Lung-Brain Cancer: An Impossible Healing Part 4. What It Takes to Be a Winner

In my book, Prostate Cancer Healed Naturally, I wrote, “To me, cancer is not just about a tumour in your breast, lung or liver. It is about you, as a human being. There is this quotation, There is no incurable disease, only incurable people. Therefore, my lengthy interview with patients enable me to assess each patient as a whole and “predict” the probable outcome – whether we would be able to repeat the healings that we experience in CA Care. Unfortunately, only 30 percent of patients who came to us can benefit from our therapy.”

Let me say again, it not just about taking my herbs. Many patients come to us with a very high expectation of finding a “magic bullet”. We have none. Over and over again, my experience tells me that the most important criteria for success is the person himself. This statement also applies to those who care for the patient. When a person in the family is down with cancer, it also means that everyone in the family is somehow is equally affected by the illness. That is why, sometimes I insist that the whole family come and meet me. By meeting them, I would be able to “sense” what is “really going on.” Talk to those around the patient and from what they say and how they behave I could sense what the eventual outcome would be. I often tell patients, “After talking to you for five minutes, I would probably know if I can help you or not.” Perhaps, most patients don’t understand what I meant by this.

Having assessed the patient as a person, I shall then proceed to prescribe herbs. This is a very simple thing to do.

We receive many emails each day. These email writers expect to find healing from the comfort of their own world – hoping to find “cures” with a minimum of effort.  CA Care cannot help such people.  Ours is a hard and windy road to take.

Learn from the experiences of Suri’s case. During her first visit here, I was very blunt with her husband and daughter. Let me repeat what I told them that night, “I don’t want to mislead or cheat you – making you believe that you can find a cure here. Don’t think too much or too far! If she cannot drink the herbal teas I prescribed, there is no need to bring her here again. There is nothing I can do. But if she can drink the teas, she may benefit from them. And I shall do my best to help.”

Even today the words that I said to them that night still ring in their ears. Despite these “hard” words the message was well taken. For the next few days and weeks, Suri’s husband, daughter, sister and others, were “battling” with a rebellious patient who did not want to swallow the herbs! But they did not give up. I dare say that it is their perseverance that made this amazing healing possible.

Hear the story for yourself.

This was what happened:

  • Daughter: The first time she took the herbs, she spat out the herbal tea on my face. She yelled – “Get out, get out. Don’t let me drink this.” She knew that we were boiling something. She asked, “ What is that medicine – very smelly.”
  • Daughter: This is good medicine for you.
  • The first day (turning to his nephew) even his mother got the herbs on her face. (This lady is another sister who lives in Penang).
  • Then what we did was to divert her attention away from the herbs. We joked with her. When she was more relaxed, four or five people held her head, hands and legs and we poured the herbs into her mouth. She kicked and yelled, “Let me die, let me die. I don’t want to drink the medicine. Let me die.”
  • Daughter: Mother, you do not say such things. This medicine is good for you. Normally you did not have problem taking medicine. Why are you wanting to make things difficult now?
  • Chris: Wah, if you do not have a “firm heart” and do not believe in what we are doing, you all would have given up.
  • The first few days were real “terrible”. I was afraid that she would bite her tongue. So I put my fingers into her mouth and let her bite me. She resisted strongly and refused to drink the herbal tea.
  • That is what I mean – if you don’t believe and do not help yourself, nobody can help you. I remember telling you that when you first came.
  • The first time we came to see you, I said to you,” Doc., can you give us tablets instead of the tea”. You replied, “No we only have the herbal tea. If you cannot take the tea then there is no need to come and see me.”
  • Daughter: So we had no choice. She spit it out, we put it in again. She spit out all the herbs and my whole dress was wet.
  • If you did not have this “firm will” you would not have any hope.
  • Exactly.
  • This is the message I would like to impart to all patients who come and see me. Many would say, I don’t like the bitter and smelly taste of the herbs, etc. I tell them to go home. I can’t help such people.
  • Daughter: I told everyone. Let’s have patience, have patience.
  • After taking the herbs for three days, the headaches were better?
  • Headaches were less.
  • When you came you also said she vomited. How long did it take for your to see some positive results?
  • Sister: She vomited after taking the herbs. About a month later, we started to see improvements.
  • After joking and some persuasion, she started to take the herbs without resistance. Then we have to bribe her. We gave her some money, and she would drink the tea voluntarily.
  • Sister: I left my family and came to stay with her for more than two months.
  • Early every morning I bring her out for a walk in our housing park. She walks around the basket ball court. Depending on her strength she would walk four to twelve rounds each morning.

Things went on fine. Then at the end of August 2011, Suri had a fall – ending up with two lumps on her head. Then she developed severe headaches.  Her sister called us. I requested that they come and see me immediately.   Suri, her husband and her younger sister flew to Penang on 28 August 2011 to undergo the e-Therapy at our centre. Unfortunately, this was the most awkward time to fly – Ramadan. Flights from Jakarta to Penang on all airlines were fully booked. They had to fly business class on Malaysian Airlines. It cost US$1,025.80 (8.6 million rupiahs) per person – and there were three of them!

From my observation being with them for many days, her husband and her younger sister were very dedicated caregivers. I salute them for their commitment and dedication. When they were here in Penang, we worked through the Hari Raya and Independence Day holidays. Every morning Suri underwent the e-Therapy. The results were just beyond our expectation.

This is the most rewarding experience for all of us – the patient and her family and me and my  wife.

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Update: 6 August 2012

Hello Prof. Chris,

This morning Suryana Tukiman call me and we had a talk. Now his wife has already started to take our herbs again. According him the Neurosurgeon was surprised to see the MRI result of the Brain …  full with white marks  but she is still alive and healthy after 1,5 years suffering cancer. The paralysis is due to the tumor pressing onto the motor nerve.

Now they use the NGT for food, juice and herbs into her stomach. But as you can see on the photo … she looks healthy, only a little bit skinny. These photos were taken this morning after Tukiman finished talking with me. I asked him to take these photos so I can send it to you. Teddy.


Lung-Brain Cancer: An Impossible Healing Part 3: Reflection and Confession of a Husband

When a lawyer makes a mistake, he loses his case in court; When an engineer makes a mistake, the building collapses; But when a doctor makes a mistake, it gets buried in his patient’s grave  ~ A Cancer Patient

Acknowledgment:  We thank the patient and her family for sharing this bitter-sweet story with us. Permission to use these video clips without having to cover their faces is granted by the patient’s husband.

While Suri was undergoing the e-Therapy at our centre in Penang, we took the opportunity to interview her husband. This is an opportunity to get to know in greater detail about what had really happened.  Below are excerpts of our conversation over a period of three days – 30th and 31st August and 1 September 2011.



1.       The Surrender and Started on Sutent 

  • Actually her problem was detected in 2007. Examination showed a small dot in her lung. She refused to do anything about it. In 2008, while on a holiday trip to China with some friends, she became breathless and vomited. On her return from China she went to Singapore for consultation. Scan showed a large tumour in her lung – probably Stage 3A.
  • She underwent medical treatment for her lung cancer. Unfortunately her health deteriorated. Sometime in February 2011 she complained of poor vision. The eye specialist told her this could be due to cataract. But suddenly she developed severe headaches.
  •  When was she not able to walk? You came to see us in May 2011. About three months before our first visit here. Suddenly her condition just “drop” severely accompanied with severe headache. So when she came here she was not able to walk, her vision was poor – unable to recognize people around her, her left hand and right leg had no strength. Before that she was okay.
  • We brought her to Singapore to do chemotherapy. After the chemo, her condition “dropped” further. We brought her back to Jakarta and did another cycle of chemo.
  •  After that we brought her back to Singapore again to do more chemo. But “someone” up there seems to intervene. She did not have enough white blood cells. So the oncologist could not give her anymore chemo.
  • If her WBC was okay, would you have done the chemo?  We would. I fully believe in the doctor. Daughter: But I never agree to chemotherapy since the very beginning.
  • Daughter: The oncologist surrendered … she gave up. She suggested taking Sutent saying that many of her patients were cured after taking this drug. The doctor told me, “Bring this medication (Sutent) home and try it.”
  • A table of Sutent cost S$210. She took a tablet a day. She had more pains after taking the Sutent. The side effects for her were:  increased blood pressure, headaches and diabetes.  I asked the doctor why she prescribed this drug to her. The oncologist replied, “Many of my patients took it and get well. Go home and try it. If it works it works. If not she just … (gesture with his bent finger).
  • Before she took Sutent, did you not ask if the drug can cure her? No one dares to answer such a question. The oncologist told me, “I cannot say. The only one who knows the answer is the one up there!”
  • After she took Sutent her consumption of Panadol gradually increased from one tablet per day to six tablets per day.



2.       I regretted – Money Does Not Buy Cure 

  • For all the treatments – radiotherapy, Iressa, Tarceva, chemotherapy and Sutent – the total cost came to more or less 2 milyar rupiah (1 milyar is 1,000,000,000 – nine zeros) which is about S$300,000. The cost of one tablet of Tarceva is S$195 and she took this for about 2 years. One tablet of Sutent cost S$210 and she took this for a month plus. One chemo cost about S$7,000. I was curious about one expenditure item of S$120.00. After an enquiry I was told that it was the cost of the chair (plus services provided) which my wife sat on while receiving chemotherapy. The doctor’s consultation cost S$150.00, if I am not mistaken. I was also told to only buy the drugs from the doctor. I was told that cheaper drugs bought outside the oncologist’s clinic could be a fake. I believed everything what the doctor told me.
  • It is okay to spend that kind of money if there was a cure. But there was no cure. I regretted for going to Singapore for the treatment.
  • Let me confess. I was full of remorse. I regretted because even before she went for chemo, my relative in Penang had suggested that we try the herbs. I refused to entertain that idea. In my mind, that is all hocus pocus. How can herbs be better than the doctors in Singapore? Herbs are just traditional stuff and if they are that good then all doctors will have to close shop. So I dismissed the idea of taking herbs as being absolutely nonsensical.  I say again, I regretted this very much.
  • The doctors told her to eat anything – to make her stronger. And when she regained her strength, she got “hammered” with the chemo again. The cycle went on and one. Where do we go from there? On reflection, I begun to see how illogical it is.
  • While we were in the hospital in Singapore, I saw a patient from Medan. This patient had been going in and out for the past eight years – coming for chemo and chemo. There was no end to it. I was afraid to ask the details of what had really happened. Anyway the patient eventually died after eight years of struggle. It struck me – this is a prolongation of a meaningless survival.



3. CA Care, the Last Hope

  • In low voice, Suri’s husband said, “Actually my wife requested that I leave her to die. She did not want to suffer any more.” At that point, a distant relative in Penang called us and suggested that we try CA Care. I had a discussion with my children. We shall abandon further medical treatment and go for herbs. At that time we were hoping for pain relief. We would accept if she dies but not to be in pain.
  • When you first came to CA Care, did you ever believe in what we do? I made it very clear to you from the very beginning that I cannot cure you. What you told me that night was most sensible. Stop taking all the bad food that encourage cancer and then use the herbs to help the body against cancer. This makes a lot of sense to me. 
  • We gave her the herbs for a week. She spat it all out onto our face. My relative talked and joked with her. When she was more relaxed we held her down, squeezed her nose and forced the herbs into her throat. After three days of doing that, there were less headaches. We had more confidence in your herbs.
  • She has been on the herbs for 4 months now, have you got anything to say about that? I would like to say thank you so much for helping us. I don’t know what to say. We have been doing this therapy everyday and you didn’t even charge us (broke down and cried). If you want me to worship you, I would do that.

To this Chris replied, Don’t worship me.  Worship God and give thanks to Him. It is not me who do all these. I was just doing my best to help. My two children are doing well with their Ph.D.s. What we are doing here is not about money. In life money is not all important.

  • It is hard to do “good” for others. If you have not experienced what it is like to get cancer, you cannot understand what we are doing and why we are doing this work. 

I understand. I have gone through this suffering for two and half years now. I know what you mean. That is why I am spreading words around about my wife. Many people saw my wife’s improvement.

  • My job is now done. I have nothing else to offer. Now it is your turn to take care and heal her. Never, never ever make any mistake again. Second, take care of her diet well.


It is not necessary for me to add any more comment. The story and the videos should convey enough messages.

We recognize that the work at CA Care is at odd with current medical thinking. Modern medicine wants to kill or shrink the tumour. And in the process kill the patients too. In The War on Cancer – an anatomy of failure; Dr.  Guy Faguet , a cancer researcher and medical doctor, wrote, “An objective analysis of cancer chemotherapy outcomes over the last three decades reveals that … the cell-killing paradigm has failed to achieve its objective … a model based on flawed premises with unattainable goal, cytotoxic chemotherapy in its present form will neither eradicate cancer nor alleviate suffering” (pg.89).

Dr. Ralph Moss, Ph.D., a highly respected advocate of non-conventional cancer treatment, said, “  If you shrink the tumour by 50% or more for 28 days you got the FDA’s definition of an active drug …. (but) when you see if there is any life prolongation from taking this treatment what you find is all kinds of hocus pocus … this is the great lie about chemotherapy.”

At CA Care we teach patients to live with their cancers. Concentrate on what matters. We don’t know how to cure your cancer and we don’t pretend we can cure your cancer either. But like in this case, we know how to make your life better – if you can eat, sleep,  walk, have no pains and can have a bit longer of meaningful life– what else do you want? Now, we say – Patients, you have a choice! Whatever you choose, is your prerogative. But it is you, and I emphasize –  you and you alone, who are responsible for that choice.


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Lung-Brain Cancer: An Impossible Healing Part 2: A Week of Amazing Healing

Suri started the e-Therapy at our centre from Sunday 28 August 2011 – everyday (inclusive of the Raya Hari and Independence Day holidays.) The only thing I can say is, It is most rewarding to see how she benefited from what we do here. It is fun to joke with her and see her infectious smile! An inspiring experience indeed!

Happy Hour at CA Care

  • When she is not in pain, she is happy. She would tell stories and sing.
  • She is able to react to the environment and respond to our questions, etc.
  • Before the e-Therapy, she was feeling “cold” and could not take to the air-con in the room. After a few days, she was fine – no need thick clothings or a cap to cover her head.
  • Everyday her strength seemed to increase!
  • Each morning her husband shared with us Suri’s dream. One night she dreamt of eating a certain kind of fruit – she couldn’t remember the name. Suri made her sister name all the fruits. At last one name came up, “duku” and yes, that was the fruit that she ate! One night she dreamt of a person wanting to sell her a Mercedes Benz. She did not get to buy the car because her husband woke her up. Then the next night she dreamt of buying an expensive diamond ring.

The following is an interview with her husband on 5 September 2011 – after undergoing 8 cycles of the e-Therapy.

You came to see us on Sunday 28 August 2011. You had to pay over a thousand US dollars for each ticket. And there are three of you. That’s a lot of money. Why did you want to spend that kind of money when at ordinary time it cost only about US$150 to fly return?

Husband: This is because my wife is very important to me. She was in a lot of pain and I didn’t know what to do to help her.  So I have to fly in immediately to see you.

As I told you that night, I cannot guarantee good results but I would do my best to help her. But deep inside me, I felt that I could “win”.

H: Yes, we agreed that we would try.

On Sunday night (28 August 2011) we started the e-Therapy. This is Monday 5 September 2010. That means she had undergone 8 cycles of the therapy. Do you see any difference in her?

H: Wah, tremendous improvements. This morning is the best results I have seen. This morning she can shake her feet. This was what she used to do when she was healthy but since she had cancer she could not do that anymore.

So you really “see” improvements?

H: A lot of improvements. I  have not seen  such great improvements. You see, just now she could stand up by herself – something that she could not do before.

So are you satisfied with the results?

H: Extremely satisfied – very, very satisfied.

When you first came last Sunday, she had a few problems. What were these problems?

H: First, she had severe pains in her head. She is a person who can tolerate pain. And yet I could “see” that she was suffering due to this pain. It is so extraordinarily painful.

Is the pain less now?

H: No more pain – totally gone.

With regards to her movements – when you first came here, could she walk?

H: Wah, when we came last Saturday, we had to use the wheel chair. When we got to the door of the airplane, she switched to a narrowed wheel chair to  go through the aisle.

What happen now?

H: Now, she can walk!

So, are you certain that she has improved?

Yes, now she can take the herbs five times a day without any problem or protest.

What about her mental response? Can she respond to what you say to her?

H: Yes, if she sits quietly, she begins to remember many things.

Before this, can she respond to your questions?

H: Depends. Yesterday she was very, very angry with her sister. She was not allowed to eat “wan tan mee.” So she refused to talk to her and would not answer her. But during ordinary time, she can tell stories, sing and reply to our questions.

Is she aware and sensitive to her surrounding now?

H: Yes. (Note: the first few days at our centre she could not stand the cool air-conditioning of the room. She had to wear a sweater and a cap to cover her head. After a few days she did need these anymore).

Are you happy and satisfied having to go through all the trouble to come here?

H: Extremely satisfied. Let me honestly tell you this. When the Singapore oncologist “surrendered” and would not give her more chemo, I told all my children – “We shall go for herbs and hope that she would not suffer any pain. If she has to die, let her go in peace without any pain”. Pain is terrible. But after two months on your herbs, she started to recover – extraordinary healing indeed. It is a miracle (mujizat). It is Godsend. I did not expect this at all. I have suffered for two and a half years when she was undergoing her medical treatments. Come 9 September 2011 (4 days more!) she would have been on your herbs for four months.

Very good (sigh) I am real happy to be able to see her getting better every day.

H: I am extremely happy.

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Part 4: What it takes to be a winner

Update: 6 August 2012

Hello Prof. Chris,

This morning Suryana Tukiman call me and we had a talk. Now his wife has already started to take our herbs again. According him the Neurosurgeon was surprised to see the MRI result of the Brain …  full with white marks  but she is still alive and healthy after 1,5 years suffering cancer. The paralysis is due to the tumor pressing onto the motor nerve.

Now they use the NGT for food, juice and herbs into her stomach. But as you can see on the photo … she looks healthy, only a little bit skinny. These photos were taken this morning after Tukiman finished talking with me. I asked him to take these photos so I can send it to you. Teddy.

Lung-Brain Cancer: An Impossible Healing 1. Hope After a Disaster – when Iressa, Tarceva, Forty Cycles of Chemo and Sutent Did Not Cure Her

Suri (M971) is a 61 year old female from Indonesia. Her family came to seek our help on 8 May 2011. She was wheeled into out centre being unable to walk on her own. She was unable to talk, showed no facial expression and did not seem to know what was going. According to her husband, she behaved like a child. Listen to her husband telling us his wife’s story of tragedy.



Suri was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in 2008.


She had 22 times of radiation treatments in Singapore. No chemo was done. She was given the oral drug, Iressa. She took it for about a year. Her tongue became numb and so she gave it up. The doctor then gave her Tarceva. She was on this drug for about two years.

About a year later, in 2009, the cancer spread to her brain. She underwent chemotherapy. This was also done in Singapore. Her chemotherapy consisted of the following:

  1. 1 cycle of chemo divided into 3 injections, done once a week for 6 months. That means a total of 18 injections.
  2. 1 cycle of chemo every 2 weeks for 6 months. That means a total of 12 injections.
  3. 1 cycle of chemo every month for 6 months. That means 6 injections.
  4. 1 cycle of chemo every 2 months for a total of 3 injections.
  5. 1 cycle of chemo every 3 months. She received only 1 injection.

In total she received 40 chemo injections.

Three months after all these treatments, MRI showed one additional tumour appeared in her brain.


MRI done on 2 May 2011 indicated: “Two small enhancing nodules less than 10 mm noted in the right temporal lobe compatible with brain metastasis.”

Came to CA Care on 5 May 2011

Her husband said, “We knew that chemo did not work for her.  We decided to seek the help of CA Care. Please try and help us. Now the oncologist prescribed this drug, Sutent.  She has been taking in for about a month now. “(Note: after seeing us, the family decided to stop taking Sutent).

She presented with the following serious problems:

  • Severe headaches
  • Vomiting
  • When her two hands are put together, they “fight” trying to tear each other apart.

My comments to the family then were:

  • Based on her medical history, I really don’t know what I can do to help her. We can only try.
  • I don’t want to mislead or cheat you – making your believe that you can find a cure here.
  • If she cannot drink the herbal teas I prescribed, there is no need to bring her here again. There is nothing I can do. But if she can drink the teas, she may benefit from them.
  • As for the prognosis – Don’t think too much or too far! You have spent thousands of dollars and yet they can’t cure you. Don’t expect me to cure you. And I am no magician. But I shall do my best to help. That much I can do.

After Two Months of CA Care’s Herbs

On 17 July 2011, the family brought Suri to come and see us again. Watch the following video and see for yourself the healing that had taken place after two months on our herbs!




Suri’s health had improved tremendously after taking herbs for two month.

  1. Before the herbs, her vision was blurred and she was not able to recognize people around her. But this has since improved. She is now able to recognize people around her again.
  2. Previously she was not able to watch the TV at all. Now, she is able to understand what is going on and can laugh when watching certain programs.
  3. Previously she was not able to comprehend our conversation and was oblivious to her surroundings. Now, she is able to understand and talk to us. She knows what is going on around her. Her sister said, “She can now scold people around her”!
  4. Now she can remember past events and can tell stories based on our old photos. Her husband said, “When she saw our old photos she would talk and talk about it.” But she is not able to remember current events.
  5. In the morning, we bring her for a walk. She can walk 8 rounds of the basket ball court every morning without help. Of course she still lacks strength to walk by herself. Before she couldn’t walk at all.
  6. When sleeping, she can now turn to the left or right. Previously she had to sleep flat and straight unable to turn sideways.

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When Modern and Alternative Medicines Co-exist Miracles Can Happen – Chemo Followed by Herbs + e-Therapy + Spirituality = Exceptional Healing

Miracles have no place in modern medicine. But Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. wrote in his book, Miracles Do Happen, “Although the conventional approach promises miraculous cures, it often provides only temporary treatment of symptoms and side effects. Fortunately, many alternatives still hold the potential for producing personal miracles. I first became aware of miracles a quarter century ago. Prior to that time, even though miracles occurred regularly, I never noticed them.”

Dr. Norman Shealy went on to say, “allopathic medicine has ignored the most important aspect of healing – the untapped miracle of the individual’s personal will, intuition and heart. When will, intuition and heart are united, even for a few moments, miracles occur.”

For those who care to see, shall see miracles. But for those who wish to turn a blind eye to what is happening around them, would see nothing. I am presenting you this case study. I believe this is a miracle at work on a personal level. I have written two articles about this case earlier but only from the perspective of reporting a case obsessed with results and CT scans, etc. I missed “seeing” the miracle then.

This patient, Anne, came back to CA Care again from 19 – 29 August 2011. This time I had the opportunity to learn more about her case. This led to my realization that I have missed out something very important. We cannot learn from patients if we spend only 5 to 10 minutes talking to them. Since the details of Anne’s medical history had been presented earlier, I shall not delve into that anymore. To read our earlier articles on Anne, click on these links:

  1. Lymphoma: Herbs and e-Therapy Brought Her Back to Good Life Again After Eight Chemos
  2. Cancer: What It Takes To Be A Winner



CA Care as a source of information 

  • Before I came to CA Care in April 2011, I read through your website and saw the videos. The information helped me a lot. I was hopeful that I too would be as like those featured in your video clips – lymphoma cases like Devi and Siew.
  • Did you really believe in those videos? Or, were these so-called patients merely “paid actors” trying to mislead others? I have no doubtful feeling in my heart.
  • Besides, I also read your book. So I came rather prepared with a trusting heart hoping for the best to happen.

Comment: This is our advice to cancer patients:  If you don’t believe in what we do, please go elsewhere for help. We put out those videos and case studies, blogs, etc., as a source of information for those who need them. Over the years we have been collecting data, learning and documenting from the experiences of our patients. This is part of our research, not a tool for propaganda to make business. In science, documentation is important for future evaluation. Meaningful successes in our work are the only motivating factor that sustain and kept us moving   forward.  It is most satisfying to know that Anne benefited from our therapies.

Chemotherapy was necessary – no choice 

  • I was in pain and for 3 days was unable to sleep or lie down. My abdomen and both my legs were swollen. I lost my appetite. I was hospitalized for a month. Husband: During that time 8 bottles of fluid had to be tapped out each day – a bottle was 500 ml.
  • In the second week in the hospital, my condition deteriorated and the surgeon suggested chemotherapy – there was no other choice. I underwent chemotherapy and my condition improved. The swelling subsided. After a month, I was discharged from the hospital. During that time I still had a bit of swelling in my legs and pains in my abdomen.

Comment: In this situation chemotherapy is life-saving. Go for it. When there was no other choice, the choice of chemotherapy proved to be beneficial.

My health during chemotherapy 

  • I received a total of 8 cycles of chemotherapy. My appetite improved but I was not able to sleep well. I had no strength. I was not able to stand up by myself and I needed help to get up. I was not able to bathe by myself because my abdomen was painful and I was not able to bend over. For about a month, my husband had to bathe me.
  • I had fevers very often and later the biopsy wound in my abdomen burst open and pus was released. After this episode, there were no more fevers. After this, my eye developed an infection and swelled. There was also a time when my whole body became itchy. With medication, the itch disappeared after a month.
  • My movements were restricted due to lack of strength and feeling of instability or imbalance when walking.  I was house-bound. The only time I went out was to see my doctor. I have to use the wheel chair. During that time I not able to attend church at all. My friends would visit me at home.

 My health after completion of chemotherapy 

  • There was no more swelling of my stomach but my doctor said only 50 percent of the tumour in my abdomen was gone. I was asked to eat eggs and meat to increase my protein level.
  • From August 2010 until April 201i, I took all kinds of supplements that friends introduced to me. I took ………….
  • I gained more strength and could walk. I cooked my own food in the morning. I cook only once in the morning and ate the same food for the whole day. I only cook and was not able to do any other house chores.
  • Two or 3 months after chemotherapy, I was able to bathe myself without help.
  • I did not have any pain but there were sores or ulcers in my mouth. My stomach was very congested and uncomfortable.
  • During this time, I was able to go to church and once a while did some shopping. Because I still did not have much strength my shopping trip was very brief. I felt imbalance and dizzy when I walked.
  • I still needed a wheelchair 2 or 3 months after chemotherapy.
  • During the 8 months period after chemotherapy, my health was not fully restored, though I felt better than while I was having chemotherapy.

Recurrence – No More Chemotherapy for Me 

  • In January 2011, the cancer came back. There were swellings in my left cheek and neck. A biopsy of the lump in the neck showed recurrence. My doctor suggested more chemo. I refused. I told my doctor I could not stand the side effects of chemotherapy anymore.
  • Besides the side effects, the new chemo is going to be more expensive. Just the drug alone would cost 10 million rupiah and I need to do 8 cycles of chemos. This cost does not include charges by the doctor, hospital, scanning, etc.
  • On top of it all, the outcome is not guaranteed. The doctor was not able to predict the outcome.
  • After all, I have just completed 8 cycles of chemo in August 2011, and within 4 months the cancer came back.
  • Were you upset or disappointed by this turn of event? Did you get angry with God? I asked God why? Why  this thing happened? No, I was not angry with God but I did ask Him why.
  • After I declined chemotherapy, the doctor suggested that I undergo radiotherapy. I declined that too.
  • Did the doctor get angry when you declined his recommendation for chemo or radiotherapy? No, he did not. I told my doctor, I am ready to “go home.” I am not prepared to go through the side effects of the chemo again. There is no need for me to suffer again. And it is not necessary to spent more money. Let me just “go home”.
  • If I could remember correctly, this was how my doctor responded, “Go back and think this over.”

Comment: Indeed the oncologist response was very honest and fair. Patients must be allowed to make their own decisions without any duress or fear.

I decided to go for CA Care herbs

  • Before I underwent chemotherapy, a friend gave me your book but I was afraid to read it and kept it aside somewhere. In April 2011, after the recurrence, somehow I came across  your book again. After reading the book, I decided to try your herbs. I did not want to go for more chemo. I made that decision on my own. I was prepared to take whatever risks that comes with it.
  • I discussed this with my family – 11 siblings in all, and also my children. They supported my decision. My friends said they would uphold me through their prayers.

My health improved after taking the herbs

  • When you came to CA Care in April 2011, were you in good health? My health was not good. My legs were weak and when I walk I had no strength and felt very unstable. My stomach was bad. My heart palpitation started to show up.
  • When you first came here, what was your expectation? At first I thought CA Care was a hospital! But when I came here, it turned out to be something else! When I was in Jakarta , I had a phobia for hospital. When I went to see my doctor I felt afraid and depressed seeing all those patients. But at CA Care I did not feel that way at all. 
  • Did you come to find a “magic bullet” here? Something that can instantly cure your cancer? No. When I read your book and the articles in the website, I understand that healing is a process that takes time. I don’t expect to find an instant cure. Although at first, I found the herbs did not taste good, I persisted and take them. The diet you advocated is most difficult to follow at first. But gradually I adapt to this change that you asked me to do. Now, I am fully compliant with your advice.
  • If I were to ask you to go back to your old diet, would you do it? No. Because after I completely changed to this healthy diet my body felt much better.
  • The path that I asked you to take is difficult – did you harbor any resentment in your heart for having to go through this? No. As I continued to take the herbs, I felt better. Before the herbs, I was not able to pass out wind and my stomach was uncomfortable. With the herbs, I passed out a lot of wind and my stomach felt better. I felt movements in my intestines. Before that I felt everything was “cramped” up. As my health improved I was able to sleep better. I had more strength to walk and when I walked I felt more stable. Every morning, I used to go out to enjoy the morning sun.  Before the herbs, I could not feel the sunlight on my skin. And I did not sweat. But after the herbs, I could feel the sunlight and I also sweat. I knew that my health had gradually improved. All these happened within the first two months after I started taking your herbs.

 e-Therapy in Penang

  • You came back to CA Care after 2 months on the herbs. We started the e-Therapy – did you benefit from this? Yes. The swelling in my cheek became smaller and I felt better.
  • After a week on the e-Therapy you went back to Jakarta. Did your health deteriorate? No, everything was good until one day when I  ate “tempeh”. It was hard and I chewed it. It caused laceration on the inside of my mouth. The lump in the cheek became bigger and I felt “warm.” I did not feel good again.
  • On 19 August 2011 you came back again and stayed on until 29 August 20ll. You did the second round of e-Therapy. Did that help you? Yes. I felt better again. On the first day on the therapy, I had backache. On the second day my leg was numb for the whole night. My throat was sore and I was not able to sleep. Though it seemed to be another “down” for me, I was not afraid. The next morning, the problems resolved by themselves. A few days ago, my stomach was not feeling good – I felt full and bloated. As I have explained earlier this problem came on after the chemotherapy. Today, after a week on the e-Therapy, I feel  much, much better. Perhaps this was also because I drank the A-Live 2 and A-Live-8 teas. These herbs and the e-Therapy really helped me.



 1.     The Oncologist 

  • I refused to go for the second round of chemotherapy. I told my oncologist that I am taking herbs. He was not angry that I was taking the herbs. My oncologist requested that I show him the herbs I was taking. On the next visit to him I brought all the herbs – Capsule A, teas for Lymphoma, etc. I explained to him what I was doing and why. He looked at all these herbs and took a long time studying the label of Capsule A. Then he said, “If all these made you well, go ahead and take them.”  My oncologist was not angry or object to my taking the herbs.
  • What would you do if your oncologist objected to you taking the herbs? I would still continue taking them. I am much better now, taking the herbs. I will not stop. Then if he is against me taking the herbs, the next time I would not tell him what I am doing.

Comment:  This is not about who is right or who is wrong. Nor is it about who is smarter. The important thing is that patients get better!

 2.     The Heart Specialist

  • My heart palpitation came about in March 2011, a month before we came to see you for the first time. Initially, I   went to consult a heart specialist. He said there was a minor disturbance. I did not undergo further test because by the next day my problem seemed to have resolved.
  • In July 2011, the palpitation came back again. Then I came to Penang to see you. After I underwent the e-Therapy, the situation improved but when I went home to Jakarta, the palpitation recurred. It was then that we called you and you suggested that I consult a heart specialist.
  • This time I consulted another heart specialist. He said my heart was normal. He could not find anything wrong. So, he did not prescribe any medication. I told him that I am currently on herbs and showed him what I have been taking.  I asked the heart specialist if this palpitation was due to the herbs I am taking. He repled, “No. Herbs are good. Go ahead and take them.” I told him I am now a vegetarian. I do not take fine table salt, sugar, oil, etc. He said, “That is good. Continue doing it.” He assured me that my heart palpitation has nothing to do with me taking the herbs.

 3.     The Internist

  • Before my consultation with the heart specialist, I also went to see an internist for my stomach problem. This problem came on after I had the chemotherapy.
  • I told the internist that I am currently taking herbs. I asked him if this stomach problem is due to the side effects of the herbs. He replied, “No, herbs are good. There are no side effects.”
  • Husband: “On the contrary, the internist told us not to do chemotherapy anymore. We should take herbs instead.”



 God spoke to me 

  • You told the oncologist that you would rather “go home” than undergo the second round of chemo. After 2 months of the herbs, did you still want to “go home”? My feelings were up and down. After I had the laceration in my mouth, I was not feeling good at all. That was my down period. I prayed to God to cure me. Let the cancer go and not come back any more. I kept repeating this request to God. One evening I went to church. Out of the blue, a friend who sat next to me started to say this, “You must be patient. Healing is a process and it comes one step at a time and it takes time. There are times when you feel down and there are times when you feel good. But trust in God and go on doing what you are doing. You will get well.” I did not know why this person said that to me. I did not share my concern with her at all. That night, I felt God gave me the answer. I said to God, “Okay God, forgive me. I was too impatient and did not realize this.” The same message came to me again the next morning.  Now, I know that this is not yet the time for me to “go home.”

Comment:  As a Christian I don’t believe that God is going to drop the “cure, joy and comforts” down from the Heaven as in the days of Moses. But God does hear our prayers and whisper His responses in ways that we may not understand or at a time when we least expected. It is up to us to “listen”! Unfortunately, many of us are deaf.  I find the words of this song most inspiring indeed:

God will make a way, Where there seems to be no way; He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me. He will be my Guide, Hold me closely to His side, With love and strength, For each new day, He will make a way.

 Emotional Blockage

  • I went to see the heart specialist because my heart was beating rather rapidly. It came about in March 2011, a few months after chemotherapy. The heart specialist could not find anything wrong with my heart.  That night I went to church. We all sang songs and hymns. The next morning, my heart palpitation was gone and up to this day the problem did not bother me anymore.
  • In your heart, do you keep any emotion that you cannot let go and this makes you very unhappy? Yes. But I cannot share this with anyone here. Even my husband did not know about this. I also do not talk about it with my close friends. (She broke down and cried!)

Comment:  Good, you have to let go and cry it out! Never keep emotional problem in your heart. It blocks the healing process in you. Let it go before it kills you.


From March 2010 to 21 July, Anne had undergone 7 cycles of chemo. Her blood profiles after the 6 cycles of chemo were not alarming. However, after the 7th chemo, the blood profile begun to show deterioration, as below. The haemoglobin, white blood count, platelets decreased. She was given two injections of Leukokin to boost the blood parameters in preparation for the next chemo (Table below). Anne received the 8th chemo on 6 August 2010. After this last chemo, her WBC remained low for many months. Her platelets were also low until May 2011. After Anne started to take our herbs from 29 April 2011 onwards, her blood profiles started to show improvements. By August 2011, her WBC was normal – before that it was still low. Her platelets had also normalized. In September 2010, Anne’s LDH was at 447 (high). In August 2011 it was 272. LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) is frequently used as monitoring test for those who already have lymphoma. Any elevation from the normal range may indicate a relapse or renewed growth.

Below are the results of our AcuGraph study.

Reading taken on 29 April 2011 when Anne first came to CA Care, showed many imbalances of the meridian energy.

Anne returned to Jakarta and started to take the herbs. Her health improved. She came back to Penang again on 1 July 2011. The AcuGraph reading on that day showed many imbalances of her meridian energy. Anne underwent the e-Therapy.  Her AcuGraph reading on 8 July 2011 showed a far better picture. Anne returned to Jakarta to continue taking the herbs.

Anne returned to Penang again on 19 August 2011. Her AcuGraph reading is a below. Anne underwent a second round of the e-Therapy and her reading on 26 August 2011 showed a better picture. Anne returned to Jakarta and will continue to take the herbs and undergo the e-Therapy in her home.

Comment:  Studying the 5 charts, one cannot help but notice that the pattern of disharmonies was almost the same from April to August 2011. The pattern of disharmony of the hand meridians is like a hill – with a central peak and two sides sloping down. The foot meridians also showed similar pattern.  I have yet to understand the significance of this. After Anne had done her reading we tried to prescribe herbs to correct some of these imbalances. She benefited from these herbs. But unfortunately, we were unable to follow up with her progress after she went home to Jakarta. When she came back again after sometime, we were faced with a similar problem again.

As a conclusion, let me present you’re the transcript of my interview with Anne and her husband.

Chris: Can you tell me – are you sure that our therapy helped you?

Anne: Yes, your therapy helped me a lot Dr. Chris. It helped me. From the very beginning, every morning when I wake I am very concerned about my instability when walking. I fear I might fall.

C: The reason I ask you this question is because, in medicine there is such a thing called “placebo effect.” If you believe me very much and you do what I want you to do, you may experience the beneficial effects due to your strong belief. The medicine I gave you may be just a “fake” but you still get the good effect. Because of that I would like to determine if indeed what you are telling me is really true – not a fake or placebo.

Husband: The therapy is good doctor. Put it this way, if the therapy is not good, she will not come back to see you ever again!

A: Like this doctor. I took the herbs for about a month. I know my body. I know the herbs made me better.  For me the result is good. Of course, I have to believe Dr. Chris too. It is illogical (not balanced) if I don’t believe in Dr. Chris.  That will not bring me any good. I took the herbs, I benefited from it – I believe the herbs because I benefited from it. And I must also believe in Dr. Chris. Otherwise it is meaningless.

C: What about those around you – your friends – when they looked at you, what did they say?

Husband: They said she looked better. Good. It is not only me to can say that. Those friends commented that she look much better now than before.

A: In fact, I feel I am far better off now than I was before. I am much healthier now.

C:  I really don’t know what else to say. I learn from my patients. They know better about their bodies than others. There is no reason why other people can know better than the patients themselves. If they say they feel good and they looked good – that is enough, what else can I say?

C: Do you have full confidence in what you are doing? 

A: Yes, I have confidence.

C:  You don’t want to ask to “go home” anymore?

A: No, no. I am afraid that God will get angry with me.

C: Let me ask again – compare your condition now and before – is there any difference?

A: Oh, a vast difference. Before taking your herbs (shaking her head) – oh, don’t let me say again, it was difficult. My legs were weak. When I walked I felt not balanced. These are the major concern I faced. All these happened after I underwent chemotherapy. Now, my legs have improved. The instability comes once a while only.

C: The most important point of all is – is your health better today compared than before?

A: Of course, I am better off now. I can go anywhere now. I can cook at home. I can climb the stairs in the house.

C: Before the herbs, you couldn’t climb the stairs?

A: No, not at all for a long, long time. If I walk, I was like an old lady. My pace was very slow and I virtually place one foot a time. I could not bend my knees like others normally do when walking.

C: Now you can walk up the staircase?

A; Yes, I can walk up like a normal person. Once I was in the garden in one early morning – this happened about 2 months after the chemotherapy. I was bending tending some plants. I fell down and was unable to stand up. Even if I held onto the fence, I could not raise myself up. So I just sat there on the ground. There was no one in the house to help me. I waited until my husband came back to help me up. Even that he had difficulty pulling me up.

C; Now, can you stand up by yourself?

A:  Yes.

C:  Looking back at your days before the herbs …

A: Before the herbs, I felt I was useless – absolutely useless, because I couldn’t do anything. I felt sorry for my husband. Now I am okay.


Liver Cancer Part 2: After chemoembolization and Radiofrequency Failed, He Turned to Herbs and e-Therapy

TD (S21), 67-year-old Indonesian male had a 7.8 x 6.5 x 8.4 cm mass in his liver. He underwent He underwent six cycles of chemoembolization (TACE) and one radiofrequency ablation procedure. In addition, he received six monthly injection of Zometa. About six months after the completion of the treatments, new growths were found in his liver, around the right and left adrenal glands and T12 of his backbone.

TS decided to give up further medical treatments and came to seek our help on 14 August 2011. He was prescribed Capsule A and B, Liver 1 and Liver 2 tea, Bone Tea and Pain Tea. For his pain, TG underwent the e-Therapy.  Since he has four stents in the arteries of his heart, he was started on Ray therapy, followed by Detox 2 program the next day. Since there was no side effect, TD continued with the e-therapy from 17 to 21 August to 2011. He was happy with what he was doing.

Listen to his conversation.

Gist of our conversation.

TD had lower back pain and was not sleeping well. Otherwise he had no other symptoms.

  1. Since TD has four stents in his heart arteries, we had to be careful. We initially used the Ray e-Therapy using the Ray #29 – Lumbago program. As a result of this treatment, he had 20 percent less pain.
  2. On the second day, TD received e-Therapy using the hand paddle. The program used was Detox #2. As a result of this treatment, there was 50 percent less pain.
  3. On the third day, TD received Detox # 3. His pains and discomforts were reduced by 70 percent.
  4. On the fourth day, TD received Detox #3 and Lumbago # 98 programs. His pains and discomforts were further reduced by 90 percent.
  5. Five days on herbs and e-Therapy TD has less pain, felt better, could sleep well and bowel movements were good. It was time for TD and his wife to go home to Jakarta.
  6. TD was reminded to take care of his diet, take the herbs as prescribed, do the e-Therapy, be happy and think of best possible things that can happen and pray!

We also reminded TD that he is welcome to go to his doctors for more chemotherapy or radiotherapy if he wishes. The decision has to be entirely his.


No one cure can cure liver cancer – that is what we believe after seeing so many tragic cases that come to see us. Coming to CA Care does not mean we can offer a cure either. And patients are told this fact clearly. But what we can do is to offer relief and perhaps an ability to live a normal life. And for how long? No one can tell.

Read full medical history:  Liver Cancer Part 1: Tumour shrunk after chemoembolization (TACE) and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) but new growths after six months.

Experiencing the e-Therapy: A Chat With My Buddy

He is my buddy. We spent our young days in the State of Kelantan and were classmates while in the Agriculture College in Serdang.  In December 2010, my buddy and his family came to Penang for a visit. My buddy’s wife has a long standing problem with rheumatoid arthritis. While at the centre we put her on the e-Therapy. She felt good! That’s another story! My buddy also used the e-Therapy at home.

Listen to what he has got to say about his experience with the e-Therapy.


Note: More about my buddy


e-Therapy: What is it all about?

Ponder the following quotations carefully and ask yourself what you can learn from them.

Dr Daniel Kirsch wrote in his article: A practical protocol for electromedical treatment of pain (in:Pain Management a practical guide for clinicians, Ed. Richard Weiner, American Academy of Pain Management).

  • If there were pharmaceutical products that could control people’s physical pains more than 90% of the time and were safe enough to use as often as necessary without causing any significant side effects … physicians would prescribe them often.
  • If those drugs could also calm people who were seriously clinically anxious or depressed, while being safe enough … they would be the most widely prescribed drugs on Earth.
  • If those same drugs could also heal broken bones and close wound … the pharmacies could not possibly stock enough of them.
  • What if there is something that could do all these things and so much more, but is not a drug?
  • What if there is a treatment that is so safe it could be used daily to control pain and stress-related diseases?
  • What if it is also so inexpensive that once purchased for a fraction of the cost of conventional care, it will cost almost nothing to use?
  • There is. New forms of electro-medicine offer all this and more.

Gary Lockhart in his unpublished book, Electrical healing and the violet ray, wrote:

  • The violet ray often took away pain, and many times it was practically a miracle. I used this after months of enduring a shooting pain in the foot. I used the violet ray around the area for a minute each night, and the pain did not return. A friend had such pain in his shoulder … the violet ray relieved much of the pain. His girlfriend had severe pain in her knees … the device relieved most of the pain. The device was valuable in arthritis and often a miracle in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • When they became popular with the public, doctors and the FDA started to despise them … this implied that the device was dangerous and should be outlawed.
  • In geopolitics there is a saying: the winners write the history books. The winners wrote the history books and textbooks of medicine. They made certain that everyone knew about the glories of surgery and wonder drugs. They made sure that electric medicine was placed in the category dominated by cranks and frauds.

In an article, Lakhovsky’s multi-wave oscillator – another perspective, Ed Wahler wrote:

  • Then the Government stepped in and started to pay for health care. The pharmaceutical companies figured out they could make a lot of money treating people, not making them well, and then getting someone else to pay for it. Have you lost a loved one to cancer? … Does it anger you that the AMA (American Medical Association) and the entire medical establishment have a financial interest to never solve any medical problem?
  • My own use of an MWO (multi-wave oscillator) has demonstrated miraculous results. I have seen it completely defeat arthritis, gout, cancer, diabetes, nerve damage and other maladies. The MWO helps tune up the body so that it heals like it was young and vibrant again. The drugs being prescribed to us are poisons intended to use us as … sources of unending income for Big Pharma.

Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D., University of Colorado School of Medicine, and also the Co-founder, Centre of Vitamins and Cancer Research Frequency Foundation, Boston (in Preface, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy by Nenah Sylver) wrote:

  • Frequency therapy, properly applied, may well replace every other modality. Frequency devices can change the medical paradigm as we know it. But unfortunately, there is considerable resistance to electro-medicine.
  • Healthcare is a government regulated monopoly that systematically suppresses new innovation … powerful institutional forces fight simpler alternatives to expensive care because those alternatives threaten their livelihoods. No one with a vested interest wants things to change, particularly when large amounts of money are involved.


Medically written off liver cancer: Severe itchiness disappeared after four sessions of e-Therapy

Bob was a 57-year-old male. In early 2010 he went to a government hospital complaining of shortness of breath. Examination indicated irregular hard swelling below the costal margin (liver area). He was jaundiced. A CT scan on 19 April 2010 indicated multiple nodules of varying sizes in both lung fields suggestive of metastases. Soft tissue nodules at the hilum – right measures 1.4 x 1.4 cm, left measures 2.3 x 2.7 cm. Enlarged liver with a 9.9 x 10.5 cm lesion in the right lobe. Multiple lesions present in both lobes of the liver. These may represent metastases.

The doctor asked Bob to go home and wait for his time. This was no treatment for him and he was given a referral letter to the Hospice.

Bob came to CA Care on 7 May 2010 and presented with difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, itchiness throughout the whole body and he was not able to sleep flat.

He was prescribed: Capsule A & B, Lung 1 and Lung 2, Liver 1 and Liver 2 teas. A week on the herbs, Bob’s health improved. He was able to sleep well. He had more energy and his breathing had improved. On 30 May 2010, Bob said his appetite was extremely good. But he was unable to sleep because of severe itchiness. We put Bob on the e-therapy. After a day on the e-therapy, his itchiness subsided and he was able to sleep well. After four days, the itchiness disappeared.

Believing that he was already cured, Bob started to go around with his friends and ate anything he liked. He became breathless and died a few days later. He came to tell us his story a day before he died. Listen to the video below to know what happened.


e-Therapy Effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis

My former college mate brought his family for a holiday in Penang. I took this opportunity to have them over for dinner at my home. That was on 3 December 2010. The next morning all of them visited our CA Care centre. This was when something amazing happened!

For the past many years, my buddy’s wife (let’s call her Ani, 59 years old) has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Doctor’s medication did not help her. Each day she moves around with much difficulty. I could see that even walking for a short distance is a “suffering”.

An AcuGraph reading done in the morning of 4 December 2010 showed Ani’s qi or vital energy was very low. I recommended that she takes the Energy Tea. Then I asked Ani: “Do you want me to try and help you with your arthritis? Try the e-therapy machine!” Without hesitation Ani agreed. I said: “Okay, relax on the couch. We will give you the therapy for 17 minutes!”

Half way through the therapy Ani said: “It is good – my ankles have loosened up. I want to have the machine.”  I could not believe what Ani said and asked her again. “Are you sure it worked on you?”  “Yes, I felt better” was the reply. The reason for my skepticism is understandable. I only used a preliminary detox program on her – not the Arthritis program. How could that be?

Three days later, my wife contacted Ani via sms at her home in Kuala Lumpur.

Question: How are you? Better?

Reply: Yes, much better. For three days, I have not taken any painkillers yet. Thank you.

Question: Good, keep it up. Can you confirm again: a) what was your condition diagnosed as by doctors? b) What medication were you on? c) What was the dosage each day?

Reply: a) Rheumatoid arthritis. b) Two painkillers (1) Diclofenac, 50 mg, take when in pain – normally on alternate days (2) Methotrexate, 20 mg once a week. After I took the herbs my conditions improved a lot. Thank you so much.

Question: You mean the Energy Tea? Ha, ha, Good. What programs did you use? Did you try the programs Chris suggested?

Reply: Yes, the herbs worked well on me. The programs I am doing are: Arthritis after the Detox 3.

On 29 December 2010, my buddy called. This is what he said about Ani: “Up to this day, she is doing fine. It is already three weeks and she does not need to take any more painkillers – which actually are killing her! Last week we went back to Kelantan to attend a wedding celebration. She was able to walk without problem –  no pain. Previously after sitting on the plane for a while she had difficulty even standing up to walk. Now, there is no more problem with that.”

Notes on Diclofenac
The brand names of diclofenac are: Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren, Zipsor, etc. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

Side effects
·         Increases risk of life-threatening heart or circulation problems, including heart attack or stroke. The longer you use this drug, the higher the risk.
·         Increases risk of serious effects on the stomach or intestines, including bleeding or perforation (i.e., forming of a hole). These conditions can be fatal and such effects can occur without warning at any time while taking the drug.

Notes on Methotrexate
The brand names of methotrexate are: Rheumatrex Dose Pack, Trexall, Folex PFS, Methotrexate Sodium,etc. It is used to treat certain types of cancer of the breast, skin, head and neck, or lung. It is also used to treat severe psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. In short, methotrexate is an oral, chemo-drug!

Side effects
·         Methotrexate can cause serious or life-threatening side effects on the liver, lungs, kidneys, and bone marrow (immune system).
·         Other possible side effects include: mouth sores, rash, diarrhea, blood count abnormalities, persistent cough, unexplained shortness of breath, gradual hair loss and sun sensitivity.

Concluding remark
It is indeed my privilege to be able to help Ani with her daily suffering. But more important, I think, is the ability for her to stop taking those toxic, “poisonous” drugs.

Ani called and told us the following:

a) She is also using Obesity program – so far she lost 5 kg.
b) Up to this date she has not taken any painkiller and she is well. Before this, she has to take painkiller to help with the pains.
c) Her sleep was very good.

UPDATE March 2011

After the e-Therapy:

1. More active, a new healthier person

2. Lost weight and is slimer

3. Had good sound sleep

4. No need to take the painkiller anymore

5. High blood pressure became normal

6. Lump in her lung was gone

7. Varicose veins much less

More … experiencing the e-Therapy

Breast-Liver Cancer: She had more energy

Jia (M534) is a 55-year-old female. She had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. It was an infiltrating ductal carcinoma with metastases in twenty-one (21/22) out of the twenty-two lymph nodes. Jia was asked to undergo chemotherapy but she opted for herbs instead. Barely a year later, her blood test indicated elevated CEA (6.5) and CA 15.3 (309.0). Liver function values were: AST = 64, ALT = 28, GGT = 54. USG of the abdomen on 15 March 2010 indicated fatty liver changes and multiple hypoechoic lesions scattered in both lobes of the liver ranging from 1 to 9 cm. The largest nodule, in the right lobe measures 9 x 7 x 9 cm.

In addition to herbs, Jia also underwent e-therapy. Her condition improved after the treatment.


June was hospitalized after taking nasi briyani. The e-Therapy helped her again!

June vomited and had to be hospitalized. Two hours before June vomited she was in perfect health. Her problem started after she ate a packet of nasi briyani. Intially she was told by her doctors that her problem was due to urine infection. Later the doctors said that based on their experiences this is a recurrence of her cancer. June was asked to undergo chemotherapy immediately. She declined. After ten days in the hospital, June was discharged and she immediately came to Penang and was started on the e-therapy. She regained her health again. 

June regained her health after eight days on e-Therapy

June (not real name) was 42-years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2006. A TAHBO surgery was performed. The histopathology report confirmed a bilateral ovarian adenocarcinoma with metastasis to the omentum.

June underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and at the same time was started on CA Care herbs. Unlike others, she did not suffer from the side effects of chemo. Unfortunately in December 2008, a scan showed tumour recurrence, with a 2.6 x 2.1 x 3.2 cm mass seen in the medial part of the spleen – this was probably a splenic metastasis.

June was asked to undergo more chemo. In no uncertain term her doctor told her: If you do not do chemotherapy, within the next 3 months your condition would deteriorate to the extent that I would not be able to help you anymore. You are taking your life for granted. June adamantly declined chemo and stayed on with the herbs. June was well until about March 2010 when she started to develop problems. Her health condition was not good. After three days of the e-therapyher facial expression changed from pale to bright and after 8 days she was as fit as a fiddle. It was most satisfying to see the brilliant smile in her face. She was so full of energy.

The following are excerpts of our video conversation.

Chris: Before you came to see us … that was last Monday (8 March2010) and this is now Wednesday (17 March) … compared to now, is there any difference in your health?

J: Yes, I feel very normal now.

C: When you came, how did you feel?

J: Short of breath, very tired, very sickly, stomachaches and pains, could not walk properly, very bad appetite, difficult to sleep.

C: Okay, all these … like appetite, how is it now?

J: Very good.

C: Can you sleep well?

J: Yes.

C: Walking?

J: No problem.

C: You said you were tired?

J: This morning not too bad but yesterday after 3 p.m. onwards … flat (Note: this was due to the side effects of the e- therapy).

C: You believe that (the therapy) helped you?

J: Yes.

C: You feel much better now?

J: Yes, much better.

C: You inspire me … honestly, I don’t believe in this (therapy) … well, but when I look at your face, I know that it was good.

Side effects of e-Therapy

C: Now… flat (out tired) and aches in the bones?

J: This was the second time … after the treatment. Yesterday was worse than the first time.

Husband: Yesterday she had fevers.

A Chat with the Husband

H: I came on Monday. Today it is Tuesday – 8 days of therapy. (Before she came here) on Saturday and Sunday, she slept the whole day. She did not have any strength at all. Then there was no appetite.

C: That was when you were in KL (Kuala Lumpur)?

H: Yes, on Monday night was the treatment. Tuesday there were some pains and after that on Wednesday there were no more pains.

C: You feel that it (the therapy) helps her?

H: It helps. No more pains and now she can eat a lot.

C: I do not believe – but then I become a believer. It is better that way than to believe first and start to bluff people that it works. You have to start from not believing anything, see for yourself … then believe!


Unresolved Seven-year-old Stroke Disabilities Vanished Within Three Days

Pak Nias (not real name) is a 55-year-old man from Nias Island, situated about 125 km west ofSumatra on the Indian Ocean. Some years ago the tsunami swept through this island and caused much destruction. As a result of an earthquake that followed, Pak Nias’ house collapsed and he and his wife were trapped in the rubbles. Their bones were broken and they were excavated to a hospital in Medan for emergency treatment.

Before this tsunami, Pak Nias had a stroke in October 2002, and arising from that he suffered the following disabilities:

  • His arms and legs were always in constant pains and numbness. Every day, he felt the pulling pains at his limbs.
  • He could barely lift his two hands above shoulder level. So putting on his shirt was a painful experience every morning.
  • When he walked, he had to take a step at a time and after 10 metres or so, he had to sit down because his legs were painful. He felt heavy and his gait was stiff when walking.
  • When he was in Penang he had to have a massage from a professional masseur. After the massage he felt good for a day but the problem recurred after that.
  • His fingers were stiff and it was painful to bend them. He felt pains when he   touched his fingers. He was unable to even button his shirt. He could not hold a pen with his right hand and had to use his thumbprint for documentation.
  • His right hand had been weak and he could not use this right hand for years.

Pak Nias had seen five neurologists in the private hospitals of Penang. They prescribed him medications but these were not effective at all. He was told: These problems are the results of your earlier stroke. So for the past seven years plus Pak Nias had to endure these sufferings with no where else to turn to for help.

Pak Nias came to CA Care on 15 March 2010 with his wife (who had breast cancer and has been our patient since February 2009). Pak Nias told us about his sufferings. I suggested that he try the CA Care e-Therapy. Within two days he experienced amazing results and on the third day he related his healing experiences. Listen to what he said in this video clip.

For your study, watch carefully his hand movements one day before the e-Therapy and two and three days after the therapy.

For those who don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, the following are the highlights of what he said.

  • I have no more difficulty bending my fingers and I can touch my hands and fingers without any more pains.
  • I can now lift my arms above my head easily, without problem or pain.
  • The pains and numbness in my limbs have improved tremendously.
  • Yesterday my wife and I went to the shopping mall and we walked from the ground floor up to the third floor, round and round non-stop without any difficulty. I didn’t have to sit down anymore. My legs were strong, unlike before.
  • I can now walk briskly, not step by step anymore.
  • I can button my shirt now.
  • Yesterday without knowing, I realized that I was using my right hand! Something I was unable to do for years before.
  • I feel much better – lebih enak.

Side effects

  • Pak Nias felt sleepy during the e-Therapy but after that he could sleep well –  much better at night without waking up.
  • He passed out a lot of urine and stools, like never before.

Conclusion: Is Pak Nias’ health restored after the e-Therapy? Of course! He is very much better than before! I want to believe that he is telling an honest and truthful story about himself. He could not be making up this story.

Comments: This is an unbelievable story – but at CA Care unbelievable healings do happen very often.  Believe it or not, proven or not, this whole story is being recorded on video and it is the patient who said it all. This tells the whole truth. No, no, some pseudo-scientists would insist that it is a placebo and is unacceptable until and unless it has been published in peer reviewed journal.

Pak Nias’ wife said this: Every time my husband comes to Penang with me, he always prayed that God will show him a way to someone who can help him with his disabilities. Indeed, 15 February 2010 was the day of blessing for Pak Nias. It is our privilege to be His agent of blessing.

I told Pak Nias: But you must also know that it is you and your attitude that makes this possible. I offered to help you with the e-Therapy. You readily agreed and wanted to try. What if you were to say: No thanks! This miracle could not have happened. So in a way you helped make it happen.

Let me tell you this. A few weeks back, I offered to help two of our cancer patients with our e-Therapy. One had pains in his back but said: We shall consider your offer after the Chinese New Year (CNY)! He died soon after. The time frame, after CNY may mean wait for one year!

I have also offered to help another patient, a lady with ascites (fluid in the abdomen).We fixed an appointment to do the therapy. An hour before the appointment, some one called to cancel it. Later, I offered to let her family bring home the e-Therapy device for her to use since I would be away on vacation. The answer was: Never mind, I would only try it after the Chinese New Year! Sadly, after the CNY she landed in the hospital and later died in the hospital.

A lesson that I learnt: Those to be blessed must also be willing and need to play their roles too.Wait, after the Chinese New Year, is never, never a blessed answer!

The e-Therapy Is Not A Placebo

Pak Nias returned to CA Care in mid-April 2010. His regained wellbeing was maintained. This was not a placebo effect. Pak undergone another four days of the  e-therapy and this time his hypertension surprisingly disappeared. He had been taking pills for hypertension pills for the past seven years. After the therapy, there was not further need for the pills.

Healing Crisis After the e-Therapy for Cancer

CANCER  PATIENTS who undergo the e-therapy for the first time may suffer from a healing. This reaction is also known as the Herx or Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction.

A healing crisis is when you experience symptoms from diseases and toxins that are released during your detoxification process. It is part and parcel of a healing process. If you experience this, there is nothing to worry about.

Know that as you cleanse and detoxify your body, you will be releasing the toxins, bacteria, and viruses that were built up in your fatty deposits. As they are released, you may experience symptoms that you had originally experienced.

·         You may get a runny nose,

·         You may experience nausea, headaches, dizziness,

·         You may feel tired,

·         You may develop body  aches, joint pain, muscle pain,  or

·         You may even develop a fever.

In fact, the symptoms you experience will likely be in the reverse order of when you first experienced them. Toxins that your body was exposed to in recent years will show their effect first then will be followed by things that occurred earlier in your life.

These symptoms generally last for a few days.

Rest assured that it is your body’s way of cleansing – getting rid of these toxins once and for all.

If this happens, take it easy. Drink a lot of water and relax. If the situation is unbearable just discontinue with the therapy for a while until you recover. Then start with the therapy again.

Herxing can occur within days or weeks after starting your therapy. Some people may experience a Herx only once or twice, while others continue to have cyclic worsening of symptoms throughout a course of therapy. A common Herx cycle recurs about once every 4 weeks.

Remember this: If you do too many treatments too close together, and don’t drink enough water you may feel nauseous for a short time. You may have lots of dead pathogens and toxin poisons your body is trying to get removed. So, the trick is – drink a lot of water before and after your e-therapy. Relax and take a rest if you are not up to it at the moment.

Some of the e-mails from patients


Patient 1

Hi Dr.  Need to get your urgent feedback regarding my wife. She suffered tummy ache last night after going thru her Parasite Gen – program. During her sleep she felt nauseating and ran a slight fever. Vomited this morning on waking up and has since down with giddiness, nausea and still running a fever of 38. She sleeps most of today.  Have been religiously taking her Cap. A, Utero-ovar 1 & 2 and also C Tea.

Is this normal and will this recurs every time she does this particular program or any other programs? Also should she still continue with the other programs say … from tomorrow or should stop a few days? Your urgent and comprehensive advice would be most appreciated.

Reply:  Before this program — did she do other problems — how many and any problem?  Jenifer will tell you that after carcinoma program — she will be down with high temperature and would sleep the whole day ~ Chris

Dr;   She did the Immune, Detox, Ovary programs without any side effects. It only happened with the Parasite Gen program. She has not done Carcinoma or others yet. Might frighten her if the side effects of this particular program are bad. Heh!

Reply:  Take it easy — did she drink a lot of water? I think it is the usual reaction … so take it easy … take a rest and if she recovers tomorrow … continue with another program …but if she is not up to it — relax and let her recover …I am sending this email to Phillip too … try to contact him and talk to Jenifer — she will be able to tell you a lot of such happenings…nothing to worry ~ Chris

Tq very much Dr. for the quick response. Yes, as advised she did drink substantial amount of water. She is still in bed with stomach pain, giddiness, nausea and fever and also does not have an appetite.

Good morning Dr.,   My wife continued to have the stomach pain, wind, fever, nausea since I wrote to you on Sat. Temperature returns to normal with Panadol, otherwise it all starts again. Poor appetite. Last night, she had some brownish discharge and that got us VERY worried. Still some discharge till this morning but somewhat lesser. Perhaps you would be able to advise on this.

She has been so optimistic and confident after meeting you on 2/9 & taking the herbs but with these hiccups she feels rather down as she had expected/hoped to get better by the day. I’m sure you know what I mean. Through your vast experience Dr. , is this a normal occurrence after starting on the herbs OR is this due to her e-therapy session?

Your kind advice would be appreciated. Thanks Dr. & looking forward to your advice.

Reply: It is normal — people expect things to get better and better. Sure, I too hope for the same but at times, things don’t work the way we expect it to be. Take a close look at the discharge … it may be good that this comes out. I have used all the programs listed in there … both me and my wife … and we did not suffer like that but as I have said my wife and I went through some experiences too …

a) My wife had pains in the bones that even sitting in the car was painful. When I turned around a corner — her body felt the pain.

b) I had lumps coming out of my mouth twice. I too has aches in the bones. Also my tongue was painful for a few days.

Well each of us get different reactions. There is NO honeymoon … we just have to trust and go forward. Just talk to Jenifer or Phillip — now that you have the phone number … the more you doubt … the more you will not win ~ Chris.

Hi there Dr,  She’s fine with the e-therapy and has been doing the many programs recommended for her. No side effects whatsoever. Phew… what a relief. After your advice and also Phillip’s, she has gotten more confident and happily doing the sessions every morning and afternoon. He is continuing religiously with UO 1 & 2, C tea and Cap. A. Appetite good but hasn’t put on any weight though. Is this normal? Thank you very much for the concern. Appreciate it very much.

Tq  Dr. for the 2 quick replies. Yeah, it is not so much of a panic situation but a ‘don’t know what is happening’ situation. In addition to the hiccups mentioned earlier, she has had 4 foul smelling purging since 5 a.m. this morning. Is it advisable to continue with drinking fruit juices?

Reply: Great … keep writing the reports. It is good. Some things in there … must get them all out. Continue with the juices. My friend Ooi …just came … …he has been using the machine for some times now… but he told me last week he came to our centre and used the 50-minute DETOX program. He was down for one whole day and could not wake up and had severe headaches! Well, that is the way it is! ~ Chris

Patient 2

Hi, Dr. Chris,
How’re you?
I’m R (K’s wife). I am writing to you on behalf of K who arrived in Jakarta on wednesay (7th Oct)

He started using the machine :

8 Oct : carcinoma & ca virus. Effect: Body more weak, a slight fever, more sleepy (but not good quality sleep).
9 Oct : lung, colon, muscle detox (76) & pain (50), carcinoma. Effect: a little sore throat, losing appetite (worsen) I think because of nauseous, more fever & a little flu, weaker, vomit (so a little hard to keep up with the schedule of medicine), his feels his stomach fills with air and when he defecate really smells but less pain for the leg (more numbness).

But I think when you see him in the face, it’s more fresh (more colour) but he’s not feeling the same way.
We still continue by the schedule and we’ll see about the effect these next few days.
Hopefully it’s getting better.

Send my regards for your wife.
Best Regards, R.
Reply: Hello R. That is the healing crisis that he is experiencing, especially doing the carcinoma everyday! Don’t worry, if he is not up to it … just relax …don’t do too much. When he recovers, do again.  Yes, he will get tired, and all that you wrote. It is okay BUT take a rest if he is not feeling good … continue when he recovers. Please let me know. Take care and God bless ~ Chris

Patient 3

Hi Prof Chris,

Dad said he is in stable condition, did not feel any discomfort from using the therapy but do feel sleepy.

He mentioned when he goes to toilet it got a lot of festering (I don’t know whether this is the correct term). When he got difficulty to go to toilet he feels it has improved by using the Detox program and No.93

He felt discomfort on this upper right thigh close to buttock and wondering which number is best to reduce it?

He also asked whether the therapy can eventually stop the bleeding and/or reduce the size of the tumour?

He regularly uses the program and take the medicine.

Reply: Good, ask him to take a rest too. If sleepy, sleep. But continue to use do the therapy.

Hi Prof Chris,

My dad is feeling sore and weak now and he feels pain in the anus. He said he feels cold even though I think the temperature is nice around mid to high 20s. He looks weaker than he first started doing carcinoma. Please advise us what to do.

Reply: Okay, when he started to use carcinoma — sure, got problem for a while … sore, tired etc. Don’t worry. If too tired, ask him to stop first and then when he recovers start again. It is like that … no worry.

The discomfort on the upper thigh has disappeared. Thank God.