Lessons That I Learned After My Family – 4 Adults and Two Children – Were Infected With Covid

In my earlier article , I wrote that my initial reaction towards Covid-19 was: Don’t bother about it – don’t get involve. Let those who know solve that problem!

 What woke me up to this issue was when a friend from Indonesia wrote to say that he was down with Covid-19 in spite of being vaccinated twice with Sinovac. I was really sad to hear the news. Then, I got a message from my cousin brother in Kelantan. He survived Covid-19 but ended up with “kidney failure” and wanted me to prescribe him herbs. Then there was this tragic sms from a close friend. A young man who I knew since a baby was diagnosed with covid. His son was also infected with covid. They went to the government hospital for help but was told go home – not serious! Not satisfied, the young man and his son tried to get help from a private hospital. He was told that each person had to pay RM50,000 upfront before being admitted. This meant he had to cough out RM100,000 for his son and himself  before even getting any help .  He went home. Some days / weeks later he died but his son survived. I hope no one would accuse me of spreading “false news”.  This was what I was told. With respect, I am not accusing anyone of any wrong doing. It is that, that was the way things were in the earlier days of the epidemic. Then, it could cost a bomb if you had to go to the private hospital.

Because of these, I was very sad and agitated. Is this how the world operates now? I stopped my daily routine of book writing and gave my full  attention on how to help patients with covid!

I started to read and learned from scratch.  Then I gathered together the types of herbs that are known to be helpful for covid recovery based on reports of medical researchers in China (I don’t read Chinese, these are all in English).  I was really surprised at the amount of information available out there.  You just need to read TO KNOW, that is if you really want to know!

I believe I have made the right move. Many people are being blessed by the positive outcomes after they took the herbal tea for their covid infection.

In my earlier article, I shared how we were able to help our two grandsons  who were down with covid (https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2022/03/07/our-two-grandchildren-were-positive-for-covid/). Now let me share my experience in helping the four adults in the family who also had covid.

Case Study 1.

Son-in-law, 38 years old, was tested positive on 2 March 2022.

  • Vaccination:  Twice with Moderna. Last vaccination Aug 2021.
  • Symptoms suffered:
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Runny nose
  • Body/muscle ache
  • Doctor’s medication:  Paracetamol
  • Started on herbal tea on 2 March 2022.
  • After 1st dose of herbal tea:  Same.
  • After 2nd dose of herbal tea: Better.
  • After 3rd dose of herbal tea:  Better.
  • Total number of doses take:  3  (1 dose per day).
  • How are you now?    Day 4 – health 80%  restored, day 7 – health 95% restored. Tested negative for covid.
  • Do you still have any lingering symptoms: No.

Case Study 2.

Daughter, 38 years old, was tested positive on 4 March 2022.

  • Vaccination:  Twice with Pfizer and boosted with Pfizer in February 2022.
  • Symptoms suffered:

1. Cough

2. Sore throat on 2 March (2 days before tested positive)

3.  Runny nose (slight)

4.  Loss of voice, thick phlegm on 4 March

5. Tired

  • Doctor’s medication:  Antihistamine.
  • Started on herbal tea on 2 March 2022 after having sore throat although tested negative.
  • After 1st dose of herbal tea:  Sore throat better.
  • After 2nd dose of herbal tea: Sore throat better but felt worse at night. Lost voice in the morning.
  • After 3rd dose of herbal tea:  Loss of voice. Less tightness in throat. Slept well without discomfort.
  • Total number of doses take:  6 (1 dose per day).
  • How are you now?    On day 6 health 90%  restored, no more sore throat. Tested negative on 13 March 2022.
  • Do you still have any lingering symptoms: Cough from backdrip.

Case Study 3.

Medical doctor son, 34 years old, was tested positive on 5 March 2022, initially with no symptoms.

  • Vaccination:  Twice with Pfizer and boosted with Pfizer on 31 October 2021.
  • Symptoms suffered:
  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Doctor’s medication:  Paracetamol
  • Started on the herbal tea on first day of symptoms, 6 March 2022.
  • After 1st dose of herbal tea:  Symptoms still persisted.
  • After 2nd dose of herbal tea: Symptoms still persisted.
  • After 3rd dose of herbal tea:  Symptoms improved.
  • After 4th dose of herbal tea:  Symptoms resolved.
  • Total number of doses take:  4 (1 dose per day).
  • How are you now?    Health 100%   restored. Still tested positive for covid.
  • Do you still have any lingering symptoms: No.

Case Study 4.

House helper, 57 years old, was tested positive on 4 March 2022.

  • Vaccination:  Twice with Moderna and boosted with Moderna in December 2021.
  • Symptoms suffered:
  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Body/muscle ache
  • Unable to sleep
  • Loss sense of smell on day 5
  • Doctor’s medication:  Panadol and antiseptic throat spray.
  • She opted not to take herbal tea due to its bitter taste.
  • She decided to take herbal tea after the loss of sense of smell on day 5.
  • After 1st dose of herbal tea on Day 6:  Sore throat eased.
  • After 2nd dose of herbal tea: Sense of smell began to come back.
  • Total number of doses take:  2  (1 dose per day).
  • How are you now?  Health 90% restored on Day 8 but still tested positive for covid.
  • Do you still have any lingering symptoms: No.

Here are more lessons that I learned after helping them overcome their covid infection.

1. No need to panic, if you are well prepared for it.

With the high number of covid infections each day, let us face reality. It is a matter of WHEN not if or will a member of the family “brings home” covid from somewhere and infect the whole household.  We know that and  we are well prepared for this eventuality!  What about you who are reading this article?

Some months back,  I have formulated five different types of herbal tea that are shown to be helpful for covid patients. Many people have already taken them. After a few days taking the tea, their symptoms were gone and their health were restored.

In anticipation of this infection to happen, my children have stock up enough herbs in their home. In other words, we were prepared and we did not panic.

2. Know yourself, know the enemy.

Many of you may think that I am biased against modern medicine because I only talked about herbs. I am not anti-medicine. My advice to all is – If you have any health problems, go and seek the help of your doctor! But when modern medicine has nothing to offer you, don’t lose hope. You may find the answer to your problems in traditional herbs! That is my job – to help you if you need help. But first, let us get our game-plan right. Let us be absolutely rational in what we want to do.

Sun Tzu of Ancient China taught us this – If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. In short, it means that information is important. We need to seek knowledge to help ourselves. Over the years, I have learned that ignorance kills.

To seek information is to read. You need to read from different sources to get a balanced view. Unfortunately, NOT many people like to read. If you don’t read, you don’t know!

3.  Medical treatment plan for covid patients in Malaysia.

According to the website of the  Ministry of Health (https://covid-19.moh.gov.my/semasa-kkm/122020/treatment-performance-of-covid-19-patients-in-malaysia):

  • There is no specific medicine to treat covid-19.  Take note of this!
  • Currently, patients are being treated according to 5 levels of severity below:
  • Category 1:  No symptom
  • Category 2:  Symptomatic without lung infection
  • Category 3:  Symptomatic with lung infection
  • Category 4:  Symptomatic with lung infection and need oxygen supplementation
  • Category 5:  Critical patients with multiple organs complications
  • Patients in Category 1 – generally, there is no specific treatment.
  • Patients in category 2 and 3, are given symptomatic treatments such as medicines to relieve fever, cough and flu.
  • Patients in Category 4 and 5, need to be treated in the hospital. The use of more specific types of medications such as anti-virals, immuno-modulatory (to reduce inflammatory response) and anti-coagulants (to prevent clotting) are used. In addition, patients may need breathing support, mechanical ventilation, etc.

The following breakdown will give us an idea about the severity of the covid infection as of 2 December 2020.

Category 1 72   percent
Category 219    percent
Category 3   6   percent
Category 4   2   percent
Category 5   1   percent

The data showed that most covid patients are in category 1 and they are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. Category 2 are those with symptoms but without lung infection. Both these categories (1 and 2) made up 91% of covid patients.

The website of the WHO carried this message (https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1)

  • Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.
  • However, some will become seriously ill and require medical attention.
  • Older people and those with underlying medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, or cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.
  • Anyone can get sick and become seriously ill or die at any age because of covid. 

Going back to the Ministry of Health website again (cited above).

  • The total number of patients with serious covid cases (Category 4 and 5,who have

received critical care treatment throughout Malaysia)  is 1,164.

Did all these patients with serious covid die of it? The answer is NO.

  • 62% of patients have recovered and were allowed to go home.
  • 18% of patients died due to covid complications.

According to the Health Ministry, the death rate due to covid in Malaysia  was only 0.5%, much lower than the global death rate of 2.3%.

Relax and reflect on numbers above. What do they tell you?

  • 91% of covid patients do not suffer from severe or life-threatening disease — only 3% are. 

Question: So, why panic? Why do we have to fear it so much?

Is covid a big deal?

Looking at the statistics, you may want to ask:  Is covid a big deal?  Why are we made to fear it so much? Because of that our whole world had been turned “upside down”. We were subjected to total lockdown, movement control, quarantine, etc. resulting in loss of jobs, many businesses went bankrupt, airlines grounded, etc, etc.?

In the internet a reader asked Kathryn Applegate this same question: What’s the big deal about COVID?  (https://biologos.org/post/whats-the-big-deal-about-covid-a-friendly-correspondence). He wrote:

Hey friend! So I still find myself trying to figure out exactly what to think about all this COVID-19 stuff, and being somewhere between, “COVID-19 is the greatest threat to humanity” and “NBD (no big deal). It’s like a bad flu, and the flu is probably worse.”

That said, conversations about this are unavoidable and I really do want to be better informed and know what I’m talking about, which seems hard. I hope this doesn’t make it sound like I’m taking COVID-19 lightly, and I certainly hope that I am not, but in conversations I find it hard to muster any genuine sense in me that this really is the significant danger it’s being communicated to be. I trust that there’s more to it, but I’m having a hard time understanding. If anything, as more and more people get it, it seems like there’s an increasing string of voices saying, “I got it, it wasn’t too bad,” which is certainly not helping the general sense of “COVID-fatigue” that the country is facing. Anyway, you’re a reasonable person and my friend,  …. what do you think about all that? Where do you look for an answer to the question, So really, how bad is this?

Kathryn Applegate replied: My short answer is, I think it’s a very big deal. I want to do everything in my power to not spread it, and I’d also like to avoid getting it.

Dr. Deb of Australia (https://www.thetraveldoctor.com.au/why-is-covid-19-such-a-big-deal/) came up with two reasons why covid is such a big deal.

  • This is not about whether you will get sick and die from COVID-19.  Most people will not.
  • This is about two things – one, that is about you. Two, it is about helping those less fortunate than you in the society.

Covid is very contagious. It is the job of everyone in society to try and help stop the spread of this virus. Big gatherings spread it quickly. Schools spread viruses. 

We need to protect the medical system so that it is not overwhelmed with covid cases to the extent that doctors/hospitals are not able to treat other more serious but treatable cases.  Many persons will die from other treatable problems if they cannot get treatment in the hospitals because covid cases had overwhelmed the medical system.

 4. Herbal tea helped!

  • We are told that there is no specific treatment for covid patients in Category 1.
  • Patients in category 2 and 3, are given symptomatic treatments such as medicines to relieve fever, cough and flu. In most cases, the best possible medicine is Panadol.

After I got involved in helping patients with mild covid problems (Category 1 & 2) I know that herbs do help. TCM herbs worked for covid patients in China and they also work for people in this part of the world. (Read more here: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/covid-19/).

But whether you want to take herbs or not is your choice! Make your own decision.

From the four case studies above, I learned the following:

1. The symptoms experienced by covid infected persons appear to be mild but I dare say they are disturbing and uncomfortable enough to frighten you. 

2. The above three adults were about the same age – 34 to 38 years old. Each of them presented with different symptoms. Covid affects different people differently.  All of them have been fully vaccinated and yet they still get covid.

3. As for treatment – you have a choice!  See your doctor and most likely you  will be given Panadol. Or as in the above three cases, take Ko-Gen herbal tea.

4. Is Ko-Gen herbal tea effective? Yes, no doubt about it at all.  The symptoms  improved or disappeared after taking just one, two or three doses of this tea. By the fourth day,  generally their health were restored to almost normal.

5. The person who had the most symptoms was the house helper (57-year-old lady).  Initially she did not want to take the herbal tea. She relied on her medication and antiseptic throat spray.

On day 5 since the onset of the symptoms, she lost her sense of smell. NONE of the family members who took herbs had this symptom. Realizing this, the house helper decided to give the herbal tea a try. She took the herbs and her sense of smell came back and her sore throat improved. Bravo!

6. The most important lesson I learned from these four cases is that you don’t need to die if you have covid – i.e. if you have mild symptoms (such as in Category 1 or,2). So relax and don’t panic, you will get through it okay! Second, you don’t even need to take herbal tea if you don’t want to. You can still survive but you may need to suffer a bit more or longer!

 For example: A 65-year-old man was admitted to a hospital in Jakarta due to covid. His condition did not improve and he was still suffering from the various symptoms. His daughter knew about Ko-gen herbal tea and decided to let her father try it. I was told that after three days on the tea, the father became well and  was discharged from the hospital. Then there was another person, 16-year-old,  who was placed in the isolation ward of a hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia, due to dengue and covid. She took the Ko-Gen herbal tea and became well a few days later!

So, whether you believe or not, whether you want to take the herbal tea or not, it is entirely your choice. Don’t be conned by others – follow what your heart says.

5. Beware of long covid, the lingering symptoms.

After recovery, does it mean you are all done with the virus? Unfortunately the answer may be NOT YET. It is reported that 1 in 10 people may still have lingering post-covid symptoms – referred to as “Long Covid”.

Bjorn Blomberg of the Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen, Norway carried out a long-term study of  home-isolated patients after being diagnosed with Covid-19. He said 55% (136/247) experienced persistent symptoms at 6 months. These symptoms were:

  • Fatigue (30%)
  • Disturbed taste and/or smell (27%)
  • Concentration impairment (19%)
  • Memory loss (18%) and
  • Dyspnea – shortness of breath (15%).

 ( https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-021-01433-3#citeas).                                                                                                               

Long covid affects the person’s ability to work. In some others, it affects their mental health.

 Thank God, no one in the family had  any lingering symptoms after their recovery from covid. But all the same, we need to be vigilant.

7. I am confused: Cheap but good – is it not better than expensive stuff but just provides the same function?

More than two decades ago, when I was still a professor in the university, I bought a watch that cost RM100. I am still using it today. It works fine, although sometimes it stops because the battery ran out of energy!

Not long ago, I read in the mass media that certain people paid almost half a million ringgit for a watch! Or ladies brought a hand bag that ran into thousands of US dollars a piece!

 The herbal tea used for covid as discussed earlier costs only about RM6.60 per cup (that is US$1.58). Starbuck coffee is said to cost anything from RM9.00 to RM15.44 per cup in Malaysia. So herbs for covid costs less than a cup of coffee!

One patient once told me – Your herbs are so cheap, it cannot be good! How can it be good – cheap stuff!

For those who want to pay a bomb, here is the good news! Merck has just come out with a drug for covid, called Molnupiravir.  It cost US$700 or RM2,925 per course. Pfizer came out with Paxlovid.  It is cheaper,  priced at US$530 per course – that is MR2,215.

The shocking “truth” that I learned is that the cost to produce the drug is only US$17.74. And the drug company is selling it to the US government for US$712?


What is most baffling to me is this – those Power That Be in the developing countries, why do they accept or tolerate such extravagance?  Do you  need to spend that kind of money to help those poor, covid-infected  folks in your country? Why don’t you spend some time learning what herbs can do to help your own people? It might turn out to be much, much cheaper! Don’t let the drug companies take you for a ride. I need help to understand this!

Perhaps we need to read the following four articles by A. Kathirasen in Free Malaysia Today to get a faint glimpse of what actually is going on in the medical world.

Part 1: People suffer, big pharma profits


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Part 4. Dirty secrets of medical research


As I am just about done with this article, I received this message in my mail box: Being healthy is NOT good business … It takes away customers. Wah, that’s a another huge topic for discussion but let me stop here. There is no need to trouble trouble unless I want more troubles! Take care of yourself and stay safe.