Stomach Cancer Part 1: My advice

DK is a 58-year-old Indonesian. His problem showed up in June 2017, when he passed out blood in his stools. He went to the hospital for check up. His blood was low and he needed a blood transfusion. He then came to a private hospital in Penang for consultation.

CT scan on 16 June 2017 indicated a focal mucosal lesion in the gastroesophageal junction, in keeping with early tumour. A small perigastric node noted suggestive of reactive node.

An endoscopy indicated a cardio-oesophageal junction tumour.

Biopsy indicated abnormal villoglandular tissue with high grade dysplasia.

Based on the above, the doctor said DK has to go for surgery after which need radiotherapy.

DK decided to defer further treatment because he had undergone a heart by-pass operation just six weeks ago.

DK and his family came to seek our advice. We had a long, sober conversation that morning.



The following are some important points we discussed.

  1. We are in a very difficult situation. Taking our herbs cannot make the tumour go away. Let this truth be told. Others may promise you a cure. But not here. I don’t want to mislead you.
  1. The best option is surgery. But even operation does not guarantee you a cure. No one can tell. This problem is even more complicated in your case. Six weeks ago you had a heart surgery — and you are asked to go for another surgery followed by chemotherapy or even radiotherapy. So we have to be a bit more careful.
  1. Another concern is whether you have gone to the right doctor.

According to DK’s son the doctor had admitted that he deals mostly with colon cancer and therefore he needed another doctor (a stomach specialist) to assist him in the operation. In view of this, I suggested that DK go for a second opinion.

  1. Where do you go for such an operation?

One option is to try SGH/NCC (Singapore General Hospital / National Cancer Centre) in Singapore.

When talking to the doctor, ask these two questions. One, can the surgery cure me? Two, what would be the total cost of the treatment?

  1. Also take note that surgery may not be able to solve all your problem. It may not even cure you. No one can tell. But that is the only option you have.
  1. After the surgery, if you don’t want to go for chemotherapy, you can opt for our herbs. I have patients before you who did exactly that. After surgery he refused chemo and took the herbs. He is still doing well for years now. There is another patient who refused chemo. His surgeon sent him to see us. It has been three years now and he is doing fine.
  1. What if don’t go for the operation, I only take your herbs?

Let me be very clear. Herbs cannot cure you. Herbs can help you, extend your life — may be. We cannot talk about cure.

  1. I am aware this is a heavy responsibility to bear. If you take our herbs and you ended up with more problems you may want to blame us. It is because of your herbs! Your doctors may also blame us. So it is difficult.

In fact I would rather people NOT come and see me, if possible.

At CA Care we provide free advice — no consultation fee. And we have to bear a heavy responsibility. It is hard.

  1. It is okay, I want to take your herbs!

Let me be clear. Please don’t blame us if you end up with problems. I shall try my best to help and that is all I can do.

  1. There is need to rush. Go home and think carefully. You can go and seek the help of another doctors. Get this sorted out within a month. Unnecessary delay is also not advisable.
  1. I have given you my sincere opinion. If I were in your situation, I would have done what I have just told you. Go for the operation. May be I go to Singapore. Whether you want to accept my advice or not, it is your decision. So go home and think carefully.
  1. No, doc. I want to try your herbs!

What do your son and wife say? Let me remind you again, the herbs cannot cure you!

  1. Okay, in the meantime you can follow our therapy — take the herbs to see if you like it or not. Then you have to take care of your diet. In fact taking care of your diet may also help with your heart problems.