Utero-Ovary-Lung Cancer, Part 2: Hope: After Three Days on Herbs While in the Hospital

It was a great surprise indeed that on the morning of 20 December 2011, the patient, accompanied by her doctor friend and family members, came to CA Care. Patient was discharged from the hospital the day before and this morning they flew to Penang.

Hear this miraculous story yourself.

Acknowledgment: Permission to use videos and pictures without having to mask the patient’s face is granted by the family.


Chris: Oo, you are the one who came to see me last week – you said your mother was in Methodist Hospital in Medan?

Daughter: Yes, yes. Mother was hospitalized for about 12 days. Immediately after being discharged we all flew here.

Wah, there are so many people?

D: All our family members. Mom has many children. And that one is mom’s brother. And this one is our good friend and she is a medical doctor.

You came to see me on 14 December 2011. And I gave you some herbs. Did your mom take them?

D: Yes. I gave her the herbs starting on 15 December until now. She has taken the herbs for five days already.

(Turning to patient) After taking the herbs for 5 days, how did you feel?

Patient:  I feel good – more comfortable. I did not have to use the oxygen anymore.

Brother: Before the herbs, she was breathless and needed oxygen to breathe. After taking the herbs for 3 days she was not breathless anymore.

D: I did not tell the doctor that mom was taking herbs. I did not give mom all those pills that the doctor prescribed. I just gave mom your herbs. But those medication given by injections, they were continued as usual because that was beyond my control.

B: The doctor was surprised. He said it was a miracle (that she could recover).

D: Yes, after taking the herbs, mom did not have to use oxygen anymore. Her lungs had less fluid. Before that she was gasping for breath (showing like a fish gasping for air).  Initially after taking the herbs, mom moved her bowels three to four times.

Yes, very good. That is what we want.

D: We were worried if something had gone wrong. But she still continued to take the herbs.

(Turning to patient) Ibu, do you have any problem taking those herbs?

D: Bitter!

P: But I have no difficulty drinking them.

After taking the herbs for a few days, did you not experience some “difficulties” (healing crisis)?

P: No, I felt better, No difficulty at all

So when you were in the hospital, you only took the herbs?

D: Yes, I cooked the herbs at home and brought them to the hospital.

Ibu, now how do you feel?

P: Blank … empty. I cannot urinate. This is my main problem now. I feel my bladder full.

D: Her legs have no strength.

But after taking the herbs, do you still have breathing difficulties?

P: No problem.