Endometrial Cancer: After surgery, she refused chemotherapy. And she is well.

NT is a 61-year-old lady from Indonesia. Her problem started with vaginal bleeding. Otherwise she had no other symptoms.

A CT scan on 4 December 2017 showed cancer of the endometrium

NT underwent an operation in Medan, her hometown. This cost IDR 40 million (RM12K).

The histopathology report confirmed a moderately adenocarcinoma of the endometrium. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread out of the uterine and cervical wall. The peritoneal fluid contained malignant cells.

NT was asked to undergo follow up chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She refused.

Why did she not go for chemo?

NT’s son said the family heard so much about the bad effects of chemo and radiation. So her mother decided not to undergo such treatments.

We prescribed NT herbs and told her to take care of her diet.

Nine months later, NT’s son came back and reported that his mother is doing fine. Listen to our conversation.



The blood test results confirmed that NT was doing well indeed in spite of not undergoing chemo and radiation.

  9 January 2018 before herbs 10 August 2018 after herbs

30 H


CA 125

76.5 H

28.8 (normal)


When NT first came to see us nine months ago, I was rather skeptical if the herbs can help her in anyway. This was because the cancer had already spread. But praise God NT is well for now.

Her CA125 dropped to normal, from 76 to 28. However, I reminded NT’s son that this is not a cure at all. Her CA125 may rise again. So NT should continue to do what she has been doing that made her well. Keep to the good diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle and drink the herbal teas.

While CA125 is a good indicator of well being for NT, what is more important is for her to feel well and getting better and better with each passing day.