Utero-Ovary-Lung Cancer, Part 3: A Miracle Happened: An Interview with Her Daughter and Her Brother

Acknowledgment: Permission to use videos and pictures without having to mask the patient’s face is granted by the family.


Gist of our conversation

  1. Two days after her return from receiving chemotherapy in Singapore, RJ started to cough and she had fevers. She lacked strength. She was hospitalized in Methodist Hospital in Medan. At that time RJ was still able to walk by herself.
  2. Later her haemoglobin and platelet dropped and she had a blood transfusion. Eight packets of blood were given to her.
  3. After three or four days in the hospital, she was not able to walk. She had no strength.
  4. Suddenly she became breathless. X-ray indicated fluid in her lungs. The doctor tapped out the fluid using a syringe. The first tapping consisted of 19 withdrawals of 60 ml each. X-ray indicated there was still more fluid in the lung.
  5. A second tapping was done – consisting of 12 withdrawals of 60 ml each.
  6. Even after the pleural tapping, RJ still had to use oxygen for breathing.
  7. Before the pleural tapping, RJ was breathless and was on oxygen but at this point in time she did not gasp for air. After the first pleural tapping – the breathing was the same. But after the second tapping, her breathing became heavy and she was gasping for air.
  8. On 15 December 2011, her daughter started to give her CA Care herbs. Capsule A, Lung 1 + Lung Phlegm and Lung 2 + Lung Phlegm.
  9. From 15 December 2011 onwards, RJ was only on CA Care’s herbs. Her daughter kept aside all doctor’s medication.  This was done without the knowledge of the doctor or the nurses in the hospital.
  10. After taking the herbs, RJ started to discharge a lot of phlegm. In addition she moved her bowels very often and discharged a lot of stools. The first bowel movement had some traces of blood. After that it was normal – no blood.
  11. By 17 December (three days on herbs) RJ was able to breathe normally. There was no need to use oxygen anymore. She was also able to recognize people around her.  Before this she was not able to recognize the family memebrs around her.
  12. Even though she was on oxygen, RL was still gasping for air.
  13. After taking Cough 5 tea for two days, RJ did not cough anymore. Before this she was coughing very badly. So with no cough her breathing became normal.
  14. An X-ray indicated the lung had improved.
  15. After the herbs started to help RJ, the daughter began to gradually reduce the flow of oxygen in the tube.  This was done without the knowledge of the doctor or nurses. She even told the doctor, “Let me take charge of the situation.” The doctor responded, “You become your own doctor.”
  16. On 17 December 2011, the doctor told the family to go home and pray. The cancer had already spread   throughout the body. The daughter said, “At that time mother was really in terrible condition. She was gasping for breath, her eyes rolled upwards and she was not able to recognise any one of us. I had to dig into her mouth to open it and she bit me.”
  17.  All the family members from different parts of Indonesia flew home to be with RJ.
  18. On 18 December 2011, the situation improved. The oxygen supply to the tube was totally cut off. RJ did not need any more oxygen.  The doctor came in and said, “It is a miracle. Now you can go quickly to Penang.”
  19. RJ was discharged from the hospital on 19 December 2011, and the next day, she and her family flew to Penang.

We asked her daughter, “Did your mother really benefit from the herbs?”

She replied, “Now there is a vast difference in my mother’s condition. She had improved so much. She is beginning to have more strength and was able to move by herself. Even on the first day we came here, 20 December and now – two days later, there are a lot of improvements. The only problem she has now is the pain in her stomach.” (Note: this stomach pain was gone after the e-Therapy!).