone

  • When patient was in his 60s he developed hypertension. He had to take high blood pressure medication for the past 10 years. Now he is no more taking hypertension medication since he was started on the CA Care Therapy.
  • Before our therapy, his blood pressure was around 150 to 170/100. After the CA Care Therapy it is now 120/80.
  • Who asked you to stop the hypertension medication? Daughter: I did it on my own without anyone asking me to do that!
  • Patient said after he completely changed his diet to fruits and vegetables and avoided sugar, meat and salt in his diet per our advice, his blood pressed normalized. Up to this day, patient has not taken any hypertension medication.

Comment:  I was told that once a patient is on hypertension medication, he /she would be hooked on to this medication for life! Is that not a myth? This case is nothing unusual at all. Many patients before this have told us that after being on our therapy for a few months, their blood pressure improved and they come out of their hypertension medication.

Good news for patients but bad news for the doctors and drug companies!

Almost all patients who come to us want a cure for their problems.  We understand their request but healing does not come on a silver platter. Patients have to work for their healing and healing does not come easy or at the whims and fancies of patients.  Only 30 percent of those who come to us benefit, the remaining 70 percent just cannot. Let me repeat, just cannot. This is because they want to find healing on their own terms.

During our conversation with this patient that night in Surabaya, I asked him about the challenges he had to face while on our therapy.

Challenge No 1: Herbs are difficult to take!

  • Do you find our herbal teas difficult to drink?  Yes. They are bitter! But I persisted and never stop taking them. Of course, I prefer if they are in capsule forms!

Comment:  We understand but we do not wish to compromise on their effectiveness. Over the years we know that our herbal teas do a lot of good to patients. And we want to keep it that way! Processing them – extracting, concentrating, etc., will make them less effective (by 70 percent?) and we do not want to compromise on that! Of course, for marketing purposes —  make the teas like medical drugs and patients would be happier and more patients will come to us!

Challenge No 2: Change of diet. You can’t eat what you like!

  • You have to change your diet – wah, difficult for you to do that? Previously I ate a lot of meat and drank a lot of soft drink – lots of Coca Cola everyday! After your advice, I changed my diet completely – none of these anymore.
  • Are you angry at me? Because you cannot eat what you like?. I am compelled to follow your advice! After the PSA dropped from 6,962 to 3,103 within a month, I totally believed in your advice! Daughter: Initially we were skeptical!
  • In November 2012, the PSA shot up from 163.7 to 197.9. What did you do wrong?  I ate a lot of peanuts like never before!
  • Do you now believe that food is important for you? Absolutely yes!

Challenge No 3: Stressful Experience

  • Ibu (mama) what have you got to share? Wife: Initially it was very stressful for us. I lost 9 kg having to cope with his problem. Previously he was not able to sleep at night. According to the son, every half an hour patient called for attention. The family members took turns to massage or apply ointment for the patient throughout the night. And he was in severe pain. Now, he is okay. Can sleep well and does not need any more massage.

Challenge No 4: Looking forward to being able to walk again

  • Pak, you have no more problem – no pain, can sleep, can eat – now the only problem is to be able to walk again. Please be patient – healing takes time! Daughter: It is already too long.
  • Patient made a request before we parted:  I hope you can find new herbs to cure this problem. I replied:  Day and night for the past many years, I did nothing else but research and research for something better for my patients. Im: If we find some new we will surely let you know.

Comment:  One patient from Medan was in similar situation. He remained immobilized in bed for two years. Then one day he and his family appeared at our centre – he was able to walk again! In fact the story of Sujo inspired me a lot. I want to believe that this patient would be another Sujo.  I am optimistic. For full story click this link: