You taking herb? It would not work! Now, the herb works!


LF is 51-year-old lady. In September 2015, she had bleeding every day. She went to a GP. USG was done but the doctor found nothing wrong. She was given hormone pill to take. She also took supplements. They seemed to help. But, her problem did not go away.

LF suffered heavy bleeding and this made her go and consult a gynaecologist. She was given some medications but they were not effective. Then, her stomach became bloated. She consulted another GP who told her it was cancer.

Eventually LF was referred to a private hospital and did a CT scan. And there it was a mass of soft tissue, measuring 5 x 3.8 x 4.3 cm on the right side of the lower abdomen/pelvis. There was also fluid in the lungs and abdomen (pleural effusion and ascites).

The ascitic fluid contained malignant cells with features suggestive of metastatic adenocarcinoma.

LF underwent surgery immediately. It was a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. The appendix and omentum were also removed.

According to the histopathology report, it was a well-differentiated endometriod adenocarcinoma of the uterine corpus. Stage 1A. In addition, LF also had a left ovarian tumour with metastasis to the omentum. It was at least stage 3A cancer.

LF was told to commence with follow-up chemotherapy 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery. LF decided not to undergo chemotherapy. She took Sabah Snake grass (SSG) instead — 70 leaves, twice a day.

CT scan done in August 2016, showed enlargement of the para aortic lymph nodes. There was no free fluid in the pelvis.

Her CA 19.9 was at 322.6 before the surgery and this dropped to 30.3 after the surgery. A few months later it went up to 35.0.

Her CA 19.9 also increased from 29.7 to 69.9 and progressed to 105.6 (see Table below). It was at this point in time that LF decided to come and seek our help. She presented with abdominal discomfort and severe numbness of the legs.

Less than 3 months on the herbs, her health improved! Her abdominal discomfort disappeared and the numbness of her legs was almost resolved. Of course, she had stopped taking the SSG.

On 9 August 2016, her CA 19.9 was at 105.6 and after taking the herbs, on 2 November 2016, her CA 19.9 was 30.0 (within normal range).

One lesson we can learn from this case. LF’s husband told me this.

I went to have the blood test done in my friend’s lab. I told him, My wife is taking herbs and does not want to go for chemotherapy. The doctor said, Herbs will not work! Three months later, this same doctor said, Yes, now the herbs work! Because the CA 19.9 came tumbling down from 105.6 to 30.0 (normal range).



Good news also comes with “bad” news! LF expressed her concern that she might have to go back to teach now! Why? Because her blood test showed she was normal!

Besides that, disaster may also follow good news! LF may believe that she is really “cured” and will become complacent! She may go back to the previous life style and eat what she likes! I warned LF — The cancer will come back again if you do that! There is no cure for cancer. There is no question, that LF’s cancer is serious. It has spread. Feeling better and the CA 19.9 came down to 30 does not mean that she is cured.