Nose Cancer: Cancer spread like wild fire after chemotherapy and radiotherapy

KF is a 52-year-old Malaysian. Sometime in 2015, he had a swelling in the right side of his neck. Apart from this there was no other symptoms.

KF consulted the doctors in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. He was told he had NPC (nasopharyngeal carcinoma). He immediately underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 35 times of radiotherapy.

KF was okay after the treatments. He went back to his oncologist for routine check up every three months. Barely three years later (in March 2018) his cancer recurred and had spread extensively.

KF was prescribed an oral chemo drug. He did not know what that was. But I guess it could be Xeloda since he had to take the drug for two weeks followed by a week of rest. This constituted a cycle of treatment. In total KF received six cycles of this drug. The drug did not make him any better. The oncologist then suggested KF undergo the the standard chemotherapy again. KF declined and decided to go to China instead.

A PET scan was done before starting treatment in China. The results showed the cancer has spread widely and wildly. Numerous lymph nodes were infected with cancer. The cancer had also spread to his liver and spleen. In addition most bones throughout the body were attacked by the cancer.


When asked what treatments he received in China, KF said he did not know! His hospital discharge report indicated the following:

  1. On 8 September 2018: Chemotherapy was given with Docetaxel and Cisplatin.
  1. On 11 September 2018: Fibroin gel sustained therapy was given. Medicine: Docetaxel, Cisplatin and Interleukin.
  1. On 13 September 2018: Degree 4 bone marrow suppression occurred which was relieved after the WBC boosting treatment was given.

Discharge medication:  Ilaprazole Enteric, Spironolactone, Megastral and Lamivudin.

Condition after treatment: Improved.

KF was in the Chinese hospital for 20 days and the total treatment cost was about RM60,000.

KF was told to come back to China again for more treatment. He was due to return to China next week but was unsure what to do. He and his family came to Penang to seek our advice.

Chris: You did all these things (chemo, radiation, etc). Did you ever ask the doctor if he can cure you?

Daughter: Cannot cure, only can control. Cancer cannot be cured.

C: Oh, the doctor told you cancer cannot be cured?

Wife: Control only.

C: For the past many years I have been telling people that cancer cannot be cured. There is no cure for cancer. Now at least someone else is also saying the same thing!

D: Cannot cure but can extend life — prolong life.

C: Prolong life for how long?

D: Don’t know.

C: Before you went to China — you felt good. Now that you have come back from China, did you feel better? Not better? No good?

D: He suffered.

C: His condition got worse? And you are supposed to go back to China again (next week). You may need another RM50 K or RM100K. Yes, you can go back there again. But ask, what will you get out of this? More problems?

Wife: Cannot stand it.

C: So are you going back to China?

D: Not sure yet.