Colon Cancer: Surgery and chemotherapy did not cure. Disease got worse.

SA, a 34-year-old Malaysian lady, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013. Her problem started with abdominal distension for about 2 weeks. She was unable to eat or drink and was vomiting.

  • A laparotomy and left hemicolectomy were done on 20 July 2013.
  • Fourteen out of 19 lymph nodes were affected.

CT scan on 16 January 2014 showed:

  • Multiple ill defined hypodense lesions in the liver. The largest at Segment 8 is about 2.9 x 2.3 cm.
  • Large mass in the anterior abdomen which extends into the pelvis, size 9.6 x 9.2 x 9.6 cm. likely to originate from the mesentery.
  • Gross ascites.

Impression: Disease progression.

SA underwent chemotherapy and the following were the results:

  1. From 24 September 2013 to 1 April 2014, SA had 8 cycles of palliative chemotherapy with Xelox (Oxaliplatin and Xeloda).
  2. PET scan on 2 May 2014 showed no local and distant metastasis. All liver lesions completely regressed.
  3. Barely 2 months later, in July 2014, follow up showed increasing trend in CEA level.
  4. PET scan on 19 September 2014 showed a few active lesions in the pelvis and liver. Impression: disease progression.
  5. On 19 November 2014, tapping done to remove the fluid in the abdomen.
  6. On 24 December 2014, SA was again started on palliative chemotherapy with Xelox + Avastin, and then Avastin alone.
  7. Post chemotherapy, SA developed very severe laryngomalacia on exposure to cold.

Note; Laryngomalacia (literally, “soft larynx”) is commonly found in baby in which the soft, immature cartilage of the upper larynx collapses inward during inhalation, causing airway obstruction and breathing difficulties.

  1. Palliative chemo was continued with Xelox + Avastin until 26 March 2015. Progress: Initially before chemo, SA had to have abdominal tapping for ascites almost every week. But after the chemo, the last tapping done was in January 2015.
  2. 2 November 2015, CT scan showed:
  • Abdominal mass measures 10 x 14.1 x 15.9 cm (previously 9.4 x 6.4 x 7.1 cm).
  • Gross ascites.
  • Multiple liver lesions seen in both liver lobes which appears similar in number and size.
  • Hypodense thyroid nodule within the right thyroid lobe, similar to previous study.

In addition to the above treatments (done in a university hospital), SA also received treatments in a private hospital. She had 10 cycles of Ebitux (RM 12,000 per cycle). After the chemo SA developed severe rashes in her face.

Face rashes

SA also had chemo with Irinotecan and she developed cramps of her facial muscles. Her gum bled after brushing her teeth.

In spite of all the above treatments, SA ended up having to go for abdominal tapping once every 4 to 5 days.

The doctor wanted SA to under more chemotherapy. SA and her husband were not keen to receive more chemo. They came to seek our help. Unfortunately after a week on our herbs, her ascites and distended stomach still persisted. She still had to go for tapping. It appeared to us that we could not help her. So we told SA that there was no reason for her to continue taking our herbs.

Comments:  It is indeed a very sad story. Perhaps we can learn a few lessons from this case.

  1. From 24 September 2013 to 1 April 2014, SA had 8 cycles of palliative chemotherapy with Xelox (Oxaliplatin and Xeloda). The results showed all liver lesions had completely regressed. Bravo! Very effective, ya?

But how many people understand that this “victory” is short-lived — just a illusion that happen time and time again? A few months later, the cancer can come back again. That was exactly what happened in SA’s case.

Read what researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, USA found out:


  1. SA were subjected to many kinds of chemo-drugs. Fist it was Xelox, consisting of Oxaliplatin and Xeloda. Then later, Avastin, Irinotecan and Ebitux were also used. All these drugs are toxic and SA suffered devastating side effects. Surf the net and learn about the side effects of these drugs before you decide to use them.

Below is a long. long list of problems you can expect to encounter if you are treated with Erbitux and Irinotecan. (For the rest of the chemo-drugs you can do you own homework!).

At the end, Raymond Francis concluded that In fact, most people who die from cancer are not dying from cancer, but from their treatments!   

10 conventional med never work Raymond

Erbitux side effects         Source:

  • an acne-like skin rash or any severe skin rash;
  • redness, swelling, or puffiness under your skin;
  • eye pain or redness, puffy eyelids, drainage or crusting in your eyes, vision problems, or increased sensitivity to light;
  • sudden chest pain or discomfort, wheezing, dry cough, feeling short of breath, coughing up blood;
  • chest pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder;
  • a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out, slow heart rate, weak pulse, slow breathing;
  • symptoms of infection–fever, flu symptoms, mouth and throat ulcers, rapid heart rate, rapid and shallow breathing, fainting;
  • symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance–leg cramps, constipation, irregular heartbeats, fluttering in your chest, extreme thirst, numbness or tingling, vision problems, muscle pain or weakness;
  • kidney problems–little or no urinating; painful or difficult urination; swelling in your feet or ankles; or
  • severe skin reaction–fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue, burning in your eyes, skin pain followed by a red or purple skin rash that spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and peeling.

Common Erbitux side effects may include:

  • mild itching or rash;
  • changes in your fingernails or toenails;
  • dry, cracked, or swollen skin;
  • headache;
  • diarrhea; or
  • infection.

Irinotecan  side effects        Source:

More common

  • Anxiety
  • black, tarry stools
  • blood in the urine or stools
  • blurred vision
  • changes in skin color
  • chest pain or discomfort
  • chest tightness or heaviness
  • chills
  • clay colored stools
  • cold hands and feet
  • confusion
  • constricted pupils
  • cough or hoarseness
  • dark urine
  • diarrhea with or without stomach cramps or sweating
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat
  • fever
  • full or bloated feeling or pressure in the stomach
  • headache
  • increased production of saliva
  • increased tear production
  • itching
  • lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position
  • loss of appetite
  • low blood pressure or pulse
  • lower back or side pain
  • nausea or vomiting
  • numbness or tingling in the face, arms, or legs
  • pain
  • pain in the chest, groin, or legs, especially calves of the legs
  • pain in the shoulders, arms, jaw, or neck
  • painful or difficult urination
  • pale skin
  • pinpoint red spots on the skin
  • redness or swelling of the leg
  • runny nose
  • severe headache of sudden onset
  • shortness of breath or troubled breathing
  • skin rash
  • slow breathing
  • slurred speech
  • sore throat
  • stomach pain
  • stopping of the heart
  • sudden and severe weakness in the arm or leg on one side of the body
  • sudden loss of coordination
  • sudden vision changes
  • sweating
  • swelling
  • swelling of the abdomen or stomach area
  • temporary blindness
  • tenderness, pain, or swelling of the arm, foot, or leg
  • trouble with speaking or walking
  • ulcers, sores, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth
  • unconsciousness
  • unpleasant breath odor
  • unusual bleeding or bruising
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • vomiting of blood
  • warm, red feeling over the body
  • yellow eyes or skin

Less common

  • Bleeding gums
  • coughing up blood
  • decreased urination
  • difficulty with swallowing
  • dryness of the mouth
  • increased menstrual flow or vaginal bleeding
  • increased thirst
  • nosebleeds
  • paralysis
  • prolonged bleeding from cuts
  • sneezing
  • wheezing
  • wrinkled skin
  • Rare
  • Decreased amount of urine
  • decreased frequency of urination
  • fast, irregular, or troubled breathing
  • hives
  • increased blood pressure
  • puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue
  • rapid weight gain
  • Incidence not known
  • Abdominal or stomach pain and tenderness
  • agitation
  • bloated or full feeling
  • burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, “pins and needles”, or tingling feelings
  • coma
  • constipation
  • depression
  • heartburn or indigestion
  • hostility
  • irritability
  • lethargy
  • muscle pain and cramps
  • muscle twitching
  • pain in the stomach, side, or abdomen, possibly radiating to the back
  • pain or discomfort in the arms, jaw, back, or neck
  • rectal bleeding
  • severe abdominal or stomach cramping or burning
  • severe and continuing nausea
  • stupor
  • swelling of the face, lower legs, ankles, fingers, or hands
  • tightness in the chest
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • vomiting of material that looks like coffee grounds

More common

  • Acid or sour stomach
  • belching
  • blistering, peeling, redness, or swelling of the palms of hands or bottoms of the feet
  • cracked lips
  • excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines
  • feeling of constant movement of self or surroundings
  • numbness, pain, tingling, or unusual sensations in the palms of hands or bottoms of feet
  • passing gas
  • right upper abdominal or stomach pain and fullness
  • sensation of spinning
  • sleepiness or unusual drowsiness
  • sleeplessness
  • stomach discomfort, upset, or pain
  • trouble sleeping
  • unable to sleep
  • weight loss

Incidence not known

  • Hiccups




Colon Cancer: Surgery but declined chemo: “My mother is doing good!”

AB is  77-year-old lady from Indonesia. In early 2015, she had pains on the left side of her abdomen. Then she developed constipation. She was brought to a private hospital in Johor. Colonoscopy indicated a 4 cm tumour in the sigmoid colon. A CT scan showed the following:

  • a diffuse circumferential thickenings of the sigmoid colon with narrow lumen.
  • masses in the uterine wall measuring about 2.5 x 2.6 cm and 2.1 x 2.7 cm.

AB was brought to the colorectal department of the university hospital in Singapore where she underwent a surgery on 5 May 2015.

The colon tumour and the uterus and its appendages were removed. Nine of the 27 lymph nodes were with metastatic carcinoma. This was considered a stage 3 cancer.

AB stayed in the hospital for 12 days and the cost of the treatment came to about SGD 28,000.

After the surgery, the doctor suggested a follow-up chemotherapy but AB and her family members refused the treatment. In March 2015, AB’s son came to seek our help.

AB had the following complaints:

  1. Pain at the operation site — scale of 4 out of ten.
  2. Unable to sleep well. Most of the time lying in bed day and night, feeling awake most of the time.
  3. Not much energy.
  4. Poor appetite. After the surgery, suffered intestinal paralysis and was unable to eat.
  5. Bowel movements many times. Always feeling wanting to move bowels but only little came out — soft and watery stools.
  6. Coughs with yellowish phlegm and itchy throat.

AB was started on the herbs for colon and lymph nodes. She also took herbs for appetite. AB’s conditions improved significantly. Her son said, “My mother is doing good!”

AB’s progress was regularly monitored by the following blood tests.

30 May 2015 8 Sept 2015 7 Dec 2015 1 March 2015
CEA 0.97 0.82 0.97 0.88
CA 19.9 6.76 10.50 6.49 9.52
CA 125 38.8 H 5.1 4.9 4.7
Alkaline phosphatase 91 57 69 68
GGT 48 H 19 22 20
SGOT 26 33 H 30 H 21
SGPT 21 39 H 46 H 33

Note: From September 2015, AB took additional herbs for her liver.

Lessons we can learn from this case.

  1. After surgery, AB was asked to undergo chemotherapy. What would you do if this 77-year-old lady is your mother? What could have happened if AB were to go for chemotherapy?

Read what a colonel of the US Air Force and Sara Shane, a movie star wrote about chemotherapy ….


12 Chemo-short-cut-to-make-mon

  1. Herbalists are often called snake oil peddlers, quacks, etc., and herbs are condemned as “unscientific and unproven”. To AB’s son herbs did a lot of good to his mother! What do you want to believe — text-book knowledge or personal experience?

1 Sunday-Star-report-90-go-fo

7 Chemo gamble seek alternat

  1. Often we are told that herbs can cause damage and are toxic to the liver, kidney, etc. This is often the mantra held by the noble profession that only prescribes chemical drugs. Have a close look at AB’s blood test results again. From the beginning after her surgery, certain liver enzyme were elevated — GGT = 48 in May, SGOT and SGPT were elevated in September 2015. What could be the reason? We know that colon cancer can spread to the liver rather soon. Could this be a beginning of liver spread? Or was this because AB took herbs?

Realizing that AB’s liver function was out of range, we prescribed herbs for her liver. Not long afterwards, her liver function enzymes were back to normal. If herbs damage the liver, taking more herbs means more damage done to the liver, right? You don’t need to go to a university to understand this logic. But in this case AB’s liver became better not worse.


  1. In May 2015, before taking the herbs, AB’s CA 125 was at 38.8. After taking the herbs, her CA 125 dropped to around 4.7 and 5.1. One would expect that her CA 125 would have risen higher and higher if she was just taking useless “snake oil.” Is this not a simple logic too?

Many years ago this was what I wrote in our book, Cancer Yet They Live.

4 Weeds-by-the-roadside-Joke

Related story: If this is a “happy” story, the next upcoming post is a sad one. A 34-year-old female with colon cancer had surgery and rounds after rounds of chemo. The treatments failed to cure her.




Eighty-Two-Year-Old Colon Cancer Patient Shares His Story

This is a happy story about a 82-year-old colon cancer patient. To us, he is known as Penang Hill Uncle (PHU). This is because his hobby is hill climbing and he has been doing this everyday for the past 30 years! Even today he still goes hill climbing, never mind that he has cancer!

PHU came to see us in October 2012 after undergoing surgery for his colon cancer. He refused chemotherapy. He said. “Chemo is difficult. I prefer to try my chances with your herbs.”  After 3 years, we sat down with PHU to recall what he had gone through. And PHU said he was very happy to share his story with us.

November 2015:

Chris: Uncle, we are going to write your story. Is it okay with you? For the video, we will mask your face so that they don’t know your identity.

PHU: It is okay. No need to mask my face! I am not ashamed. I am not a thief. Let everyone know about this!

So here goes, PHU’s story.


Initial Problem and Hospital Experience

In July 2012, 79 year-old-PHU did a colonoscopy followed by a  CT scan. The result showed the presence of a 3.1 x 3.0 x 3.3 cm fungating mass at the sigmoid colon, in keeping with a primary tumour. There was no evidence of distant metastasis although the cancer had spread to the surrounding nodes.

The only option for PHU was surgery. But before surgery, PHU was told that the procedure could be risky. He might suffer a heart attack, stroke or may even die. However, PHU had no choice but to go under the knife. He survived without any problem! The surgery was done in August 2012 and it only cost him RM 3,000 (in a government hospital).

Two days after surgery, one of his leg became numb and was unable to move! One doctor asked him to take Hacks. The problem was resolved. He was discharged from the hospital after a week.

The histopathology report confirmed a rectosigmoid colon cancer – well-differentiated with visceral peritoneum involvement and lymph node metastases (7/12); pT4,pN2,pMx. PHU was told his cancer was Stage 3 (going to Stage 4).

No to Chemotherapy, Took His Chances with Herbs and Diet Change

PHU was asked to consider undergoing 8 cycles of chemotherapy. But the doctor did caution him about the risks involved.

PHU also was also told that the benefit of chemotherapy is only 10 percent. Without chemo, the chances of the cancer recurring and spreading is 50 percent. If PHU were to undergo chemotherapy, the chances of recurring and spreading is 40 percent.

Due to his old age and also him being without any symptom, PHU and family opted to “watch and see.” No chemotherapy! He said, ” I decided to take my chances with your herbs and therapy.” That was when PHU came to seek our help in early October 2012. He was started on the herbs for his colon and metastatic lymph nodes.

PHU went back to see his doctors at the general hospital for monitoring every few months. All was well. The doctors were also aware that PHU was on herbal therapy and they did object about this.

In September 2013, PHU had his heart checked. Look at what the doctor wrote below:


The AcuGraph readings over the years showed improved energy levels.

16 Nov 12

16 November 2012

14 Nov 13

14 November 2013


18 December 2015

(Note: AcuGraph 4 was donated by Dr. Adrian Larsen of Miridia Technology Inc., USA. Use of AcuGraph at CA Care is free of charge)


The following are his blood test results over the years.

Date CEA Remark
13 Aug 2012 10.1 Before surgery
18 March 2013 3.2  
20 Nov. 2013 2.8 Started herbs & good diet, October 2013
20 Jan. 2014 4.5 Started to eat outside food
13 June 2014 2.1  
4 Aug. 2014 5.4  
26 Nov. 2014 5.6  
18 May 2015 9.1  



Sudden Rise of CEA to 9.1

After 3 years of “doing well” PHU told us that his CEA had started to increase from 2.1 to 9.1. PHU said in the first year after surgery he was very strict with his diet. So his CEA was well within normal limit, below 5.0. But as he got better and better, PHU started to eat  “outside” food. It was then that his CEA started to climb out of normal range.

Such development is not surprising at all. It happened most of the time with most patients. This reflects human nature. Since he is already 80 plus, so be it! We hope that his problem will not go out of control!
Each Day, I Never Think About My Cancer or that I Am Going to Die

Chris:  Uncle, does this cancer bother you every day? Does it worry you? Do you ever think that it is going to die because of this cancer?

PHU: No, it does not worry me. People who does not have cancer also die. So why worry so much? Also people tell me that too much worry can kill you!

Hill Climbing – My only job!

Chris: What do you do every day? Hill climbing?

PHU: Yes, Monday to Friday I go out to climb the hills. I started off about 3 pm and come home at 5.30 pm. Every day I do that. I have been doing this for the past 30 years! It has become my job!




Colon Cancer: Stress and bad food — recipe for disaster!

SY was 62-years-old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her problem started with severe LIF (left iliac fossa) or left abdominal pain with difficulty in bowel movements and vomiting. There was blood in her stools. She struggled with her problem for about 3 months before going to see a doctor.

A colonoscopy done in August 2012 showed a sigmoid tumour with extensive colitis and ulceration extending from the tumour site to the ascending colon.

SY immediately had a surgery.

Colonscopy-sketch 5


The histopathology report confirmed an infiltrating, ulcerating, moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma. The surgical margins were not involved but 5 out of the 12 mesenteric lymph nodes contained metastatic tumour. The omentum was free of tumour. This was a Stage C1 or Stage 3 (T3N2Mo) cancer.

SY was asked to undergo follow-up chemotherapy. Her family refused chemotherapy.  SY late husband had nose cancer and underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He suffered badly from the treatment. Not too long ago, a relative had cancer, underwent surgery and chemo and then died. So the children did not want SY to go through the same journey. SY’s children came to seek our help in September 2012.

The first week of taking our herbs, SY had diarrhoea 7 to 8 times a day. But this problem resolved by itself after a while. She complained of poor appetite. After taking Capsule E, this problem was resolved after a week. She gained 1 kg after this. Apart from this, SY did not have any more problems. We never get to meet with SY at all because the family did not want her to know that she had cancer.

SY’s progress was monitored through blood tests as follows:

Date Platelets CEA CA 19.9 CA 125 ESR Remark
27 August 2012 582  H
26 Sept 2012 346  H On herbs 7 Sep 12
9 Oct 2012 n/a 4.0 n/a n/a n/a
13 April 2013 215 0.5 11.7 4.2 20
3 Jan 2014 276 5.0 11.2 5.5 15
23 Sept 2015 3.5
13 Nov 2015 9.5 Stress and bad food

For three years on CA Care Therapy, SY was doing fine. Her CEA was always within normal limit (below 5.0). Then in November 2015, SY’s children were alarmed as the CEA had increased to 9.5. They came to ask why for the past 3 years, SY was doing fine, and now the CEA was starting to increase? My answer to them is blunt and simple: What sin have you committed? Your mom must be eating all those bad food that we tell you not to eat!

At first, the children’s reaction was “to defend the indefensible.” No, she is on her proper diet! Really? No need to think too far behind. In September 2015 her CEA was at 3.5 and 2 months later it shot up to 9.5. What did you eat these past 2 months or what did you do wrong?

Slowly, we begun to unearth the answers of what went wrong!

  1. SY started to eat things like tosai, huat koi, kaya pau, putu mayong, chee cheong fun, poh piah, biscut, etc. Her justification was why can’t she eat all these since she is healthy now? She did not get any cancer anyway! (Note: those of you who do not want to tell your dad or mom that he/she ever has cancer, please take note!).
  2. From 2 October 2015, one of SY’s children opened a shop to start his business. SY was tasked with baby-sitting her grandchild. She was stressed out by this. She became bad tempered and she slept late, even as late as 1 a.m. and woke up as early as 5 a.m.

Our advice to SY’s children: Go home and have a family meeting.

  • Decide whether you all want your mother to live a longer life or you want to continue to make her a baby sitter and she will be dead soon after that.
  • Also if she wants to get well again, stop eating bad food.

Listen to our conversation that day.

Part 1: Three years on doing fine with CA Care Therapy


Part 2: Stress and bad food — recipe for disaster!





Colon Cancer: When Medical Treatments Did Not Cure Them

The past few weeks, many patients came to us with problem of colon-rectal cancer. Let us share with you some of the cases. We hope the experiences of these patients could provide us some lessons. Perhaps we don’t have to travel the same road that they took!

Case 1: Stage 4 Colon Cancer – surgery and chemo. Kidney problem and told to go for more chemo?

Dear Dr Teo,

My name is SL, aged 50 this year and I am from Singapore. I am writing to you in hope that you can provide me with medical advice regarding my condition.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in April 2015. Since then, I have gone through an operation to have a stoma attach to my stomach and had received 8 chemotherapy sessions. The first 6th treatment, I was still able to take the side effects, but the 7th chemo treatment onward, I felt relatively weak.

After the last treatment and a CT scan, the oncologist told me that there is a swelling on my left kidney and was referred to the urologist. The urologist told me that the disease has pressed on my urinary tract which require an operation to have a permanent stoma bag for my urine. I am not comfortable with that idea as I am currently having a stoma bag for my solid waste, which has caused me a great due of stress. I told him that I will observe and monitor my situation first. The oncologist has also advise me to go for 2 more chemo treatment again with a different drug as my cancer marker had increase from 40 plus to 60 plus. The initial scan shows 1000 over and has significantly decrease to now. I am dishearten that I would need to go through chemotherapy again.

I am stuck at a crossroad now and I am seriously considering my next medical approach to recovery. I was introduced and recommended by one of a church member with regards to the medical services you provide at your center. I wish that it can be possible for me to receive treatment from you but I would like to hear from you first of your views to my condition.

I look forward to your reply. Thank you. Yours Sincerely. 

Reply:  Sorry SL, it is indeed very, very hard for me to say anything. The chemo has done a lot of damage to your body and your kidney. It is difficult for  me to repair such damage. Honestly, I really don’t know what to say. To go for more chemo?  — for what? But to tell you not to go for chemo is also not right. I suggest that you pray and ask God for guidance. Let Him guide you. And then follow what God tells you in your heart. If you want to know more about what I do, go to

Dear Dr. Teo,

I  have read up on the herbal therapy done at your clinic. After praying about it, I feel that it would be best for me to visit your clinic. I will be able to show you my medical reports and I hope you can advise me if I am suitable to receive treatment from you or not. If it’s possible, I would like to arrange for an appointment with you. Thank you.

Reply: Yes, you are welcome to come and see me Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m. You can come in the morning and return in the evening /afternoon. Let me know.

Case 2:  Meaningless Decline of CEA and Shrinkage of Liver Tumour After Chemotherapy
Patient 2 (P2) is 67 years old. His problems started in October 2014, when he had constipation and later passing out stools with blood. A colonoscopy was done which showed that he had colon cancer.

P2 underwent surgery.  Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to his liver. P2 had 5 cycles of chemotherapy with Oxaloplatin. At the same he also took Xeloda for 5 cycles.

After chemotherapy, the CEA dropped and the tumour in his liver shrunk. Bravo!

But this great news did not last long. Soon afterwards, the CEA climbed up again and there were more and bigger tumours in his liver and other parts of the body.

Date CEA
8 January 2015 61.5 H – before chemotherapy
2 March 2015 38.2 H – while on chemo
4 May 2015   8.8 H
13 July 2015 10.7 H  – did more chemo!
19 October 2015 87.0 H  – more chemo, change drugs
CT scan 8 January 2015 – before chemotherapy 27 April 2015 – after 5 cycles of chemotherapy 11 August 2015 – before going for 2nd round of chemotherapy
1. There are hepatic hypodensities see in segments 6/7.

2. Largest is in segment 6 measuring 3.8 x 2.4 cm.

3. A new segment 7 lesion seen.

4. There is a nodule in the left inguinal canal.

5. There is a soft tissue mass present between the left 10th and 11th rib, suspicious of a metastatic deposit.

6. There is NO soft tissue thickening at the anastamotic site and laparotomy scar to suggest local recurrence.

1. Hypodensisties in segments 6 and 7 of the liver are all smaller. These are suspicious of metastases. No new lesion is seen.

2. A metastatic nodule to the right intercostal node is also smaller.

3. Left inguinal soft tissue suspicious for peritoneal spread of disease is also smaller.

4. No recurrence is seen at the bowel anastomic site.

  1. Interval increase in the number and size of liver hypodense lesions.

2. New hypodense lesions in segment 8/6, segment 4a/8, and segment 6/7.

3. Small left inguinal hernia with stable enhancing peritoneal thickening, suspicious for peritoneal metastasis.

4. No enhancing mass at the bowel anastomosis to suggest local recurrence.

Since surgery and the first round of chemotherapy did not cure P2, the doctor suggested more chemotherapy! Starting in August 2015,  P2 received another 3 cycles of chemotherapy with Oxaloplatin + oral Xeloda.  Unfortunately, these treatment was not effective. The CEA started to climb higher, from 10.7 in July to 87.0 in October 2015.

The doctor decided to change to another chemo regime. This time, P2 received Irinotecan + oral Xeloda. The doctor was not sure how many cycle P2 had to undergo with this regimen.

P2 said after the chemo:

  • The first week, he had no appetite and was tired.
  • The second week. he regained 50 percent of his wellbeing.
  • The third week, overall regained 80 to 90 percent of his health.

Since P2 showed during his consultation with us that he was still going to chemotherapy, we suggested that he goes home first and do not take any of our herbs.

Later, we received this e-mail from P2.

In your book you mentioned that those undergoing chemo can take capsule A and B to reduce the side effects.
Can I do that now ? I am more tired and the nausea lasted longer than before

Reply: If you want to continue taking the chemo — go ahead and complete your chemo first. When they cannot do anything else for you, then come and see me again. No use trying to make your own combination of treatment. Either you follow your doctor or you follow me.

Case 3: Surgery, chemo, radiation – the cancer spread to his lung 

In May 2014, I received an email below:

Dear Dr Teo,

Thank you very much for your kindness in helping the cancer patients.

My colleague (57 years old) had just underwent rectal tumour operation and he is very worried that he might have to go for chemotherapy or radiotherapy. For your information he is diagnosed with rectal cancer stage II. We would like to go to Penang to get consult you.

We met P3 and prescribed him with herbs. We also told him to take care of his diet, change his high-pressured-lifestyle and take it easy. During our meeting, P3 also told us that he was going to undergo dendritic cell therapy to be administered with a doctor whom he knows. The treatment originated from Japan and the whole treatment would cost something like RM 65,000.  Although I did not object to what he wanted to do, I told him about another patient who had similar treatment. He had lung cancer. Started the dendritic cell therapy in Singapore – it was a failure. He then flew to Japan and continued with more dendritic cell therapy. He died.

P3 apparently took our herbs and took care of his diet. Initially we saw P5 two or three times but after that he “disappeared from our radar.”

Later, we received this email.
Dear Prof. Dr. Chris Teo,

My blood test result is bad and is increasing daily

  • 19 May 2014 before undergoing dentritic cell therapy my CEA was 1.4.

I started consuming herbal medicine given by CA Care.

  • 4 July 2014 after completion of 6 X 4 jab (24 jabs) of dentritic cell therapy my CEA was 11.3
  • 9 July 2014 go for second opinion CEA was even higher 13.4 

This is very worrying and I am very concerned about metastatic spread. Please help.  How to stop the CEA to increase soonest.

I’ve just done my colonoscopy again this afternoon and the surgeon told me that the intestine is joining up well at my rectum and tomorrow morning at 11 am he is going to do the surgery by rejoining the intestine to my stomach and seal the hole. Expected to be admitted for a week. Best Regards.

P3 was again out of our radar, not until November 2015.  This is the email.

Dear Dr Teo,

It has been 15 months that since we last wrote to you.  How are you Dr Teo?  I wish that you are always in good health.  I still read your stories, write-up on your web-site.  Your kindness in helping the patients is greatly appreciated.

Patient  has been doing chemotherapy since August 2014 and has been monitored by the doctor closely.  However, recently he was informed by the doctor that the cancer cell had spread from the rectum (stage 4) to right lung.

We do not know what to do now as we think that he has been in the good hand all this while. Dr Teo,  please let us have your advice. Thank you very much.  

 Note: Chemotherapy since August 2014:

  • From 5-August 2014, chemo drugs used: oxaliplatin + 5FU + Avastin.
  • 13-10-2014, done IMRT (Intensity-modulated radiation therapy) for 6 weeks.
  • After IMRT, continued with chemo — Avastin, 5FU. Still ongoing.
  • 28-9-2015, had needle radiotherapy (radiofrequency ablation) because of 2 tiny spots on the right lung.
  • 19-10-2015, oxaliplatin was introduced again and 5 FU still on.

Since August 2014 the CEA was always higher than normal range and CEA dropped to within normal range in May 2015.  But for the past two months, the CEA was going up again.  His recent CEA was 14.7. 

Awaiting your comment please.

Case 4: Surgery and Xeloda did not stop this colon cancer from recurring

As we were dealing with many cases of colon cancer, a friend (P4) dropped by our centre. He is 70 years old and was diagnosed with rectosigmoid cancer in October 2014.

Chee LSeng Colon

P4 underwent a surgery and the histopathology report indicated a Duke Stage B cancer with no spread to the nodes or other parts of the body. After the discharge from the hospital, P3 was given oral chemo-drug, Xeloda which he took faithfully.

Barely a year later, October 2015, the cancer recurred. P4 underwent another surgery. The histopathology report confirmed a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the colon, recurrent in the abdominal wall.

Now, what is P4 going to do now? He had two options: Go back to his doctor and undergo chemotherapy. Or, he come to us and opt for non-medical management of his cancer. P3 decided not to undergo further chemotherapy.

Let me ask you to reflect on these two quotations:

Insanity both

7 Repeating-error-over-and-ov

Let me end by sharing with you one case which fortunately seldom happen at CA Care — a patient who does not want to share his story.

P5 is a man in his early 50s. He flew in from Singapore to seek advice about his colon cancer. As he sat down to talk, he requested that this consultation should not be video-taped. I assured him that there is no need to worry — we would not stop our video-tapping but we would not use “his” video conversation with us.

I casually asked him: How do you come to know about us?

His answer: I went into your website and read the articles your wrote. I also watched the videos you put up in the You Tube!

My response: Oh you know about us because other patients would not mind sharing their stories, and I wrote their stories and used their videos in the website. But when it comes to your turn, you would not want to allow others to know about you!

P5 started to tell his story. Basically, he had problems of his bowel movements which he ignored for some time.  When things got worse, he decided to go to the hospital for help. Colonoscopy showed a big tumour in his colon. The doctor wanted him to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy first. These have to be done with the hope of shrinking the tumour first before proceeding with surgery.

P5 was not happy with the doctor’s suggestion. He would not want to go for chemotherapy or surgery. After learning about us, he decided to fly all the way from Singapore to see us. He was hoping to take our herbs and the tumour will go away. My answer to him: That is wishful thinking and “madness.” I have no such magic bullet. Go home and see your doctor. Let him remove the tumour first. After your surgery, you can come back again if you think I can help you.

Before leaving, P5 asked, How much do I have to pay for this consultation? I responded:  Pay nothing!

Having documented these cases, we have two other colon cancer stories to share with you. These two patients are unique in their own ways. And they are the kind of patients who made our day! Watch out for them:

  1. Conversation with a 34-year-old with colon cancer.
  2. Conversation with a 82-year old with colon cancer.

Colon Cancer: My Chemo Experience

Jaya is a 48-year-old Indonesian. He was hospitalised from 18 October 2014 until 3 November 2014. He underwent a laproscopic anterior resection on 22 October 2014 and implantation of venous cathther (installation of chemo-port) on 1 November 2014.

Histopathology confirmed that Jaya had an adenocarcimona – well differentiated, T3N8X. It was a stage 2 colon cancer.

After the surgery, Jaya had 2 cycles of chemotherapy with FLOFOX 6 regimens (Eloxatin (oxaliplatin) + Leucovarin + 5-FU).  The first chemo was on 16 November 2014 and the second on 30 November 2014. Jaya was scheduled for 10 cycles of chemo every 2 weeks. The first chemo treatment cost IDR 45 million. Chemotherapy was done in a hospital in Jakarta.

Unfortunately after the second chemo, Jaya developed serious infection. He was rushed to Singapore and was hospitalised for 17 days for Staphylococcus aureus infection (because of chemo-port infection).  While in the hospital he remained unconcious for 3 days. The doctor had asked the family members to “get ready.” Fortunately, Jaya recovered from this ordeal. The treatment is Singapore cost him SGD31,118.

After being discharged from the hospital, Jaya and his wife flew to Penang to seek our help. Jaya did not want to continue with his chemotherapy anymore although his wife insisted that he follows the doctor’s advice.

Listen to his story.



Colon Cancer: Take Care of Your Diet if You Want to Live

Paul is a 53-year-old from Indonesia. In 2012, he had diarrhoea. An endoscopy indicated rectal cancer. Paul immediately underwent an operation at Pondok Indah Hospital in Jakarta. Histopathology report confirmed a “well differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum, suspected that distal margin still contain tumour cells.” The doctor said it was a Stage 2 cancer.

As a follow-up treatment, Paul underwent 30 sessions of radiation at Gatot Subroto Hospital in Jakarta.

A CT scan after the radiation treatment showed rectosigmoid thickening “perhaps caused by inflammation after radiation, residual tumour still present.”

Paul consulted a doctor in Graha Kedoya Hospital and was prescribed an oral drug, Futraful. And a biopsy in March 2013 indicated residual adenocarcinoma.

In April 2013, Paul consulted a doctor in Medistra Hospital. A PET/CT scan was done at MRCCC Hospital. The result indicated “hypermetabolic lesion at anastomosis site suspect of residual malignancy.” There was no spread to the lymph nodes and other organs.

MRI done in May 2013 at Gading Pluit Hospial indicated mucosal wall thickening in the post operative rectal tumour area. The doctor suggested colonscopy and rectal biopsy.

In June 2013, Paul went to Singapore for further consultation. He underwent an immediate surgery at Mt. Alvernia Hospital on 18 June 2013. A diverting ileostomy was created. The histopathology report confirmed a recurrent adenocarcinoma at the rectal stump.

Paul returned to Jakarta and was started on chemotherapy with Oxaliplatin + oral Xeloda. He received a total of 8 cycles of chemo at 3-weekly interval at Medistra Hospital. All treatments were completed in February 2014.

In March 2014, Paul started to use the electrical capacitive cancer treatment apparel (terapi rompi).

In April 2014, Paul was again on Xeloda.

PET / CT scan done at MRCCC Hospital in Jakarta indicated “suspected regional recurrence.” Paul went back to Singapore to consult his previous surgeon at Mt. Alvernia, He was asked to undergo 3 cycles of chemotherapy using Forfiri + Ebitux. The doctor said if the chemo could shrink the tumour, then Paul need not have to undergo any operation. If the treatment did not shrink the tumour the Paul ad to undergo another surgery again.

Paul refused further medical treatment. He returned to Jakarta and consulted a doctor who practised traditional medicine. He was started on herbs and followed a healthy food regimen. Paul also had liver detoxification.

In July 2014, Paul went back to Singapore again and this time consulted with a doctor in NUH. He was given the same advice as the doctor at Mt. Alvernia.

In August 2014, Paul came to seek out help and was started on herbs. He felt better after taking our herbs. His liver function results showed improvements.

4 Aug 2014 27 Oct 2014 15 Jan 2015 26 Jan 2015
ESR 30 45 30
Alk. phosphatase 165 139 98
AST 109 74 50
ALT 149 79 58
GGT 184 150 128
CEA 3.9 2.3 n/a 8.62
CA 19.9 17.6 25.3 n/a
CA 125 3.6 2.8 n/a

In late January 2015, we got this email from Paul.

Dear Dr. Chris,

Today I am very surprise that I got CEA test with 8,62. This is the highest value I have, and even higher than when the first time I got (2,35 before operation in 2012).

I still discipline to eat all capsules and herbal tea until now. I also still have vegetarian diet.

Just for your information, during end of last year I have vacation to Kuala Lumpur and I ate Chinese food but without meat. And last week, 24 Jan, I also ate Yamien noodle. Is that all the reason?

Dr. Chris, please help advise me what to do. From now I will strictly do my vegetarian diet. Do you think that my CEA may down again? Do I need more dosage capsule or herbal tea? Dr Chris, please advice, and thank for your help.

Reply: This man is from Jambi and you are from Jakarta …same problem la… this story carefully. 

8 cm Liver Tumour Shrunk After 8 Months On Herbs. Still Alive and Well After 2 Years 

Again let me repeat what I told this patient that night was very clear, crude and blunt. When patients are “half dead,” they would follow our advice without protest. But when they get well, most of them will “misbehave.” That is normal.  This advice also applies to  all cancer patients.

  • To live or to die is your choice.
  • There is no need to be upset about the patient’s choice. If he wants to die, let him die.
  • My experiences have shown that if a patient eats anything he/she likes, this “good time” would probably last about 2 months. After that the cancer would recur and he/she cannot “enjoy” food anymore.
  • I also told AS, Perhaps it is time you stop taking the herbs. Go home and eat a lot of what you want to eat and “go” faster.
  • AS had lived for almost 2 years. He should be grateful that he is still alive – healthy and without pain. What more do you want? Be grateful for what you are now!

Dear Dr. Chris,
I still want to live, and my choice is back to your way of life. Hopefully it is not too late, and I believe I can do my diet strictly. Thanks for your advice.

Reflect on the following seriously.

9 Disease-enter-through-the-m 10  Nutriton-stop-growth-spread 8-Diet-must-be-integral-par






Surgery & Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer Failed. Go home, no more medicine

KL is a 60-year old female. She felt tired and was told that she was anemic. However, a colonoscopy done on 25 March 2014 indicated tumours in her ascending colon.


KL immediately underwent an operation. The operation cost RM 20,000. Unfortunately on the third day after the operation, KL suffered severe bleeding. The doctor told the family it was a Stage 4 cancer since it had spread to the liver.

About a month after the surgery, KL was started on chemotherapy. Each cycle of chemo cost about RM4,000. After receiving a total of 6 cycles (oxaliplatin + oral Xeloda) the oncologist stopped the treatment because it was not effective.

The oncologist offered KL two options:

  1. Continue with more chemotherapy but using a combination of more expensive drugs – Avastin + Erbitux. This cost more than RM10,000 per cycle.
  2. Go home. There is no more medicine!

Details Of KL’s Medical Records.

CT scan of 27 August 2014: Known case of CA ascending colon, post operation and post chemotherapy.


  1. CA ascending colon with multiple lever metastases. The metastatic lesion in the left lobe of the liver is larger in size associated with progressive dilatation of the left intrahepatic bile duct.
  2. A small stable nodule in the lower lobe of right lung.

Blood Test Results

Date CEA Alk. phosphotase ALT GGT AST
27 Aug 2014 980.2 194 49 437 71
31 Oct 2014 1,914.0 141 21 214 39


KL and her family came to seek our help. She presented with loss of appetite and swelling of the abdomen and both legs. She lacked strength to walk or to stand up. The video below showed her condition that day.



This is what KL’s husband said: “What the doctor said caused us to panic. We followed what the doctor wanted us to do. Money spent but she (the patient) became weak.”

This is a tragic case. Many questions need to be asked:

  1. Why was KL only told that the cancer had spread to her liver after her colon operation? Why not before the operation?
  2. Would it not be prudent or even the norm of medical practice, to check if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body before any surgery is done?
  3. If the cancer has spread extensively, it is sensible to go ahead with the surgery? Chemo?
  4. Why was there severe bleeding 3 days after the surgery?
  5. After 6 cycles of chemo, KL was told that the treatment did not work. With all the experiences (giving chemo to patients over the years), does the oncologist not realize that chemo rarely (if at all) works for patients?

Reflect on the quotations below:

3 Chemo attempt to kill cancer before killing patient JohnLee

8 Chemo-no-benefit-response-n

2 Body-as-human-machine-2



Colon Cancer: Oncologists said,” Try chemo.” But one doctor said, “If he is my relative, I won’t put him through the torture.”

TS (E211) is a 58-yer-old gentleman. On 28 January 2013 he went to see a doctor for abdominal pain, distention and bleeding.  His CEA was normal, at 2.5 but his liver enzymes were elevated: AST = 45, ALT = 29 (normal), Alkaline phosphatase = 137 and GGT = 79. His white blood cell count was at 12.9 (high).

A CT scan indicated an irregular mass at the rectosigmoid region measuring about 6.1 cm in length. It caused narrowing of its lumen. “Features are suggestive with carcinoma rectum with local infiltration and liver metastases.”

Rectum tumour biopsy confirmed infiltrating moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma.

TS underwent surgery on 31 January 2013. Due to the cancer infiltrating the small bowel with perforation and intra-loop abscess, TS was fitted with an temporary ileostomy bag.

TS was referred to an oncologist and was prescribed oral drug, Xeloda plus Leucovorin. TS completed two cycles of these without problem. However, after the third cycle, he started to feel the side effects. He had rashes and dry itchy skin. He became tired, had muscle pains and problems with the taste buds.

By the fourth cycle (i.e., in early July 2013) the muscle pains became worse and he was not able to walk. The doctor advised to take a longer break before going for the next cycle. TS decide to stop the drugs.

On 1 August 2013, TS had shortness of breath during the early morning and was rushed to the hospital. He was said to have a heart attack. He responded well to the emergency treatment in the ICU.

On 2 August 2013, a chest X-ray indicated left lung pneumonia and TS was treated with antibiotics. CT scan of the thorax suggested lung metastases.

From 4 to 7 August 2013, TS’s condition worsened day by day. He was short of breath and needed oxygen all day. His mental alertness was sharply reduced, drifting in and out of sleep most of the time. He had no appetite and felt weak and drowsy. Three doctors attended to him. Two doctors suggested TS undergo chemotherapy but another specialist whispered to TS’s wife, “If he is my relative, I won’t put him through the torture.”  Since the family had bad experience with the Xeloda, they decided to give up chemotherapy.

On 8 to 9 August 2013, TS was still on antibiotics and these were the most critical 2 days. His breathing became very difficult and he was not able to eat. His condition deteriorated drastically and the family were expecting the worse. The pastor came to give the last rites. According to the wife, “He was almost gone”.

From 10  to 12 August 2013, by the grace of God, TS’s condition improved and he was discharged from the hospital since there was not the doctor could do after declining chemotherapy. TS was brought home in an ambulance to “rest” .

At home, TS was under the care of Hospice. The Hospice doctor was told that the family wanted to try herbal therapy. The doctor was understanding enough and said, “It is your choice. You can try but I don’t think it will work.”

20 September 2013. TS his wife and daughter came to CA Care, Penang.

Listen and watch the videos below carefully.




On 29 April 2014, TS wrote:
1. My skin peeled off months ago and new skin have grown at least 6 months ago.
2. I am now experiencing pain when I stand up. When walking my legs feel heavy.
3. I feel numb from stomach area downwards.
4. The Hospice doctor told me my nerves are damaged as a side effect from previous oral chemo Xeloda.

I will plan to visit you asap. God bless.

On 1 May 2014, TS wrote again:

I am now into the 8th month of taking your herbs and capsules. Eat ok, sleep ok, bowel movement now 2-3 times a day. When I came back from the hospital last August my weight was 45kg. Now it is almost 49kg. So there is improvement except for the numbness and pain in my soles when I walk.

Before  undergoing any treatment, patients should always ask yourself or your doctors!

1. What are the side effects of the Xeloda?

The most common side effects are:




sores in the mouth and throat (stomatitis),

stomach area pain (abdominal pain),

upset stomach,


loss of appetite,

and too much water loss from the body (dehydration).

Other common side effects are:

hand-and-foot syndrome (palms of the hands or soles of the feet tingle, become numb, painful, swollen or red);


dry, itchy or discolored skin;

nail problems;

hair loss;






pain (including chest, back, joint and muscle pain);

trouble sleeping;

and taste problems.

Patients could have more side effects related to their heart. The cardiotoxicity observed with Xeloda includes:

myocardial infarction/ischemia,



cardiac arrest,

cardiac failure,

sudden death,

electrocardiographic changes,

and cardiomyopathy.

With the above list of side effects, nobody can tell you what you may end up with if you swallow Xeloda. It’s a matter of your luck – you strike gold or misfortune. So that much about the so-called scientifically proven medicine.

Ask these questions.

1. In August, TS had a “heart attack” after completing 3 cycles of Xeloda a month before that. What triggered that “heart attack”? Cardiotoxicity mentioned above? Was TS warned about this before taking the drug? Or does everyone assume Xeloda is perfectly safe since the doctors prescribe it? This heart episode almost killed TS.

2. When you are told you have cancer, we understand that you are desperate. You don’t know what else to do. You need help – but don’t you think it is wise not to add oil immediately to the burning fire? Don’t you want to hold on for a while so that you can read a bit more rather than blindly follow advice – to be seen to do something immediately?

3. One amusing account is what the “open-minded, understanding” Hospice doctor said. He did not object to herbal therapy, but he weight in and said, “It is your choice. I don’t think it will work, but you can try.” A fair statement. From the view of medical science, herbs are just hocus pocus, unproven snake oil, bla, bla.

But looking at it realistically, for this case and many other cases documented in this website, did TS ever get worse by taking the herbs and NOT doing chemo? If herbs can do what the chemo cannot do, why go for chemo then?

Watch the videos again.

Can you learn something from this case? Or are you still wanting to stick to your biased view that herbs are not effective and unproven? Do you want to still say, “I don’t think it will work”?

Colon-Liver-Lung Cancer: Hunting For The Magic Bullet

A lady school teacher came to see us in early 2012. Her husband is a medical doctor (later, I got to know that her daughter is also a medical doctor).  She did not come with any medical report – she just wanted to tell me her story and based on that prescribe her herbs.

She had colon cancer that had spread to her liver.  She had completed her chemo and had also undergone a RFA treatment (radiofrequency ablation). In spite of that, her CEA was rising.

The first question I asked her, “What do you want me to do? What do you expect to get when you come and see me?”  Her answer, “I want to find a cure.” To that I told her, “No, I am sorry I don’t have anything to cure anybody. My herbs are not magic.”

Then I asked her to read my two books, Cancer – Why They Live and What You Need to Know About Chemos … She would not even look at the books! But she insisted on wanting to try my herbs. My answer was, “No.  For now, I would not prescribe you any herbs. Go home and pray to your god (s) after you have gone through my websites – and

Were we being cruel to send her home without giving her the herbs? Sometimes we need to be “apparently” cruel to be kind and honest. While we fully understand that patients who come to us are helpless, desperate and lost – it is extremely unfair and wrong for us to make them believe that we can offer them a cure for their cancers. Our experience over the past 18 years dealing with cancer patients tells us this fact clearly – No one on earth can cure cancer! You just have to learn to live with your cancer and heal yourself. Saying that the treatment gives you a response does not mean a cure. To achieve a tumour shrinkage after treatment is equally meaningless. Shrinkage generally does not translate into a cure. And saying that if you remain alive for 5 years means your cancer is cured is scientifically baseless.

These are the “truths” that you may have missed out or you have not been told.  Read the medical literature, no one ever talks about cure for cancer. If they do, they generally mean being alive for 5 years. That is not cure! It is only a remission.  We have seen cancer recurring even long after that. My aunty had a recurrence after 13 years. Her cancer spread to her lungs and she died.

So when we sent this lady teacher home to “learn” more we were just being truthful – we cannot cure any cancer. Unfortunately she did not want to learn. She portrayed as a well-informed patient who knew all the medical terms — “after all I am the wife /also mother, of medical doctors.”

Patients who come to us with this kind of “shopping-for-magic-bullet” mentality, are sure to be very disappointed with us. We would send them home without any herbs and ask them to think over.

We understand most patients who come to us are generally medically given up – they have gone though all possible medical treatments and failed. They have nowhere else to turn to for help. I used to jokingly tell patients, “Yes, we are the last one stop.” Given that situation what do patients expect us to do? Cure their cancers? And we, at CA Care, promising them a cure?  Don’t be misled – we cannot cure your cancer. We also do not cure your medical results. At CA Care we want to heal you as a person. Healing is different from cure. Healing happens at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

Fast forward, April 2014 – about 2 years later. This same lady teacher came to see us again. I could not recongise her. She was dark (due to too much chemo?). I asked for her medical reports. Again – like before – she did not bring any. And she started to rattle her story below.

P: I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2010. I had an operation followed by 8 cycles of chemotherapy. I was okay for about 6 months. After that the tumour marker (CEA) started to go up. The cancer had gone to the liver. I did one time RFA (radiofrequency ablation). After one month, it seemed to be okay but my CEA did not go down. It was still climbing.

I did a PET scan and the result showed 2 tiny lymph nodes (collar bone) was infected, but the liver was okay.

I was started on chemo again – another 8 cycles. The CEA went down. It seemed to be okay. While on chemo, I was also given Avastin. After the chemo was completed, I was still on Avastin as maintenance.

A bit less than 6 months later, I did a PET scan. The doctor said everything was okay. But after the PET scan, the CEA started to go up again.

About a month later, I did a CT scan. There were tiny nodules in my lungs.

The oncologist started me on chemo again. This was the third round and I had 12 cycles. I was also given Erbitux.

After 12 cycles of chemo my CEA went down to 1.7 (normal 5). I continued to receive Erbitux as maintenance.

A scan later showed the nodules in the lung were still there but there were no other additional metastasis.

In October 2013, my CEA started to go up again. It was like 1.9.

My oncologist sent me to see a surgeon, to see if the infected lymph nodes could be removed. But the surgeon asked me to do a PET scan first before considering surgery. I did a PET scan.  The result showed everything was clear except for one nodule in my right lung. This could be an early metastasis. The surgeon was unable to proceed with the surgery because the nodule was too small. So nothing was done.

Today my CEA started to go up again. And all this while I was still on Erbitux.

Just before the Chinese New Year (January 2014) the oncologist started me on 5-FU (chemo again). My CEA was going up and Erbitux was not effective anymore. That was why the doctor added the 5-FU. I received this every week.

Even with the added 5-FU my CEA had gone up to 5 (from 1.7 before October 2013).

I have been going  for the chemo but for a few times now, I started to feel restless 5 or 10 minutes after receiving the drug. I felt restless and did not know where to put my legs, where to put my hands. I could not concentrate. When I talk to you, my eyes cannot focus on you. I am just restless and don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether this is the effects of the drug or it is psychological effect.

Two weeks ago, when they put the drug in, I felt very difficult. They called the doctor in. The doctor wanted to give me steroid (prednisone). But the week before I have asked the oncologist to take off the prednisone because it made me very drowsy. So when they wanted to give this again, I said no!

Last week I went to see my oncologist again. He stopped the Erbitux and said I was already too long on this. So he just gave me only 5-Fu. But I still felt restless even with only 5-FU.

In total I am on chemotherapy  for three and half years. (Note: 3 rounds of chemo with a total of 28 cycles besides the weekly 5-FU, maintenance Avastin and Erbitux).

Chris: To be honest, I am surprised that you are still alive today. I really don’t know what I can do to help you. What do you expect me to do in this situation? Because I don’t believe that by taking the herbs your CEA is going to come down, honestly. Now it is just at 5.

Patient: But I am scared that it will  go up.

C: Why do you worry wanting to get the CEA down – CEA is not going to kill you.

P: But every time the CEA went up, I went for a scan and they found something in there.

C: That is normal. We all know that. Nobody can cure any cancer. That’s my experience. What is more, even when you get cancer, they tell you to eat anything you like.

P: But I did “pantang” (abstain from certain food).

C: But the way you “pantang” is not the way we teach you to “pantang” at CA Care. It is useless if you don’t do it right. Follow what I tell you fully or don’t. No half measure.  Again let me tell you. If you come and see me hoping that your CEA can come down, no, I don’t think that is the correct logic. Honestly, I don’t think it will come down. For three and a half years the doctors could not get it down, and you expect me to do it!

P: It will not come down but I hope it will not go up.

C: I don’t know. You need to know that cancer cells are not the same, they are different. After round and round of chemo, some cancer cells are killed, but some can still remain alive or are not affected by the chemo drugs. Because of that some patients suffer from “more aggressive” cancer after chemo. Researchers have shown that chemo makes cancer more aggressive. That is why chemo does not work.

This is the attitude of patients. When all else have failed they come to us and expect me to do magic. How could I do it? My answer to you is, I am not going to be able to do it – as simple as that.

Other people may say, “Yes take this and take that, your CEA will go down, etc., and etc.” But I am not sure if this is going to be true or not. Why don’t you come back to see us only after you have decided you don’t want to do anymore chemo?

P: I thought of stopping the chemo.

C: It is not a matter of thinking you want to stop chemo. You have to decide – do you still want to continue with your chemo. If you want to continue, go ahead with the medical treatment. You have to be clear about this. I suggest that you go home and continue with your chemo.

Come and see me only after you have decided to give up chemo totally. When you reach that point, and you don’t want to do chemo anymore, and you have nowhere to go, then come and see me. Then we will try the herbs.

For now, don’t take the herbs yet. Go back and when you tell yourself. “I don’t want any more chemo and I have nowhere else to go,” then come and see Chris Teo. Then I’ll give you the herbs.

P: Now, I want to take a break from chemo and I want to take the herbs.

C: Take the herbs for how long?

P: Your wife suggested to try the herbs for one month.

C: You can take the herbs for one month, but I am going to tell you it is not going to give you any significant effects. No way. You have been on medical treatment for three and a half years and it never worked and you can’t expect to take the herbs for a month and it is going to work!

P: Not to go down but to see if it can control it or what.

C: Let me tell you again. When doctors have failed to help you for three and a half years, how can you expect my herbs to help you in a month. No way.

P: But Dr. Teo, I have a friend in Kuala Lumpur. He has lung cancer. The doctor said he only has 3 months to live. He did not go for medical treatment and he took your herbs instead. He is still alive today. It has been one year already.

C: Of course, patients who have not gone for chemo do better with our herbs!

I am obliged to prescribe this patient some herbs. She came back to collect the herbs the next day. She asked my wife:

a) What are the side effects of the herbs?

b) What are these herbs?

c) Some herbs could be dangerous and affect the kidney, etc.

My wife replied: No one has died because of our herbs. And many have been taking these for years. If you are afraid of the side effects or think they are dangerous, please don’t take them!

Comments: For those who have cancer and who know how to read, I strongly suggest that you read my recent book, Cancer – What Now?

Cover Front JPGIn this book I have discussed many topics that are important to you and your survival. Going for whatever treatment for your cancer is about you and your choice. Your life is in your hands.  When you get cancer, it is also about you. YOU, the person. It is not just about the tumour or the rising CEA, etc., etc.

I have written many articles trying to let you all know that shrinkage of tumour and decreasing of CEA are often meaningless. It makes you feel good for a few months and the cancer comes back again. Is this not what happened to the lady teacher above? PET scan said okay, all clear but soon something pop up again somewhere! More chemo again. When do you stop chemo?

In Chapter 3 of the book I talked about the types of patients who come to see us and their attitudes – wanting to find a magic cure when there is NONE. Of course, you can go for chemo, surgery, take this supplements and that supplements – beware of the empty promise! In Chapter 6, I wrote about the virtue of doing nothing!

I am aware that my way of dealing with cancer is rather non-conventional and against the commonly accepted norms. If you are following my writing in the websites, you will know that what we do in CA Care do help many patients. It is just whether you want to believe or not!

Look out for another story after this one. This is about a man with colon cancer who was at the point of death in the hospital and was asked to do chemo! His wife preferred to do nothing and brought him home in an ambulance! Like the Chinese say, if you have to die, die at home! This man remained alive at the point of time when I am writing this article.


by Yeong Sek Yee & KHadijah Shaari

All of us know who Ronald Reagan was but some may not know that he had colon cancer during his presidency. Yet very few would have known that he healed his colon cancer with German alternative therapies (after surgery in the US). Below is a brief story of how Reagan treated his cancer.

A 1984 proctoscopic examination disclosed a small polyp in Reagan’s colon. Biopsy showed it was benign. In March 1985, another polyp was found, as were trace amounts of blood in his stool. A change in Reagan’s diet eliminated the blood. He underwent endoscopic removal of the polyp and colonoscopy on July 12, 1985, at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. The colonoscopy disclosed a second, more dangerous tumor — a villous adenoma — that could only be removed by surgery.

The right-sided portion of Reagan’s colon was removed — about 2 feet of length. Exploration of other abdominal structures found no spread of the cancer. The tumor was ultimately classified as a “Duke’s B,” meaning it had invaded the muscle of the colon, but was confined to the bowel wall. After his surgery, Reagan’s doctors warned him that cancer cells might spread to his liver and other organs.

His wife, Nancy, persuaded him to undergo laetrile treatments. Learning of a reputable alternative provider who worked with laetrile through his close friend, future Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield, Reagan received daily IV laetrile treatments in the Oval Office over the next thirteen months.

Later, Ronald Reagan secretly went to Germany and consulted Germany’s leading cancer doctor—Hans Nieper, MD. It would have been front page news if it had not been hushed up at that time. (It is not the scope of this article to discuss how Dr Hans Nieper treated Reagan although it is believed to be Carnivora, an extract of the Venus Fly Trap plant).

The intention of this article then is to let you know that President Reagan, while still in office and with all the best of medical science in the US at his disposal, actually turned his back on America’s cancer treatments—the so called evidenced-based scientifically tested cancer treatments—and lived another 19 years (after surgery) until he died of Alzheimer’s at age 93 in 2004.

We just cannot imagine the enormous amount of cover-ups by the mainstream media and by the various American cancer establishments such as the FDA, AMA, ACS, and the National Cancer Institute. These are the very establishments that have labeled laetrile and other healing modalities as “quackeries.” To them, only surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy is evidenced-based and scientifically tested…all others are unproven and unsafe.

Why then did Ronald Reagan choose such an untrodden path? Perhaps the sufferings of the late Senator Hubert Humphrey (the 38th VP of US) were still fresh in his mind. In January 1978, Humphrey died a painful death after a year of chemotherapy treatments for his bladder cancer—he described chemotherapy as “bottled death” just after he started treatments.

However, TONY SNOW, the former Press Secretary to President George Bush may have been too young (born in 1955) to hear about the sufferings of the late Senator Humphrey. Additionally, he would not have heard about how Ronald Reagan healed his colon cancer (because it was all hushed up).

Snow was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005. He had his colon (the affected part) removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy—the usual “standard of care.” Snow’s colon cancer recurred in March 2007, in the same spot in the abdomen where it had first been found. He had the malignant growth removed from his abdominal area followed by more chemotherapy. The cancer had by then also spread to his liver and elsewhere in his body.

At that time, Snow’s surgeon and oncologist were very upbeat about his condition.

“This is a very treatable condition,” said Dr. Allyson Ocean, a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. “Many patients, because of the therapies we have, are able to work and live full lives with quality while they’re being treated. Anyone who looks at this as a death sentence is wrong.”

However, Tony Snow died in July 2008 at age 53—just 3 years after surgery and chemotherapy. Would he have opted for the same treatment (or other alternative treatments) after surgery just like Ronald Reagan had he known about Reagan’s secret trip to Germany? We will never know.

So, which path would you choose if you are at the T-junction after being diagnosed with colon cancer? Will it be the so called scientifically tested, evidenced-based medicine path which Tony Snow took or the “unproven” journey which Ronald Reagan took despite all advices and persuasion to the contrary?


There were a lot of criticisms of Reagan regarding the secrecy surrounding his treatment which helped no one but himself. President Reagan was a potential change agent, and he could have advanced healthcare in the US. He was in a position to effect change, to change the course of the “war on cancer” by telling the truth and inspiring others. Anyone in that position has the responsibility to step up and lead others onto the right path. Reagan failed the American people: he failed to lead the Americans down the right path.

But frankly, knowing American style democracy, Reagan was probably under enormous political and medical pressure to keep his mouth shut. Undoubtedly, his hands and legs were tied and the whole world continues to suffer.


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Dissecting Chemotherapy 15: Couldn’t Afford Avastin, Gave Up Xeloda

Leo is a 51-year-old man. He was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. But his cancer had spread to his liver. He underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 25 sessions of radiotherapy. After the treatment he had a surgery to remove the tumour in his rectum. CT scan showed he was not cured, the tumour in his liver was still there. Leo was asked to undergo more chemotherapy.  He declined. He was prescribed Xeloda instead.  He took Xeloda for 3 cycles and gave it up. He turned to herbs.

Listen to what he said:


Why he declined the second round of chemotherapy – FOLFOX  + Avastin

Leo was asked to undergo chemotherapy using FOLFOX plus Avastin. The treatment is going to cost him RM 5,200 per cycle and he was to receive a total of 9 to 12 cycles. In total, that means spending around RM 50,000 to RM 60,000 for another round of chemo. To some patients, the response to such proposition is plain and simple. They cannot afford it! Period.

I remember Pak Jam who got his wife into a private hospital and had to spend RM 2,000 per day. After 15 days he was reduced to be a bankrupt!  He came to see us appearing like a “mad man.” His wife had leukemia. Perhaps today he still has to keep working to repay the borrowings from friends and relatives.

CPW was diagnosed with GIST and was asked to take Glivec for her condition. One tablet per day would cost RM 293.00. That is to say the family will have to fork out RM 8,790 per month for the medication. How long does she need to go on this medication? No one can tell.

HS from Indonesia came to see me. He was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer that had spread extensively to his lungs. Since nothing much could be done, he was asked to take Sutent (sunitineb). According to his  wife, a month of Sutent would cost him 100 million rupiahs. I asked the wife, How much does an ordinary man get paid per month doing a normal job. She replied, Average earning per month in her home town (in Indonesia) is one and a half million rupiahs.

I have a lot more to say about the cost of chemo drugs nowadays. But suffice to say that the price of certain chemo drugs have gone crazy!

Why he stopped taking Xeloda after three cycles

Leo was not convinced that Xeloda would do him any good. He had fevers and diarrhea. In addition he vomit and had pains around the colostomy stoma after taking Xeloda.


I wonder what Leo would do if he has the money to pay for his FOLFOX + Avastin treatment – would he go ahead with it?

There are three important issues which patients need to bear in mind when deciding whether to undergo treatment or not.

One, don’t ever believe that money can buy your cure! Leo told us of what he saw. A man had spent more than a million ringgit trying to find a cure for his cancer. He went to Singapore for his treatment but found none. He ended up in a Johor government hospital – bed ridden and debt-ridden. He told his son that he had had enough and told his son not to go around and borrow any more money trying to cure him. One night, this frustrated man jumped out of the window of the 6th floor.  This is not the first time I hear such a story. Some time back, I received a similar e-mail from a lady in Singapore telling me that her father just jumped off the flat after failing to cure his cancer.

Two, ask these question: What is the aim of the treatment? Can this treatment cure me? Or is it just to prolong my life for a while more – if so, is it worth it? You should get these answers straight from your doctor. After getting your doctor’s answers, check them out with other experts as well.

Three, ask your doctor about the side effects of the treatment that he is going to give you. List them down. There is no argument about his – all poisonous drugs have side effects! And you know that chemo-drugs are poisonous. . So ask yourself, are you game with that? Some patients can tolerate the side effects but some patients prefer to die than go through it. Only you can decide. But at the same time, educate yourself about the side effects of these drugs.

Unfortunately some doctors are not forthcoming with such information. They would say, Oh, it is nothing. It is just like ant-bite! I remember one funny episode. A patient from India came to our center for help. She underwent chemotherapy and suffered side effects. She went to her oncologist complaining about a certain problem and was told, That is expected because of your chemo. When another problem cropped up, she was again told, That is expect because you had chemotherapy. This woman was clueless about the possible side effects of chemotherapy. Unfortunately for such patients they have to learn the hard way.

Let me end with one final question. What do you think are the benefits of Avastin?

Do you expect Avastin to cure you – after spending a good sum of your life’s saving? Read what the medical literature has got to say. Be ready for a rude shock!  Are you told of this – or do you ever ask your doctor?

The Phase III study involved 820 patients with metastatic, inoperable colorectal cancer who had been treated with standard first-line chemotherapy and Avastin. The results showed that:

In advanced colorectal cancer, continuing bevacizumab (Avastin) without interruption after tumor progression improves survival modestly.

In another report, it says – patients who received chemotherapy and Avastin did better than patients who received chemotherapy alone.

  • The patients receiving Avastin were likely to have longer tumor control and live longer than patients who did not receive Avastin. On average, they lived about five months longer (Note: this is probably a mistake found in this posting. It is not five months! Five weeks is probably the right number!).

In this article, Avastin prolongs life but drug is too expensive for NHS patients, says Nice,

  • Avastin (bevacizumab) can help patients with advanced bowel cancer which has spread to other organs, usually the liver and lungs.
  • The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said it had considered the drug …, but still considered the price too high for the extra benefit it gives patients.
  • Avastin costs almost £21,000 per patient (Note: This is equivalent to RM 102,302.73).
  • Clinical data submitted by Roche to the watchdog shows it can typically offer patients an extra six weeks of life when added to the chemotherapy drugs  capecitabine and oxaliplatin.

The expected benefit (or you call that benefit at all?) is surely miserable compared to the cost that an ordinary patient in Malaysia or Indonesia has got to pay. But that is not all. What about the side effects of Avastin? Click this link,

The most serious side effects (not common, but sometimes fatal) are: gastrointestinal perforation, i.e. developing a HOLE in your stomach or intestine; wound would not heal, serious bleeding including vomiting or coughing up blood; bleeding in the stomach, brain, or spinal cord; and vaginal bleeding, stroke or heart problems, severe high blood pressure, nervous system and vision problems such as high blood pressure, headache, seizure, sluggishness, confusion, and blindness; kidney problems, etc.

The most common side effects are: nosebleeds, headache, high blood pressure, inflammation of the nose and skin, too much protein in the urine, taste change, dry skin, rectal bleeding and back pain.

Worse of all, researchers have  found that tumors treated with Avastin (also Sutent) developed more cancer stem cells, which fuel a cancer’s growth and spread and are often resistant to standard treatment.

Ultimate, you need to make your own decision. Decide wisely!

Colon Cancer Stage 2: Operation but no chemotherapy or medication.

Eight years on and still doing fine

HM (T-337) was 72 years old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. A colonoscopy done on 21 December 2005 indicated that the lumen of the distal sigmoid colon (30 cm from  the anal verge) was obstructed by circumferential tumour.

HM underwent an operation the next day. The pathology report indicated a well differentiated adenocarcinoma, Duke’s B, T4NoMx.

Perhaps due to her age, no further medical treatments were indicated. HM’s son came to seek our help on 8 January 2006. She was prescribed Capsule A, C-Tea, GI 1 and GI 2 teas.

Initially HM went back to her doctor for routine check up. Nothing was amiss. Her CA 19.9 was at 55.1 on 22 August 2006 and on 24 January 2007 it was down to 45.3. After this no more blood test was done. Also HM did not go back to see her doctor anymore.

The son was very consistent in taking care of his mother. It was not until 28 October 2011 – almost six years later, that I got to talk with his son (video below).

Son: She is my mother. She does not know that she had cancer. I did not tell her about it. That’s the reason why I did not bring her to see you.

She had cancer in December 2005, and she did not undergo chemotherapy?  

Son: No, the doctor said no need to go for chemo. 

Was she alright after the surgery? Can move her bowels? 

Son: No problem at all. 

Then you came to see us on 8 January 2006 – that means more than five years ago – almost six years now. During these five years plus, did she ever encounter any problem at all? 

Son: No, her health was very good. Now she is asking me if she can stop taking the herbs. 

Ha, ha, most people are like that. Hang on, let me ask you some more questions. She did not encounter any problem at all since after the operation? 

Son: No, never had any problem.

Did you return to your doctor for checkup? 

Son: Yes, initially during the first three years. After that we never go and see the doctor anymore. 

What did the doctor say? 

Son: Nothing much, but he started to give her “vitamin” injections. No, we don’t want to go and see him anymore – spending a few hundred of ringgit each time. My mother also did not  want to go and see the doctor anymore. 

Okay, most patients behave like your mother. After taking the herbs for some years, they want to stop taking the herbs. And how old is your mother now? Son: 79 years old.

And she is strong and healthy? 

Son: Yes. In fact I am planning to bring her to Indonesia for a holiday. 

Let me tell you this. We don’t know when the cancer is going to strike back again. There is this lady. She is as old as your mother. And she also had colon cancer and had been taking the herbs for more than three years already. One day she came in and asked to stop taking her herbs. Her cancer came back a few months later and she had to be hospitalized again.  Now she is recovering and taking back the herbs. The situation was made worse because she started to take all the “bad foods” as well, besides stopping the herbs.  I did warn her and her family about this but at the same time said that it is up to her to decide if she wanted to stop or continue with the herbs. So, know that the risk of recurrence is there.  

Son: My mother actually likes to take the herbal teas. It is the capsule A that she does not want to take. 

Capsule A is our “master” herb. What is so difficult about swallowing the capsule?

Son: That is the problem. She did not want to swallow it. But she likes the herbal teas. 

Most patients came to us complaining about the herbal tea – they want us to give them only capsules. They don’t like the teas – too much trouble. Your mother is the other way round.

Okay, over these five years, did she ever complain about the herbal tea – bad taste, bad smell? 

Son: No, the herbal tea makes her move her bowels better. Actually she has not stopped the herbs yet. I shall ask her to go on.

Conversation with her son again on 19 July 2013

Colon Cancer Part 3: Our Privilege to Help This Determined African Lady Who Has So Much Common Sense

You wrote to me sometime in December 2011 asking for help but I hesitated and virtually did not want to take on your case. Why were you persistent in wanting to take our herbs?  Other patients would just have given up and go elsewhere. After all internet / website information are not reliable.

My mind just felt very positive towards trying the herbs. Nobody recommended me, God pointed me in the direction I needed to go.

You have been taking all these supplements before the herbs. These were: a lot of vitamin – B, D, E and K, (mostly chelated), licorice root, milk thistle, wheat grass, raw vegetable protein powder, Poly MVA, Selenium, Chelated iron tablets, broccoli sprouts, colostrums, beta glucans, Co Q10, barley juice, chorella and digestive enzymes. This is besides taking Ibuprofen (for pain) and Xeloda (Oral chemo). Are you still on them now?

I stopped taking some of them. Initially, when I started taking the herbs, I stopped all supplements because I wanted to feel the effects of the herbs. I wanted to know exactly what the herbs will make me feel. I started some of the vitamins after a month on the herbs so that I will be able to identify if need be whichever one causing a feeling/symptom.

How was your health before taking the herbs?

  1. I got intense heartburn that felt like I was having a heart-attack sometimes.
  2. Right now I have a lot of heat! I sweat all time, and I am always hot. I also feel a lot of internal heat. This started after the radiation, I got a test of my hormones and they were elevated and this puts me in pre-menopause.
  3. I don’t get my menstrual period anymore, although I got what I felt like really painful ovulation last month.
  4. I started having psoriasis all over my skin and also a skin outbreak looking like small boils behind my thigh and butt.
  5. The last ultrasound scan showed about 3 uterine fibroids the biggest was about 5cm.
  6. I rarely sleep before 4a.m., although I have gained about 10kg.
  7. I also have a bump on the right inner side of my tongue,
  8. The hospital was planning to remove the whole rectum/vagina and give a permanent colostomy, but I have declined this.  Even the oncologist agrees with me not to do the surgery.  The only thing I am planning to do is close the colostomy after the rectum heals so bowel movements can go the normal route.

Are you in pain? Describe, where, what type and how serious? 

Yes, there is pain, but it has reduced. The pain is in the rectal area, sometimes radiates to the vagina. It aches, sometimes burns. On a scale of 1-10 pain is about 5. 

Can you sleep? 

No can’t sleep. 

Do you feel tired?


How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood?

Two to three times daily, normal, soft, no blood. 

How is your appetite? 

Appetite is okay, but can be better.

Any swelling?


Do you have any other medical problems such as: gastric?

Multiple uterine fibroids.

Urination: how frequent? Is it painful? Any blood?  

Six to seven  times daily. No pain. 

Do you cough?


Do you have difficulty breathing? Elaborate. 


List and explain any other complaints. 

Very dry skin. Recently I started getting eczema and acne. The bottom of my feet sometimes hurt when I walk. There is a bump on my tongue (pink).

When you started to take the herbs for the first week (r two), did you suffer from any healing crisis? Your conditions got worse and then improved later?

Yes, I had pains all over my body, headache, sore throat, mild temperature and rashes. Some of the symptoms got worse before they got better.

After how long taking the herbs that you felt you were beginning to feel the herbs were helping you?  

From the first week after using the herbs, I felt a difference and I knew that the herbs were helping me.

Why did you say you were getting better after talking the herbs?

  1. In terms of general feelings, I feel great. I am getting stronger physically,
  2.  I don’t sleep at 4 a.m. anymore. I don’t feel tired when I wake up.
  3. Basically, if not for the fistula, I have no symptoms.
  4.  I do more things myself now.
  5. Before I started the herbs, I had slight burning pains from the rectum and sometimes I had to use Ibuprofen (pain killer).  This week, I have not had that pain at all (even when I don’t use the pain tea).
  6. I can sit on a hard surface better now, prior to this moment, it was uncomfortable.
  7. My vagina does not itch anymore. Previously, it was itching so bad that I would scratch it until it bleeds. (Probably this is because you have stopped Xeloda?)  Yes, I was taking Xeloda the month before I started taking the herbs. The psoriasis on my body is also clearing up. They appeared after I started taking Xeloda.
  8. My lower abdomen was very tender upon touch, now I can press it without wincing.
  9. I definitely feel I am making positive progress both mentally and physically. I don’t know what it is but I feel happier!
  10. I tried out my shoulder and neck today. Unbelievable! Zero pain! Just five days ago I was in severe pain.
  11. I walked around for over an hour without getting tired. Before the herbs, I felt tired, and I would always get irritated and my mood changes and I become “snappy.”
  12. I am back to preparing my teas myself without help.
  13. The headache is gone as well as the sore throat and body aches. Yes, I believe it was a healing crisis. It started suddenly, got worse and then disappeared.
  14. I still have some phlegm but, it is clear in color.   It started during the healing crisis, it was milky in colour.
  15. I was able to take a bath without getting fatigued.  I typically spend an hour in the bathroom because of the colostomy. The colostomy is not regulated so, feces  come through it at anytime. Because of the difference in water temperature and body temperature, it stimulates the colon however lightly when water touches it. As I wash, it may come just when I finished washing and before I notice it it’s on my skin, I have to wash again. I could easily take a quick shower to prevent this but, if I go at a normal pace, I would start breathing hard.
  16. I don’t urinate as often as I used to! Previously, I used to urinate about every two hours or four times during the night. Now, maximum is once a night. Lately I don’t urinate throughout the night.
  17. Now, I sleep through the night without the need for urinating. Before the herbs it was difficult getting some sleep. Even if all the lights were off, I still couldn’t sleep till the early hours of the day.  Following the use of herbs, I sleep earlier, even when I try to stay up, I always become sleepy. But most importantly, even if I get six hours of sleep, I still feel very well rested upon waking up.
  18. Now I wake up and I don’t feel tired, I feel well rested.  Previously, I would wake-up, even after sleeping for nine hours and I would be tired.
  19. For me, if I didn’t have the colostomy or if the fistula was fully closed I wouldn’t remember I am healing cancer.
  20. The drainage from the fistula has reduced greatly and the mucus has also reduced. (I remember you saying that one day after the herbs the stools came out a lot into the bag, as never before?) I kept going to the bathroom and frequently too; the stool kept coming and coming like something was pushing them out. But it wasn’t diarrhea, it was soft, very frequent and in copious amount. The second night, the bag would have burst if I didn’t notice it on-time, it was that full.
  21. My nails look better!!! I was looking at them yesterday and I was admiring them because they look pretty, previously they looked terrible. They would bend and contour in odd ways.
  22. I just started sweating and felt the prickly sensation as I was typing this. It happens several times a day, even at night when I am sleeping. 

27 March 2012 

How are you doing over there? What about the fistula wound? Is it closing and improving? Then the heaty feeling inside? Does the C-tea help?

1 April 2012 

Hi Dr. Chris,
I am doing great! I cooked dinner today.  Turned out great! The only thing was, I had to keep my sweat from getting inside the pot.

The fistula is closing, the mucus barely comes out anymore and the exudate has reduced greatly. With the C-tea, I think it transfers the heat from inside the body to outside. I don’t feel the inside heat surge as much as I used to, but the sweating is a lot which is not bad. This is because,  sometimes I don’t feel the heat inside it’s only when I start sweating that I realize my body was hot. I don’t know if what I am saying makes sense? Now I look at the sweating in a positive way. I just tell myself my body is trying to get rid of all the chemo and radiation I bombarded it with. How is Auntie Im? My greetings to her. 

5 April 2012 

Thanks for your email. I am glad that you are living a happier life now —are you going to reconnect the colon? I thought you have done that already since I did not hear from you for a while. 

Okay — you have been on the herbs for more than two months now, going to be three? While on the herbs, did you also take any of the doctor’s medication? 

Compare your life now – after taking the herbs versus those days when you did not take the herbs. A lot of improvements? How do you describe your situation now? Taking the herbs indeed helped you?  Take care, Chris 

Hi Dr. Chris.

I am doing really, really well. I still expelled the dark stuff from my rectum this morning but the horrid smell is reduced.   I am not reconnecting the colon at this time. I prefer not to rush and wait a while for the rectum to heal fully. I may give it another year before deciding.

I am planning to come to Penang soon. But, I will be coming alone.  I will like to have enough money before coming so I can leave with enough herbs.

I have not taken any doctor’s medication since December last year. Now I feel strong /energetic, like I can do anything now. Well, except for my wrist. First it was the left wrist that was hurting. After a while it stopped. Now the right wrist hurts.

The herbs really, really helped the fibroids too! There is no more pressure on my bladder. I gained more weight too. People keep asking me if I am the caregiver to the patient and where the patient is. Of course I say with a huge smile I am the patient.

I thank God for His many mercies. Health is Wealth. 

One last question …

You said you felt well after taking the herbs. What if people put it to you that it is not true and that the “feel good” stuff who wrote about is just your imagination to justify what you are doing for yourself? It is not true!

Fortunately, some of the people who have cancer don’t have pain. However, for those who have pain it can leave you begging for death; even I found myself weighing the benefits of dying rather than continue to suffer the pain. If anyone has been in this kind of extreme pain, I don’t think there is anything in the world that can lead you to imagine “feeling good” when you don’t (well, maybe hypnosis, but I wasn’t hypnotized).

It’s like someone being burned alive, you know your body is healing when the pain reduces even if the scars are yet to fully heal.

When you start losing the muscles in your butt from inactivity, and then you start being active later own, your commonsense should tell you that both experiences are absolute opposites hence they are different and not imagination.

When people around you and even doctors get excited about the changes in you without telling them what you are using, then this is the most definite part proving it’s not being imagined. People are not in my head and they can see me becoming different.

When people can look at you and ask you where the patient is, and even argue with you that you are not the patient; I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise.

When I can walk for an hour without pain when I could not walk five minutes previously, commonsense tells me things are very different and getting better.

When the pain stopped acting as my alarm clock and I was actually sleeping and waking up on my own terms…oh I knew, I knew without a doubt things were changing for the better.

I could go on, but I’ll hope you get the gist by now. With Stage 4 cancer pain, there is no imagination that can block the pain you are used to experiencing for two years. Unless maybe you are a monk or something (I apologize if that statement is rude). 


I can only say this. This young lady has a lot of common sense. She is not rushing to get herself “cured.” Let the fistula “really” heals first before doing the surgery to reconnect the colon. It is our pleasure to be able to help such an exceptional lady. I am glad that I did recognize my mistake for trying to ignore here request for help. But all the same, this story has a happy ending. May God guide us as we go forward!

Colon Cancer Part 2: Her Treatment in India

India is cheaper with medical treatments and they have similar equipments to advanced countries.

CT scan revealed the tumor was almost obstructing the rectum, the surgeon suggested an emergency surgery to divert the stools so as to prevent blockage. I have had thirty radiation treatments and three cycles of chemotherapy.

You had radiotherapy at the same time took xeloda? Did they tell you radiotherapy is going to cure or shrink your tumour? Why did you agree to do the radiotherapy? Did you suffer any side effects when on radiation?

They told me radiation would shrink the tumor so they could do the surgery because I did not want a permanent colostomy.  Now that I think back, if the tumor was truly about to block the rectum, then I would not be having normal size bowel movements. But my bowel movements were normal in size, I guess they deceived me there again.

I had side effects; my bladder was on fire (burning)! Every time I urinated I cried because it burned as I urinated, I reduced my liquid intake because I did not want to urinate. I was urinating about every 30 minutes.  When I told the radiologist about the pain, he said it was impossible; it was too early to have any symptoms. I started having symptoms after the first week. I lost all my genital hair.  My whole genital area was irritated and which itched and itched and itched! Nothing relieved this itch.  One of the doctors said “you’re young, you should be able tolerate the pain”.  They then gave me Urispass after I complained for 3 weeks, to help with the burn when urinating.

A week after I started radiation was when I started to sweat excessively.  I have bouts of internal heat even when I am in an air-conditioned room. My whole head/face/back and chest would look like I poured water on it.

Also, with the chemo, I had nerve tingles in my hands and feet. I also had prickly sensation all over my body occasionally. I don’t get the tingles anymore, but the prickly sensation still appears once in while.

I was not informed about any side effect of radiation. The only thing they did was to ask if I am married. I said no, and they proceeded. I asked, begged for the doctors to talk to me, all I got was, we are trying to help you, calm down be grateful and take the pain.  But eventually I got tired of them saying they were trying to help me, I quit for three weeks after I had a fight with the clinic.  The doctor actually said “you are going to die if you stop the treatment, the disease is advanced” and I yelled, it’s been advanced for almost two years I AM STILL ALIVE!!!  They then told me, if I do not continue the treatment the only surgery they could do was take out the whole rectum and take out the vagina and if they should try to do that, it would result in death. I cried, my mum cried, nobody cared that I was just another random paying patient!

I asked to know the amount of radiation I was getting, they said they couldn’t tell me, I asked to view my file, they said I couldn’t.  I know every patient has a right to view their file upon request because they paid for it!

I have refused surgery because the surgeon plans to take out the whole rectum and vagina.   I refused Chemo IV after the first, gave me bad burns on both my arms and close up my throat.

When did you complete all these treatment?   

Radiation was completed in October. I stopped taking Xeloda December last year (2011).

What are your plans after treatment?

My plan is to start a fulfilling job in the health industry and enjoy the life I have prevented myself from enjoying for all these years.   Everyone that can afford it wants to eat what Americans are eating.  They need someone to teach them to stick to their own food.

Give us an idea of what it cost to be treated in an Indian hospital.

  1. Visit to oncologist,what is the consulation?  Less than US$20 per visit
  2. Total cost of opeation for colostomy?  About US$6,000
  3. Total cost of 30 radiation?  US$8,000 including tests.
  4. One cycle of Xeloda? Around US$5 per pill. Around $270 for a cycle.
  5. Are the facilities good — clean? The facilities are okay since it’s an international hospital.  About 50percent overall cleanliness, but the toilets were 20 percent clean. I bought my own bleach and cleaning supplies because I am very fussy about clean bathrooms.
  6. Are the doctors and nurses pleasant to deal with, well trained?

For every ten nurses, only two spoke English at a level that can be fairly understood.  I believe they are well trained but the nurses don’t follow procedures like I believe they were trained. I had to remind them to clean the injection site with alcohol/spirit before giving the injection. They rarely wear gloves so there could be cross contamination among patients.

I had to inject myself a few times because they didn’t know how to administer Intramuscular injections in the thigh. My butt was in a sea of pain, because they don’t administer pain medications through the IV unless in the ICU.  However, most of them are pleasant!  The doctors are well trained and spoke good English. The surgeon was trained in France.  I think that is one of their strongest qualities, general surgery, transplant/orthopedics, cosmetic surgery.

What are your experiences with the doctors in indian hospital?

They feel the doctors have the final say and know all, even the nurses dare not question the doctors.  It was surprising that, aside from Indian food, patients were provided junk food like French fries.  The fresh juices were again loaded with sugar.  They didn’t seem to understand that sugar feeds cancer. I declined dextrose IV because it caused pain since it was sugar. They thought it was in my head.  They ignored me until I pulled out the IV myself.

There were flies in the hospital and the food had stones and hair in them.  Most people don’t wear shoes in the hospital with the amount of diseases in the hospital.  In the clinic I went to receive radiation, I was told I would not receive treatment if I do not remove my sandals, meanwhile people walk barefoot on the street, so there really is no difference between those wearing shoes and those walking barefoot. We are all bringing in the same dirt.

I noticed the doctors don’t follow-up with their patients.  If you don’t show up for an appointment, they don’t even bother to ask the nurses to find out the status of the patient.  I stopped seeing my surgeon since October 2011. It wasn’t until I went to the hospital in January 2012 that he saw me walking by and asked “Oh, are you okay?”

The Oncologist

Your article made me remember when I was arguing with the oncologist a few months ago about chemo.  I accused him about the so-called cure and ask for the percentage rate. He said the best is 25%!!! I was flabbergasted! And even when radiation is included the maximum is 30%. Then he proceeded to suggest I have chemo for one whole year. I laughed and said that’s not going to happen, God forbid I stay on chemo for a year. He looked at me as if I didn’t know the severity of the illness. I told him, But you know that chemo and radiation cause secondary cancers.  He told me to stop reading the internet and all those are not true! I smiled and made a mental note not to share anything with him again.


Before radiation, nobody ever bothered to explain the side effects to me, I knew that there would be some effects with my reproductive organs, I asked for a fertility center, so I could at least preserve my eggs. They said there was none in the state and I stupidly believed them.  After twenty bouts of radiation later, I found a clinic, they said they couldn’t help by then.  I cried so much and had a fight with the doctors for acting like they were God and the sole decision maker. I was very upset. I learned that because the cancer was stage 4, they didn’t think I would survive to be able to have children anyway.

Before the treatment you were not told about the side effects of chemo or radiation?

They told me nothing with radiation. But for chemo, they said nausea, hair loss and fatigue but, I didn’t have them.  Instead, I had terrible heart burns that felt like a heart attack.  I still have hair on my head. I’m sure the oncologist will have a heart attack if he sees me without my hat/scarf.

Did the oncologist / radiologist know that you are taking supplements and herbs?

The radiologist said I should not take anything. These might make the side-effects of the radiation worse. The oncologist said not to take anything that may reduce the efficacy of the chemo.  I told them I was only taking one multi-vitamin but continued taking all my supplements.

Did they oppose or support your desire to take herbs and supplements? What did they say?

They opposed as they didn’t think it could have positive effects, only negative. When I informed the oncologist I was going to use herbs to improve my WBC, he said herbs won’t work, that I was better off taking the injection to boost it. When I asked  where I could find alternate treatments, they said only the temple/church.

Then you found cancer care? How do you know us then? Any one told you about us.

God pointed me in the direction of CA Care. Nobody told me. Nobody I know knows CA Care. I prayed during my ordeal and I told God, I don’t want all these chemicals, they are hurting me. I was always sad when taking these treatments. I wanted to be better and not become more sick. A few days later, I started seeing advertisements on TV about Malaysia.  It would show pictures of Malaysia and how beautiful it is, and encouraged tourists to visit.  The commercial always ended with “Malaysia, truly Asia”. I told my mum, I want to visit Malaysia. One of my friends promised me a vacation after I get out of the hospital, and asked where I would like to go. I said Malaysia. I didn’t know anyone or anything about Malaysia but, my spirit wanted to go for some reason. My subconscious knew something I didn’t know.  A few weeks later, I said a prayer and got on the internet just searching. I don’t remember the specific thing I was searching for. I was just searching, knowing God will lead me where I needed to go and I came upon

I don’t believe in coincidences and I know everything happens for a reason. I went through the site and it clicked in my mind, this is why I have been seeing Malaysia on TV.  Since then, I have not seen that commercial on TV. God is indeed wonderful!