Lung Cancer: An Outstanding Survivor

Part 1: Tragedy Struck Again and Again

This case study consists of four parts:
Part 1: Tragedy struck again and again.
Part 2: Experience with Iressa & Tarceva while on CA Care Therapy.
Part 3: Side effects of medical treatment and attitude of doctors.
Part 4: Can the e-Therapy help him?


The night of Sunday 18 November 2012 was one special night for me! Sujo, his wife and daughter suddenly appeared! I looked at him with amazement. Let me confess – I never ever thought that I would see this patient again. The last time I saw Sujo was in February 2011. Now it is November 2012. That is almost two years! The only thing I can say at this moment is– I am really happy to see him. Thank the Almighty God for this blessing.

I have written a story about Sujo earlier, Lung Cancer: Pain and Sleepless Night after Chinese New Year Dinner 

Let me briefly outline his earlier story..

  • Sujo (M858) was 58 years old when he first came to see us. He is from Indonesia. Sometime in August 2010, he complained of breathlessness when climbing the stairs.  A CT scan in October 2010 indicated gross left pleural effusion associated with severe lung collapse. There was lesion at T4 vertebral body associated with erosion. This means the cancer had already spread to his bones.
  • While in a private hospital A in Penang, the doctor tapped out two liters of fluid from his lung. This treatment cost him RM 10,000. His blood test on 21 October 2010 showed CEA = 85.86 and CA19.9 = 78.6. Sujo was asked to undergo chemotherapy. He went to a cancer hospital, signed all the papers and was ready to do what was told. But the night before chemotherapy, he and his family decided not to go ahead with the treatment.
  • A friend in Medan told Sujo  about CA Care. On 22 October 2010, Sujo came to seek our help and was prescribed Capsule A, Lung 1 and 2 teas, Bone Tea and C-tea. After taking these herbs, Suja came back to see us twice and reported that his health had improved. He was able to eat, sleep and walk quite a  distance without any problem. His breathlessness had resolved. His bowels movements were good.
  • After a few months on our herbs, Sujo started to have fevers. He came back to Penang and was admitted to Hospital B. He saw a lung specialist who did a CT scan and told him nothing could be done except to go for chemotherapy.  Not satisfied, Sujo saw another specialist in the same hospital.  Another scan was done. This doctor agreed to operate on Sujo. After the surgery, Sujo was asked to undergo chemotherapy but he promptly refused. The doctor was upset and insisted that Sujo undergo chemotherapy. Again Sujo flatly refused chemotherapy.
  • On the eve of the Chinese New Year (CNY, 2011) Sujo took chicken curry (only the gravy not the chicken). Besides he also ate steam fish with salted beans (tau chiau). Two days later, on the morning of the second day of CNY, he suffered severe pains.  Sujo said: “I am very tolerant to pain. But this pain was so severe that I cried. I have never cried before in my life.” He had to sit upright and the pain lasted from 8 to 9 p.m. until 3 a.m.  Then he would fall asleep for about 2 hours. He had pains every day.  Sujo took the painkiller, Tramadol. But the medication did not relieve his pains. Sujo confirmed that before this dinner, he did not have any pain at all. The pains only came after the misadventure during the CNY’s dinner.
  • Sujo came to see us on 13 February 2011. He presented with severe pains in the back and shoulder blade. He had partially lost his voice. For the past 8 days or so, he was not able to sleep. Seeing Sujo’s condition, we put him on the e-therapy right away. All his pains disappeared after 4 sessions of the e-therapy. Sujo was well after this. He was able to walk around, ride the motorcycle, etc. His life was back to normal again.

Tragedy Struck Again and Again

Listen to our conversation during his visit in November  2012.



Chris: Wah, you can walk now! For how long have been walking?

Patient: For 3 months now.

C: Wah, you have also put on weight. Actually, you are really fortunate and blessed!

Curse of the Seven-Needle-Leaf

C: The last time I saw you was when you came after Chinese New Year, 2011 in pain because you ate something “wrong.” You used the e-Therapy machine and the pains went away. You went home and everything was all right. You could ride the motor-bike, etc. Then what happened? You ate something wrong again?

P: I took Seven-Needle Leaf.

C: Who asked you to take that? How long were you taking that?

P: I took it for 5 days. My friend said this would help cancer patient. I took seven leaves, munched them and swallowed them.

C: What happened after 5 dyas?

Daughter: He could not walk after that!

C: Before taking the leaves, were you okay? Can walk?

P: I was okay, no problem.

Wife:  Yes, he was able to walk up the stairs.

C: After 5 days taking the seven-needle, what happened?

P: My legs “went soft” – no strength.

D: He landed in bed – could not walk.

C: Before taking the seven-needle, were you able to walk?

P: Yes, I could walk. I could ride the motor-bike even.

Bone Surgery and Radiotherapy in Penang

D: He had to be hospitalized in Medan. The doctor said the cancer had spread to his bone.

C: Then you came to Penang and had surgery. Before the surgery, did the doctor say he could cure you?

P: He said,  “50:50 chance”.

W: Even after the operation, his legs just collapse when he bent his knees. No strength. He could not stand up all. Actually even before the surgery, he already could not stand up.

C: How much do you have spent for the surgery?

W: About 70 to 80 million rupiahs.

D: He also underwent radiotherapy after the surgery.

W: Radiation for 5 times.

C: After the surgery, any more problems – any pain?

P: No pain, but my legs were numb. Later, my legs started to shake vigorously by themselves.

C: And your legs still shake now?

P: Yes, even to this day.

W: When he turned to the left or right, the legs would just tremble.

C: After the surgery, you still could not stand up?

D: No and the legs became thinner and thinner.

C: At home you just stay in bed and could not walk?

W: He could not walk – always sleeping on the bed. I have to lift him up whenever he wanted to move his bowels.

C: How long were you in such a situation?

P: For more than a year.

C: More than a year? – Wah! immobolised for more than a year. It must be very difficult for you all.

W & P: Yes, very difficult.

C: Were you able to eat? Any pain?

P: Can eat, no pain.

D: Only could not walk and his legs were numb.

W: His legs trembled and trembled.

Acupuncture Did Not Help

C: So for a year plus lying on the bed – what else did you do?

D: Continued to take your herbs and then went for Acupuncture – 2 to 3 times a week.

C: How long were you on Acupuncture treatment?

P: About two months.

C: Did the Acupuncture help you?

P: No.

C: During the whole year in such a condition, did you continue taking our herbs?

W: Yes! He continued taking your herbs.

C: Did you go and see any doctor at all during this time?

P: No, no.

C: Let me ask you – all this while you have problems with your legs, but what about your lungs? Any problem – was your breathing okay?

P: I had no problems with my lungs.

W: No breathlessness, no phlegm – nothing!

Alternative Treatment from a Batak Herbalist

C: Now, lying on the bed unable to move for a year plus – then what made you well again?

D: We went for alternative medicine.

C: Before going for alternative treatment, you were still not able to walk?

D:  Couldn’t walk and he was getting thinner and thinner.

C: What was this alternative medicine?

D: Herbs from a Batak herbalist. He lives in the northern part of Medan.  The herbalist said the blood flow was blocked. So he gave herbs that he formulated himself. This comes in the shape of small round pellets.

W: A day we need to take 9 pellets – 3 each time. Then there was also a liquid for external application.

D: This is also herbs and we need to mix with water and apply to the body and legs.

C:  Are these herbs expensive?

P: No! One packet can last for one year! And it cost 5.8 million rupiahs.

C: Wah, that is cheap! And it is for a year’s supply. But why do need a year’s supply?

P: He told me to take the herbs for a year to get the best results.

C: But you took the herbs for only 5 months – initially what happened?

P: I passed out a lot of wind.

C: Did you get any better?

P: Yes, I could bend my knees and my legs did not collapse anymore.

W: He could also stand up.

C: Before taking the herbs, you were not able to stand up or walk?

P & W: No, no. After taking the herbs my legs were stronger and did not collapse anymore!

W: He could lift up his legs high.

P: I could stand up and started to walk slowly using a walking stick.

C: Okay, before taking the herbs, you could not walk at all?

W: No, no, cannot.

C: You took this Batak herbs for 5 months, did you still continue taking my herbs?

W: Yes, yes.

C: During those 5 months, did you have any problem with your lungs? Did you feel breathless?

P: No, no.

C: That means my herbs and this man’s (Batak) herbs can be taken at the same time. Then, why did you stop taking the Batak herbs after 5 months. Why did you not continue?

P: After a blood test, the CEA shot up to more than 800! When I came to Penang earlier on, the CEA was only 80 plus.

C: With CEA at 800 plus, did you feel anything bad?

P: No, I felt nothing.

D: His stomach felt bloated.

W: The stomach felt a bit harder. Looked like there was wind.

Another Disaster – the Cell Food

D: After the increase in CEA, he started to take supplement – Cell Food. He took one bottle a day.

W: A bottle cost 400,000 rupiahs. He took 3 bottles.

D: He started to have blisters.

W: Then he could not get  up from bed.

P: I have no strength like before again.

C: Before you took that Cell Food, you could wake up? After the Cell Food you “collapse” once again?

P: Yes.

W: He was not able to wake up or turn around – left or right. Very difficult.

C: Did you ask the Cell Food people why?

D:  They said it was the “healing crisis.”

C: Oh, very good answer! Why did you not continue taking it?

P: No, no. I am afraid!


I have great admiration, respect, and empathy for Sujo, his wife and family members. In their own simple ways, they showed a determination of steel to find healing. Over the period he laid immobolised  in bed in Medan, I did get news about his well being. His wife, brother or sister came to our center and collected herbs for him and kept us informed about his well being.  Then on 18 November – Sujo, his wife and daughter came to Penang. It was a wonderful meeting. I was sorry that I could not offer him much help when he was bed-ridden but I am glad that all ends well.  Now, our attention is to try and help him regain this muscular mobility using the e-Therapy.

I must admit that I did not expect Sujo to make it at all. If we were to study the images of his lungs (below), how could we expect him to live without problem?  But the truth is – he did survive and it is beyond expectation.



There are a few lessons we can learn from this case.

  1. Many patients wrote me emails asking my opinion about this product and that product – mostly those direct-selling stuff. I am sorry I cannot tell you whether you should take them or not. This is because it is not my job to go around commenting on other people’s products. I only work and research on my herbs and there is enough job on hand for me to do for the next hundred years! So, please don’t write to ask me about my opinion on things like This Factor or That Factor, or This Grass or That Grass.  Sujo tried some supplements and he got burnt.  So if you believe what others say or recommend, then try it and find out for yourself. No need to be a kiasu!
  2. Let me also clarify that I am not against you taking any supplements or going for any other alternative therapies. Go ahead and try them if you like. Then I hope you can share your experience with us by writing in your blog or email.  This is what Sujo did and we should be grateful for that – at least he is honest enough to share his story. From my heart, I wish that ALL that Sujo took or did – like Seven-Needle Leaf, Cell Food, Acupuncture, etc., would have helped him. Unfortunately, in his case, they did not. You may have better luck.
  3. Though the herbs from the Batak herbalist was abandoned, I believe it did help Sujo in some ways.
    Without that herb to start with, Sujo could still be bed-ridden.  It is unfortunate that his CEA was elevated. There must be a reason for that – I love to study why! But in the meantime, I want to say that I have full admiration for this herbalist. He is not a “crude money sucker!”  For a year’s supply, his herbs only cost 5.8 million rupiahs.  There are a lot of “medications” out there in the market that cost a hundred times more than this herb and yet are worthless! A least this Batak herbalist is not after your money. He is honorable!
  4. And for those who think their ways are “more scientific or more proven ” perhaps you may wish to take a pause and ask , How could a few pellets of herbal concoction make a bed-ridden patient get up and walk, even when surgery and radiotherapy could not even help a bit? Let us not underestimate or take for granted the wisdom of the “bomohs and bushmen” – they could do more than what we thought our science and technology can ever solve.