CanSurvive Workshop 17 September 2016: Sharing Our Experiences


The second part of the workshop was about sharing experiences. We were glad to have six panelists to come on stage to share their experiences. Here are what they said:

  1. Truth from different perspectives


  1. My first patient (prostate spread to bone) did well on herbs

 3. I am glad that I am still alive (NPC spread to bone)

4. I outlived my two doctors (cancer of the tonsil)


5. Twelve years – I am still healthy and full of energy (colon-liver cancer)


  1. Let me make my own decision: No chemo for me! (ovarian cancer)


  1. I want to be beautiful when I die. But with herbs and good diet I am still alive and healthy (breast cancer)


Thank you for sharing and praise God for this blessing!





Colon-Liver Cancer: Strong Faith in God Brings Peace of Mind

On 25 April 2012, I had the privilege to meet GS. He had colon cancer that had spread to his liver. Seven of 12 lymph nodes were also affected.  His problem started when he passed out loose stools with blood, otherwise his health was fine.



A colonoscopy confirmed a tumour in his sigmoid colon. Subsequently GS underwent a surgery. This operation cost him RM 27,000. After surgery he was told that his cancer had spread to his liver – making it a Stage 4, or terminal. Nevertheless GS was asked to undergo chemotherapy, which was to cost him about RM 60,000.

Did you ask your doctor: If I were to undergo chemotherapy, can this cure me? Of course chemotherapy would not cure. Without chemotherapy, GS was told that he had only 6 to 8 months to live. GS decided not to undergo chemotherapy. He came to seek our help instead and was started on Capsule A+ B, LL tea, GI 1, GI 2 and Liver 1 and Liver 2 teas.

Why did he not want to undergo further medical treatment?  He said, “The doctor said this is serious case – fourth stage cancer because it has spread to the liver. But deep in my heart, I said – because I am a Christian – I reject it in the name of Jesus. After that my confidence level remained as normal … I just take it as it is. My fate is in the hands of the Lord. That is it, as simple as that. Even when I went for the operation, everything went on smoothly – 2 days in the ICU, 8 days in the normal ward. On the fifth day they remove my drip. I really thank my God for giving me His hand of healing.”

With full trust in his Lord, GS felt at peace.  He did not worry any more.  Soon after his surgery he came to seek our help and turned down chemotherapy.  Since then GS has been consistent in taking our herbs and he changed his lifestyle and diet. He had no problem. However, he realized that our herbs would not cure him but he was and is contented and happy.

His blood test done on 15 November 2011 and 2 March 2012 showed a slight increase in his tumour markers. In spite of that GS took it calmly – he was aware of his condition. After all, his doctor said he would only last 8 months at most, and GS had already survived 7 months and he is still doing fine – leading a normal life.  His strong faith in God had given him peace of mind.


15 November 2011

2 March 2012













CA 19.9




I often tell patients this:  Believe in the diagnosis but don’t believe in your doctor’s prognosis! Indeed after performing a scan and biopsy and if you were told that it was cancerous, by all means go for a second opinion, but don’t try to deny the diagnosis. Cancer is common these days and most probably what your doctor told you is correct. Some patients go into a self-denial mode and do all sorts of things trying not to “believe” the diagnosis.  However, since doctors are not gods, don’t believe their prognosis. How long you live or when you die is not for your doctor to determine.  Based on experience or research results we may be able to predict the ultimate outcome but it is not necessarily true. You may beat the odd if you do things right.

In my conversation with GS,  I have pointed out what happened to some of our patients.  There was this lorry driver in Kuala Lumpur. He had colon-liver cancer. Without chemo, his doctor said he had only 6 months. He did not have the money to pay for his treatment and came to us for help. He survived for more than 3 years and then died. But he died due to his own foolishness. I was in Kuala Lumpur at that time and saw him. I asked him what he did wrong. His reply, “During the Chinese New Year I ate fried chicken.”  He suffered severe pains and his stomach bloated. Since he came to us he did not take such “forbidden” food – why now? Perhaps he was tired and bored of living?

There was a 49-year-old lady in Penang. She was diagnosed with terminal stage liver cancer. The tumour in her liver was 8.7 x 6.6 x 10.0 cm in size. The doctor in the general hospital sent her home – there was no treatment.  This lady came to seek out help and took our herbs. After 5 years, she is still alive.

At CA Care we see enough of doctor’s prognosis gone wrong! So, don’t believe your doctors if they say you are going to die soon. Indeed, a person who understands healing would refrain from “playing” God. Such words do great harm to patients.


I have an opportunity to share some thoughts with GS about cancer and life.

  • There is no cure for cancer

As much as anyone wants to say that you do this or you do that you can cure cancer, our 16 years dealing with cancer tells me that there is no cure for metastatic cancer. Cure means total elimination of the disease, not just surviving for 5 years as defined by your doctors. Amy Soscia (deceased) aptly put it this way:


Many patients come to CA Care wanting to find the “magic bullet” for cancer. There is none. What is even more unrealistic is that most of the patients who came to us have undergone all the possible medical treatments and failed. Yet when they came to us, they expected us to “cure” them. “I am not god” is my answer to such people.  However, that does not mean that I cannot help them – yes, we can within our humanly limit.


  • Accept your reality

Accept the reality that cancer is now a common disease.  Many patients who came to us have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to find a cure for their cancer in modern medicine. At the end, many were let down – desperate and felt helpless. Besides they found a “big hole” in their pockets or bank account.  Ask your oncologist before undergoing your cancer treatment: Can you cure me? See what answer you get.  You may get these responses: The treatment can prolong you life.  Oh, it will stop the cancer from spreading. Cure – no guarantee! Also ask, What are the side effects? Unfortunately some of the answers given are misleading and less than truthful.



  • Are you happy being on our Therapy? Did you benefit from our herbs?

No, we are not going to be able to cure GS of his cancer. But the more important question to ask is, Is he happy with what he is doing? If our herbs help him, be grateful. Praise God for this blessing.  At CA Care we teach you to live with your cancer, not to fight your cancer.

GS benefited from our therapy. Since coming to us he did not have to take medications for his high blood pressure and also uric acid. He lives a normal, happy, pain-free life. What more can anyone ask for? Be grateful for what you have and what you all. Most people forget this.  They want a complete cure – being able to go back to their old ways of life and anything short of this will not make satisfy them.


  • Death is the Ultimate Healing
Let me end with this message to all cancer patients:


Surgery and Chemotherapy Did Not Cure Him

Ram is a 38-year-old male. He had stomach pains for about 3 months. His stools were hard and sometimes were blood stained. He went to a private hospital and did an X-ray. The doctor found nothing wrong with him. But his problems still persisted. Ram went to another private hospital. A CTscan on 17 April 2007 showed a 3.5 cm mass at the recto-sigmoid junction. There were multiple nodules approximately 10 mm each in Segments 6 and 8 of the liver. These represent liver metastases.

Ram underwent an operation to remove the tumour in his colon. Later, he underwent a second surgery for his liver. In addition to the surgery, Ram also received six cycles of chemotherapy. He suffered severe side effects from this treatment. When asked if he would want to undergo more chemotherapy, he sheepishly smiled and said: No – never again. Besides the nasty side effects, Ram suffered erectile dysfunction. In addition, Ram also received eight cycles of Xeloda, an oral chemo drug. Each cycle consisted of 14 days on Xeloda followed by 7 days rest.

A CT scan performed on 5 November 2007 showed:

  1. Normal CT of chest.
  2. Normal CT of abdomen/pelvis.

However, his illness did not go away. Blood test result on 1 December 2008 showed CEA = 15.9 (high) while a CT scan on the same day showed:

  1. multiple peripheral nodules in both lungs, predominantly the upper lobes. Conclusion: lung metastasis.
  2. the liver is of normal size and shape but there are multiple enhancing lesion throughout.Conclusion: liver metastasis and paraaortic lymphadenopathy.

The doctor asked Ram to undergo more chemotherapy. This treatment would cost him RM 30,000.00. Ram refused. All in all, Ram’s employer had already spent about RM 70,000.00 for his treatment and the company was not prepared to spend anymore money on his treatment. And with his condition, it is most likely that Ram might even loose his job.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. What do the 2 operations, 6 cycles of chemo and 8 cycles do to this young man? Any good has come out of this medical adventure?
  2. Is it really necessary to do the colon surgery, given the fact that he also had liver metastasis?
  3. Is liver surgery any use for him?
  4. Patients under expensive medical treatments with the full expectation what they are going to be cured – but is there such thing as cure?
  5. All said and done – don’t you think that we are all just play acting?

The Story of Goh

Goh,73 year-old male, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He opted for alternative healing instead of an operation. With the help of his son, he changed to a totally raw, vegetarian diet. After two months, the tumours in the colon mysteriously disappeared. The doctor took numerous X-rays on him and was baffled as to what had happened. Believing that he was cured, Goh went back to his old ways and diet! Within two months, the cancer came back. This time he was in severe pains. Besides, the cancer had spread to his liver. He was in so much agony that the family had to send him to the hospital. At first, the doctor was reluctant to admit him and scolded his son for “trying to be too clever.”

Medically there was nothing anybody could do for him, except to give him painkillers. He was the worst of patients in the hospital’s cancer ward. When the specialist came on ward rounds, he would refuse to see Goh, because according to the specialist Goh’s liver did not function anymore! His stomach was bloated and his legs swelled and the rest of him was reduced to skin and bones. His condition was beyond imagination. He was unable to walk, even for a short distance to the toilet, and could barely talk. After almost three months, he was brought home because according to his family “if he has to die, let him die at home.” Except for one son, the rest of the family members gave him up for dead. They said: “There is no need to give him anything — why waste the money, there is no chance, no hope anymore.”

Around Goh’s 73th birthday, the family made him a coat. Actually, that coat was intended for his anticipated funeral. Goh himself gave up, refusing to take any medication — he was ready to die. Fortunately, one of his sons refused to accept defeat. He came to CA Care and asked for herbs. Goh was prescribed many herbs but he only agreed to take the Abdominal Distension tea, refusing the AB, Liver-P etc. After two weeks, the swelling subsided and the healing started! As Goh gained confidence, he started to take other prescribed herbs. Soon, all the pains were gone and he regained his health.

I met Goh and his son for the first time on 9 October 2000, at a hotel while on a visit to his home state. We had a chat and did a video interview. Goh told me that he was healthier than before he had cancer. He wakes up around 4 a.m. everyday and walks about four to five kilometres to the market to buy his daily food supplies. He comes home and eats raw potato leaves. He takes his juices. He refuses to eat any meat even though his qi-kung master encourages him “to eat some meat for strength.” He does not feel that he has lost any strength and can climb the hills like anyone else.

A lesson to learn from this episode – “Don’t ever give up, even if your doctors have given up on you!”

The Story of Tony

Tony was a 67-year-old male. He was diagnosed with colon cancer sometime in late December 1995. An operation was done to remove the cancer. Unfortunately the cancer had spread to the liver as well. In view of the extensive metastasis, Tony’s doctor concluded that chemotherapy or radiotherapy would be of limited benefit. His prognosis was extremely poor. The doctors then told Tony’s daughter: “Bring him home, organize a party for him and tell him that he had cancer. Let him live happily and count his days.”

At home Tony’s movements were very limited and difficult. He needed to be supported by the neck to lie down or wake up. He needed to be fed. One day, Tony’s daughter learned about CA Care from a member of her church’s cell group. She came to seek our help on 24 May 1996. At that time Tony presented with the following problems:

1. Burning sensation in the chest every night.

2. Had pains in the rib region when breathing.

3. Felt numbness of both legs and pains in the back.

4. Felt very tired and was not able to sleep at night.

5. Poor appetite.

6. Experienced frequent urination.

7. Bowel movements were difficult and stools hard.

After taking herbs for a week, Tony came to our centre. He looked much better than he was the previous week. We could see that the herbs had helped him tremendously. The chest burn, numbness and pains had all gone. His bowel movements and appetite had improved and he slept well.

By 19 July 1996, barely two months on the herbs, Tony’s weight increased by 11 kg. He was able to ride a motorcycle. On 23 August 1996, Tony was doing very well. He could sleep and eat. There were no more pains. Both his urination and bowel movements were normal. His doctor said this healing was a miracle!

After more than a year, 24 September 1997, Tony did a blood test. The alpha-fetoprotein was 2.5 ng/ml while the CEA was 5.0 ng/ml. This was a tremendous contrast to his May 1966 CEA reading which was 45.2 ng/ml. His liver function test showed readings within normal limits.

It was indeed satisfying to note that since taking the herbs, Tony was able to lead a normal happy life (note: he was entirely on herbs — no chemotherapy or radiotherapy!). He was able to celebrate his youngest daughter’s marriage happily. It was our privilege too to be able to attend this wedding dinner!

No healing For Those Who Acted Too Smart, Too Educated and Too Demanding

Mr. Nut was a 56-year-old male. Sometime in January 2001, he went to see a doctor with a history of bloody stools. A colonoscopy indicated colon cancer. An ultrasound scan demonstrated multiple metastases in the liver.

Nut underwent palliative surgery after receiving 14 cycles of chemotherapy. At first the treatment showed good response. Then the CEA started to increase from 5.7 in November 2002, to 24.6 in March 2003. A CT scan showed the liver lesions were larger compared to the previous examination.

In short, Nut’ story was a story of disappointment: after the operation and chemotherapy, there seemed to be high hope and encouraging sign. The tumour shrunk and the CEA went down. But thathigh hope did not last – an illusion at its best. A few months later, the tumour grew in size and the CEA shot up.

Nut came to see me in Penang in December 2003. He spent more than an hour interrogating meabout our therapy. He was looking for options and wanted to go to Singapore to seek further treatment after this. At the end of our meeting I said this to him: Go home and think what you want to do. There is NO NEED for you to see me again. Should you decide to take the herbs, then this is the prescription.

To my surprise, Nut came to our centre in late December 2003 and decided to take our herbs.

On 19 January 2004, we received a long note about Nut suffering from stomach spasm and wind. The note said: This stomach spasm pain had been a somewhat persistent occurrence since my first colon-rectal operation in January 2001. Nut complained that this pain had recurred since taking the herbs. The Stomach Function herb did not seem to work.  Then there was this remark: … with my current diet, there are very little left to eat.

In another long note, dated 23 January 2004 he wrote: I have never been much of a rice eater by nature, and much as I’ve tried hard to eat, the advised brown rice and plain veggies, I am finding it harder and harder to consume… The medicinal herbal tea recommended – I find them foul smelling and vile tasting. I am beginning to suspect that some of these teas are contributing towards my wind stomach condition.

On 30 March 2004, Nut made an appointment to see me in Subang Jaya. He came and shouted at me saying: I am not getting any better. My blood test results showed that the values had increased. He demanded: What have you got for me? Can you cure me or not? My answer to him was plain and blunt: No we cannot cure anybody. He replied: I have wasted three and a half months of my time. You did not say that you cannot cure me before. He walked off and left.

Comments: Of the many hundreds or thousands of cancer patients I have met and helped, Nut’s case stands out as one of the outstanding one. I am documenting this episode, not because I am angry or upset about it, but I am hoping that by writing this many others who come after him can all learn some lessons from such a case. Let me point out the following:

  1. Liver cancer patients are often bad tempered and are angry people. So, those of you who have to care for such patients, take note. In the face of such rudeness and bad manners, try to show understanding and love. Such behaviour is part of the hazard of people suffering from liver cancer.
  2. Very often, I have told patients this: healing is your responsibility and it must come from within. It would be a mistake to think that others have magic bullets to cure your cancer. Such thinking is misguided.
  3. When Nut was diagnosed with colon cancer, the medical report indicated that he underwentpalliative surgery. What this means is that such surgery is not meant to cure! In actual fact, Nut had already lost his battle even before he started the fight.
  4. Besides colon cancer, Nut had liver metastases. Fourteen cycles of toxic chemo drugs did not cure him. He did know where else to go to for help and came to us. When I first met him in December, I knew from our conversation that he would be a very difficult patient to handle – he appeared too smart and too educated. Patients who are arrogant and acted as if they know everything generally have difficulty following our therapy.
  5. It came to me as a surprise when I learnt that Nut decided to take the herbs. I understand he was desperate. And I must say most patients who come to see us for help are in the same category – lost, helpless, desperate and hopeless.
  6. As all those who come here already know, we require patients to sign the Release of Liabilityform before they see us or take our herbs. The first clause in this form said: I have on my own free will come to seek advice and help from Dr. Chris Teo and members of his CA Care with regards to my illness. I acknowledge that there is no guarantee or promise that the herbs provided by CA Care can benefit or cure my sickness. Nut signed this form when he came to see me on 19 December 2003. Nut’s wife also signed another form when she came to collect the herbs later on. So his outburst was illogical and ill mannered. He had forgotten that by displaying such arrogance, the real loser is himself, not anybody else.
  7. Generally when people are in trouble and need help they will follow and listen to our advise. But when they become well or unwell, they will speak with different tongues. Sometime, we become their punching bags or scapegoats.
  8. Unknown to many, how patients present themselves would indicate to me if he/she can make it or not. His/her attitude, facial expressions, emotional problems, lifestyle, commitment, family support etc. are observed and noted – all these enable me to assess and  figure out the REAL person we are dealing with. If a patient thinks he/she comes here wanting a quick fix or magic bullet, let it be known – we have none! Such thinking is grossly misguided. Cancer is a systemic disease of the body, mind and spirit. It is a result of a constant abuse of the body over years. The tumour is just an expression of such abuse. Removing the tumour is never a cure or the answer if the underlying cause of the problem is never addressed or corrected.
  9. Nut, according to his medical report suffered from rectal bleeding for seven months and he ignored the signal that the body was sending him. Was he ignorant or was he stubborn? He wanted to play the game according to his own rule? Be warned – in cancer game, you seldom or can never win. Chances are you will lose badly and dearly. Again, the medical report indicated that in 1996, Nut contracted hepatitis B but he still drank alcohol about a couple of times a week. He smoked approximately 30 cigarettes per day. Is this not a blatant abuse of the body? I dare say to anyone, if you persist with such habits, don’t blame others or God if you find yourself in bottomless pit. You cause your own cancer!
  10. Nut was a plantation manager. From what I know, such people (not all?) have colonial mentality. They are regarded as gods in their kingdoms or estate.  They would bark at their assistants, clerks and illiterate workers. Their wishes were obeyed and never questioned. They give orders not receiving orders. It is hard for such a person to follow this holistic path of healing. Nut protested about his diet. He could NOT eat what he likes anymore. To him, the herbs were foul smelling and bad in taste. His notes to us showed his anger and hatredtowards what he was doing. Under such stress nobody can find any healing?
  11. Nut is not the only person who felt this way. From my experience, only THREE out of ten patients who come seemed to benefit from our work, the remaining seven failed for reasons like this. But what are we to do? If you are unhappy or NOT prepared to walk this journey, go elsewhere for other options.