NPC – After Nine Years – Still Cancer Free!

Yesterday (15 September 2020), Im received this short message from Pastor Danny of Singapore.

Thank you Pastor for keeping us informed of your progress. Thank God the Almighty for this wonderful blessing. We are happy to learn that you are cancer free! Keep it that way.

I can still remember very clearly the day when Danny came to our centre with Senior Pastor Derek and another church member to our centre in early 2012 – eight years ago.

Danny was diagnosed with Stage 3 nose cancer and had undergone radiotherapy in a hospital in Singapore. He had just completed  the second cycle of chemotherapy. Both treatments cause severe side effects.

The side effects of radiation were: mouth sore, difficulty swallowing, burnt skin, etc.

According to Danny the side effects of chemotherapy were worse than radiotherapy. He had to be hospitalized due to fevers and infection. He was unable to sleep, was in pain and became anxious and depressed. He was put on morphine and as a result suffered constipation and hallucination.

The treatment caused much misery.  Danny said: I was just a living thing – existing. The treatment caused much misery. I would rather die – it was miserable and never again!

Even though the medical treatment offered only a 30 percent chance (whatever that means) Danny  had to accept what was “dished” to him because he knew of no other way out of this predicament. Being a pastor he had to show a good example. So he had to put up a “false front” and behave himself . Follow what the doctors said.

But unknown to many of his friends and church members, he remained confined to his room refusing to meet anybody. At the lowest ebb of his life, he felt he could not make it and was ready to die. He even sent out an sms to a friend requesting what was to be done for him if he passed on.

Fortunately all was not lost. A friend managed to convince Danny for another alternative way – try CA Care therapy! Three days on the our herbs, Danny bounced back to life! He had more energy to talk to friends and walk around. He was able to attend church and took morning walk.

After meeting us in Penang, Danny decided to stop chemo on his own accord – without any pressure from anyone. The next day he went to his oncologist and told her he was taking CA Care’s herbs and he would not want to continue with further chemotherapy. To his surprise the oncologist readily agreed! She was not “mad” at him at all.

For more detail and videos of our interview, click here: A U-turn from Death – The Nose Cancer Journey of Pastor Danny