Bye bye Ovarian Cyst and Bye bye Repeat Surgery

This is an e-mail, we received on 21 August 2013:

Dear Mr Chris,

I am happy to know through my friend about your nature cure herbal medicines. I would like to consult you for my wife fibroid problem at Ovarian and Uterus .

We did laparoscopy and removed the cyst last year, but still we suspect it’s growing up again. Recently we didn’t take any treatment or  medication (allopathic). The doctor(in Singapore) didn’t prescribe any medicine and advice her to take birth control pills regularly to suppress the Hormone. But she stopped taking as it shows some side effects like tiredness and general weakness.

Now she has no other symptoms except severe hair loss and her stomach looks bloated.

Reading your website I understand there is a fibroid tea for to cure the cyst , how to get the medicine. We are Indian Nationality currently residing in Singapore. Do you have any clinics in Singapore or nearby or shall we need to visit you personally?

Kindly advice us where to buy the medicine if taking medicine is enough.

Best Regards

Reply: Better that you come and see me personally with all the medical reports and scan …then we take it from there.



This patient was out of our “radar” for quite a while after her visit. Then on 13 November 2015, we received this e-mail:

Dr Chris,

Since that day we met, my wife taking herbs Utero-Ova and GY6. It works amazingly and recent studies on her medical report shows very good improvement and she is getting better. Thanks for your advice and consultation.

However , hearing the so many news of people suffering from Cancer, she is very much worried and She want to take some other herbs that could prevent Cancerous cells affecting her well being. Is there any? Especially for Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer (for Male /Female) , if there is,  can you prescribe that.

Waiting for your advice. Regards.

Reply:  Thank you very much for your email. I am real glad that your wife benefited from the herbs — yes, many others like her also had similar good effects. Can you share with us why you say your wife is getting better? She went to see the doctor and what did the medical report say? Health wise — how is she now compared to before taking the herbs — in what way is she better?

Regarding, cancer prevention. No, I don’t have any magic bullet for that. You need to take care of your diet, be happy and excercise always …if you like to use the e-therapy machine for health maintenance .. it may help you. For that you need to come and see me again and we discuss. Take care.

Good Morning Dr Chris,

At that time of consultation she was under English Medication and suggested surgery to remove her cyst, earlier she had lap. surgery in Singapore to remove the cyst. After sometime it grew back to around 7 cm., and the same treatment and Surgery was prescribed in Singapore and Surgery was advised  to be  repeated, whenever it grow.

After taking the Herbs for six months, the size reduced to 4cm and we continued taking for two years, last month she had the scan and the report shows only less than 5 mm cysts and nothing more … Regards.

Medical reports 

  1. 2011 – pains during menses (severe dysmenorrhea). Blood discharge with clots. Scan showed chocolate cysts in both ovaries.
  1. Prescribed painkiller and hormone pill (progesterone).
  1. More pain during every menstrual cycle.
  1. Doctor suggested operation.
  1. Patient went back to India for further management.
  1. Scan in India in June 2011, showed bilateral ovarian cysts.

Right ovary: mass about 4.7 x 8.4 cm with both solid and cystic components seen. Ovary not seen separately.


Left ovary: mass about 8.5 x 5.2 cm with both solid and cystic components and ovary could not be visualised separately.


  1. MRI on 17 June 2011 showed enlarged left ovary with cystic components and suggestion of bleed displacing the uterus to the right side. Possibility of endometriosis needs to be considered. The lesion measures about 9.7 x 6.0 cm.
  1. Fluid removed from cycts. IUD placement. No medication. Waited for few months.
  1. Return to Singapore. May 2012. Laparoscopic bilateral ovarian cystectomy, adhesiolysis and hydrotubation. Diagnosis: benign endometriotic cysts.


  1. Unfortunately, the cyst recurred. Again 8 cm in size.
  1. Started on GY 3 and GY 6 from CA Care. Now, cyst almost gone, 5 mm. 


Ladies if you have problems with your periods, uterus and ovary, we suggest that you listen to this video careful. There are many things that you can learn from our conversation. Perhaps your doctors would not ask you such questions that we asked.

Before you rush to have your ovaries or uterus removed, please read the following:

In What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Lynne McTaggart wrote:

  • Hysterectomy outranks all others when it comes to the most unnecessary of surgical procedures.
  • Three-quarters of all hysterectomies are performed on women under 50 for highly dubious reasons.
  • In abdominal hysterectomies, side-effects can occur in more than 40 percent of operations. These side-effects include bowel problems, incontinence, risk of fatal blood clot.
  • One-third to nearly one-half of all women report a decrease in sexual response.
  • If a woman’s ovaries are removed at the same time, she will experience severe menopausal symptoms.

In The Hysterectomy Hoax, Dr. Stanley West, M.D.; wrote:

  • More than 90 percent of hysterectomies are unnecessary.
  • Only 10 percent of all hysterectomies are done for cancer. Unless you have cancer, it is unlikely that you need a hysterectomy.
  • Hysterectomy can have long-lasting physical, emotional, and sexual consequences that may undermine your health and well-being.
  • It is no secret that many women develop serious health problems after hysterectomy. Depression, fatigue, urinary disorders, joint aches and pains, and unwelcome changes in sexual desire are the most common complaints.
  • No man would agree to have his sexual and reproductive organs removed for anything short of life-threatening illness.
  • The fact that women allowed this to happen (to themselves) attest to their lack of knowledge about the consequences of hysterectomy and about the availability of alternatives to surgery.
  • I understand why doctors want to perform hysterectomies better than I understand why women agree to them.
  • Hysterectomy is a relatively easy operation. It does not require the surgical finesse need to perform … many of the other alternative procedures. Many gynecologists simply do not have the experience to do all of the other operations that can be substituted for hysterectomy when surgery is needed.
  • Gynecologists are surgeons. We make our living by performing operations. If hysterectomy is the operation a surgeon knows best, it is the one he or she will recommend and perform most often.
  • Clearly, many doctors have an economic incentive to recommending hysterectomy.
  • Your reproductive system is a beautifully crafted apparatus powered by the ebbs and flows of a variety of hormones.
  • It is time for women to recognize hysterectomy for the threat it is and to refuse to have the surgery except when their lives are at stake.

(Who is this author, Dr. Stanley West? He wrote: At this point, you must be wondering who I am and why I am opposed to hysterectomy. I am a gynecologist … chief of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at St. Vincent’s Hospital, one of New York’s most prestigious medical institutions … I have helped hundreds of women avoid hysterectomy. I didn’t set out to crusade again hysterectomy. In medical school, I believe what I was taught: that hysterectomy is good for women. Then and now, prevailing medical wisdom holds that the uterus is a disposable organ that serves no useful purpose once a woman has all the children she wants. What’s more, it is regarded as something of a nuisance.)

In Sex, Lies & the Truth About Uterine Fibroidsthe author Carla Dionne asked: Do physicians lie to their patients? Some do. Most don’t. Some aren’t aware that incomplete information is construed as a “lie” by their patients. Some simply don’t keep up-to-date on the latest medical information.

This is  our message: Ladies if you have problems with your menses – excessive bleeding, severe pain, cyst, fibroid, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, etc., know that you don’t need hormone pills or surgery! Herbs can help resolve your problems.

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