Tumour gone after eight months?

Praise God for this blessing and let us rejoice in this miraculous healing

19 October 2018.  Early in the morning, I switched on the computer. There is this message from ML, a Malaysian who lives in Germany.

Hello Dr. Teo,

I had my MRI of brain and thorax last week. The results are great. Doctors cannot see anything in the pictures. In other words, it can be said the tumor in the lymph node has now disappeared. Thank God that we get to know you and the herbal teas work well. Best regards.

What a great and blessed morning to read this good news. Only this morning, as I woke up from bed, I was wondering how ML was doing in Germany. Now I got a message from her!

This message humbled me. This is indeed a blessed morning. I closed my eyes and prayed. Thank you Lord for his wonderful blessing. Never in my life did I ever expect such a thing can happen. I am dumbfounded and awed by God’s generosity towards ML. Yes, miracles do happen. God is indeed great and gracious.

You can read the full detail of ML’s story here. Pleomorphic Sarcoma: Tumour shrunk after 3 months on herbs!

Let me just briefly highlight the main points.

At the end of 2017, I received an email from ML in Germany. She was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her lung. She wanted me to help her. This was after she had undergone the following medical treatments in the German hospital.

  • She had undergone a sternotomy (they cracked open the middle of her chest) to remove the tumour.
  • She had chemotherapy. Six cycles from January to June 2017.
  • The cancer recurred.
  • Chemotherapy again, two cycles from November to December 2017.
  • Cancer spread to her brain.
  • Underwent surgery to remove tumour in her brain.
  • ML refused further medical treatment and told her doctors she wanted to come back to Malaysia to take herbs.
  • The German doctors agreed that ML should try the herbs — full support, no objection whatsoever.

When I received ML’s email, my first reaction was to ask her NOT to come and see me. She lives in Germany where she can get the best possible medical attention. Also, Germany is so famous for alternative therapy for cancer. Why come to CA Care?

But since she insisted on following our therapy, I could not turn her down. Perhaps she missed “home” too. Good to be back in your own “kampong” and be among your loved ones when you are ill — right?

ML and her husband came back and I saw her in early February 2018. After seeing her medical reports I shook my head in despair. I told ML: In my twenty plus years helping cancer patients, this is my first time seeing such a cancer. I really don’t know what I can offer.

But there was no turning back. ML and her husband wanted to follow our therapy. ML started to take the herbs and stayed home in Malaysia for two months. Within this period I got to monitor her progress. She improved and looked great! Everybody was happy.

ML and her family returned to Germany.

In May 2018, ML wrote:

Dear Dr.Teo,

I had recurrence before I came to see you.  The primary tumour is located in the lymph node near my heart. The cancer metatasized to my brain. When I first met you in January. The doctor had removed the tumour in the brain but not the primary one. The primary tumour in December (2017) was 5.5 x 3.2cm. Now it has become 3.2 x 1.9 cm. 

Wonderful news indeed. Not long afterwards, ML returned to Malaysia again. Perhaps to spend more time with her parents and siblings. I got to meet her mother and sisters. Everyone was beaming. ML looked great and was doing well. Unbelievable.

I advised ML not to stress herself too much. When she goes home to Germany she should just find a part time — not full time job. And that was what ML did.

On 27 August 2018, I received this email.

Dear Dr Chris K H Teo, 

I am a doctor from the Oncology department at the University clinic in XX, Germany.

A patient of mine, Mrs. ML has consulted you and has had great success with the herbal tea and capsules you gave her. Now we are very keen on finding out what kind of herbs you used for the tea and also what the ingredients of the capsules are. Would you please list them for us?

It would be very appreciated. Thank you very much. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr. CM

What a pleasant surprise. This email gave me the impression that this German doctor is so caring! Very rare indeed. I replied her and asked  ML to give her a copy of my book as a token of appreciation.

Now, 19 October 2018 — barely eight months after starting the herbs, the tumour in her brain and chest disappeared. Can you believe that? ML suffered from a rare cancer, the first kind that I have ever encountered in twenty over years. Never in my wildest dream would I think, I would be able to help ML. Indeed, a miracle did happen. Praise God.

This is my reply to ML.

Hello L,

When I woke up a few minutes ago I was just thinking of you … how you are doing. Now I got your email. I am so glad. Thank God. It is a wonderful blessing. 

Remember, I told you not to come and see me. I was not sure that the herbs can help you or not.  Now, we are well rewarded. 

L, remember, the cancer can come back. Please do not change anything that you are doing now — continue to do what you are doing now. Take care,