Metastatic Breast Cancer: From Despair to Hope and from Hope to Healing

Medical history

This patient was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to her bones. She went to China for treatment – using chemotherapy, cryoablation and radioactive seeding  In 2008, she went to China thrice, in 2009, twice and in 2010 once.  These treatments did not cure her. Since February 2011, she was unable to walk. The left leg was in pain and swollen. Two months later she had surgery for her leg. But her pains persisted.

In late September 2011, she had pains in her abdomen and was hospitalized. Her family refused further medical treatment. Then they learned about CA Care through another patient (see her case)

Without hesitation, the patient’s husband and daughter-in-law brought her to seek our help the next day,  9 October 2011.

From Despair to Hope 

She was wheel chair bound. She had to be carried up into the airplane. She was unable to stand up by herself. She was unable to sleep and had pains in her legs throughout the day and night. After five days on the e-Therapy and herbs, her conditions improved.  Her despair turned into hope!  On 26 October 2011, her daughter-in-law called to say that the patient (at home in Jakarta) was able to walk by herself with the help of a walking stick. On the day when she returned home, she was able to walk slowly into the airplane – no need to be carried into the plane like the day she came to Penang. Read her full story:

From Hope to Healing

About two months later, 7 December 2011, patient and her husband and daughter-in-law came back to see us again. Patient had improved tremendously. She was able to stand up and walk slowly by herself. She was able to talk and smile. Indeed a big contrast from the previous visit when everybody was serious, grim and full of anticipation. This second visit was full of smile and laughter – very relaxed.  The only concerns patient has now are the discomforts of her right leg and her lack of strength when walking.

An Acugraph reading showed that her qi level was only 19% (very low). We prescribed her the Energy Tea. After three days on this herbal tea, her qi increased to 31% (see figure below).


Patient also underwent the e-Therapy. The discomforts improved slightly after the treatment. Watch this video and see the unfolding of healing process.


Acknowledgment:  Permission to use these video clips without having to close the patient’s face is granted by the family.

This is a brief transcription of our video conversation.

7 December 2011

She stood up and slowly walked by herself. It was wonderful!

Chris:  After you went home, I did not know what had happened to you. I only hoped that your condition did not drop (deteriorate).

Daughter-in-law:  Her health improved further.

When going into the airplane, could she walk by herself?

DIL: Yes, she walked by her herself (Note: two months ago, she had to be carried into the plane).

Okay, what is her main problem now?

DIL:  Pain in the legs – everyday and throughout the day. At night the pains becomes more intense. It is a kind of sore pain.

The first time she came, she had abdominal pain?

DIL: That is gone now – no more pain.

After you went home – that is already two months now – is her condition getting better or worse?

DIL: Yes better – getting to be normal. Now it is only this leg pain that is troubling her – otherwise she is okay. No headache or dizziness, able to sleep well – if there is no pain.

She is still staying in Jakarta?

DIL: No, she went home to Kalimantan for the past five weeks.  She just came to Jakarta a few days ago to come to Penang.

Ibu, when you return to your hometown – you got to meet your friends – what did they say?

(Laugh!) Very good.

Happy to see your friends and relatives again?

(Nodding and smiling).

11 December 2011

Okay (after three days on the e-Therapy and herbs) what is the problem now?

DIL: Only her right leg. Now (9 pm) she has no pain but later into the night (after 10 pm) she starts to feel the pain – but the time is not fixed – depends. She also feels the pain in the day time but it is not as intense as at night.

On Wednesday (7 December) we did the e-Therapy.  After that you said there was less pain. We continue with the e-Therapy – she felt better.

DIL: Yes – a bit better – able to sleep until the next morning.

When she goes to sleep, does the pain come on again?

DIL: No.

We are talking now (9 pm) and you said she has no pain – when is she going to feel the pain?

DIL: When she has nothing to do at night she begins to feel the pain. If she goes around anywhere, she has no pain (Husband laughed!).

Where she is not doing anything she feels the pain – how long does the pain last?

DIL: Until she feels sleepy and falls asleep. For example the pain starts at 10 pm – it drags on until 12 mid-night or 1 am. Then she falls asleep. No more pain and she goes to sleep the whole night.

What did you do when she had pain?

Husband: Massaged her leg.

Ibu, did you have any problem drinking the herbal tea?

No problem.

Oh, other patients often complained – they felt nauseous or even vomited.

DIL: Mama wanted to k now how long has she got to be on the herbs?

Ha, ha, until you can run around! Why did you ask that question? Are you tired or fed-up of taking the herbs?

DIL: No, no, just wanting to know.

Okay, let me ask you this – before you came to see me and started to take the herbs – and now that you are on the herbs – has you conditions improved?

I felt great – more comfortable!

Now that you are better – do you want to stop taking the herbs? Let’s say I tell you now to stop taking the herbs – do you want to do that?

Oh, no,no, (waving her hand in disagreement). I would not do that.

So my advice is – relax and take it easy. Continue taking the herbs. It is only two months.

DIL: There is a vast improvements.

Let me ask you again. After coming back from China and after the surgery in Jakarta – you did not seek any more medical treatment because these did not cure you. Tell me how did you feel after that – what did your heart say? That is before you came to CA Care.

DIL: We were lost and helpless, not knowing what else to do or where else to go to. We went to see many doctors – bone doctor, cancer doctor, etc., etc., we felt we did not find the “real” doctor who could effectively help her.

At that time, did you feel you wanted to give up>

DIL: Yes, we did not know who else to go to for help. Then a friend of a friend told us about a patient who came to CA Care lately. She was “healed” by your therapy. We called her husband and went to meet him in his office. Two days later, we flew to Penang to see you.

When you heard of that healing story, did you believe what the man, Mr. Tukiman, had told you? You really believe his story?

DIL: Yes, we bought the plane tickets and flew to see you two days later!

Did you really believe what Tukiman said?

DIL: sure, we believed all what he told us.

Husband: Nodding and nodding.

Bapak, you too went to meet Tikuman and you believed what he told you. You were not afraid he was just bluffing you?

(Ha, ha, everybody laughed!).

When you first arrived at our Centre – saw what we did to others. Did you really believe what we were doing?

Husband: Nodding. Yes, I believed.

Okay Ibu, you took the herbs and you got better. At home can you play with your grandchildren now?

Yes, can play with them now.

Before the herbs, could you play with your grandchildren?

DIL: She remained confined to her bedroom.

But now can you walk around.

DIL: Yes, she walked around in the house.

Now, is there hope?

(Everybody laughed!)

Wonderful, wonderful.  I feel very happy for you.

DIL: Look at her face. She had improved a lot.

Now you have found the  right path. You know how to take care of yourself. Go home and don’t get lost again.