Her tongue is healing well. Her health is restored!


Nur (not real name) came to our centre this morning. She put out her tongue and said she can now taste her food! Health wise she feels great!


Listen to what she shared this morning!



Nur: My tongue is much better now. I don’t feel like there is a thick layer on top of my tongue. When I eat chilly, I can feel the “pungent and biting” taste. Before I was not able to feel that.

Chris: So, your food is more tasty now?

N: I don’t feel tired anymore. Before I could not even perform my daily prayers. Now, I can pray even 20 times a day. Before I had to receive a weekly infusion to energize me, but I don’t need it now. Now, I can do all the house chores while my children go out to work. Before that I was not able to do a thing at home for lack of energy.

There is no more blue-black patches on my arms and body. They are all gone. My skin do not itch anymore.

We had posted the story of Nur earlier. To know more about her problems when she first came to see us, click this link: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/tongue-disease-cancer/


I give Nur a great thumb up! She is indeed an amazing, dedicated  and adorable patient.

  1. To come to Penang, she needs to take an 8-hour bus ride to Medan. From Medan she then flies to Penang by plane. By about 11 am or 12 noon, she arrives at our centre, talks to us and on the very same day she goes off to the airport to take the next plane home! She said, she would have a sleepless night if she stays overnight in Penang! In spite of this long difficult journey she did not complain.

Wah, I have patients who “bargained, and asked for special consideration” just because they said they come from “very far.” And what is very far? A 10-minute drive across the Penang bridge! Or a 2-hour-car ride away! Or one and a half hour flight away. No one can beat Nur!

  1. She is very dedicated to her healing. Yes, the herbs have awful taste and smell. But she take them without any protest. She takes care of her diet and keep on doing what is right for her. On one occasion she took pempek. Her whole face swelled. We told her to stop that and she was back to normal again. One day, I told Nur to try taking pempek again! She refused — she learned her lesson very fast!

For those of you who want to know what pempek is, click this link: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pempek. Pempek or empek-empek is a special food of Palembang. It is made from fish, sagu, egg, garlic, salt and artificial flavoring agents. This is one kind of food which patients should stay away from.

  1. She is a person with a grateful heart! When she was sick, she was unable to perform her prayers. Now that she is well, she said each day she performed 3 to 4 times more prayers than what is required of her! She is making up for the earlier loss.

Whenever she comes to see us, with great difficulty, she carries a small box full of fruits or natural products from her kampong for us. No!no! patients need not have to do this at all. Why take all the trouble to do this when we can easily buy them here? In her own humble way, we know that this is a gift from her heart which we must appreciate.

This is a great morning indeed. Thank God for this blessing.




Lymphoma: Swelling and lumps gone after CA Care Therapy. No chemo!



Mas (not real name) is about 80 years old, an Indonesian lady from Aceh. Her neck was swollen and there were six lumps around her neck. The doctor in Jogjakarta did a biopsy and said it was a lymphoma. She was asked to undergo chemotherapy. The family refused the treatment. Not satisfied, her family brought her to Penang for further consultation. Same result, same advice. It is a lymphoma and she must go for chemo!

One of her sons, surfed the internet and found CA Care. Mas, together with her son and daughter came to seek our help.



Due to her advanced age and refusal to undergo chemotherapy, Mas had no other option. She wanted to try our herbs. I told her she had to take care of her diet as well. And after that, just pray and let’s see what happen!

After taking the herbs for about two month, one of her sons who had been taking care of her, came to our centre again. He reported that Mas was doing well. The lumps around her neck were gone, except one. Even this one had grown smaller. The swelling of her neck had subsided. Her skin itched but after the herbs, that problem too, disappeared.

One day, she drank tea with sugar. She had problems. This was resolved after reverting to the right diet.


  1. Would you subject Mas to chemotherapy if she was your mother?
  2. What is the purpose of chemo? To prolong her life or to terminate it in this case? To improve her quality of life or to make her more miserable?
  3. What now after the swelling, lumps and itch were gone? Stop the herbs and go back to the “bad” diet and old lifestyle again?





He Gets to Keep His Prostate

Budi, in his mid-sixties, had problems with urination in 1996. The doctor suspected BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. He was prescribed Proscar. This medication was effective and Budi took this for about 2 years. With the medication, his PSA readings were normal.

Date PSA
June 1997 0.86
November 1999 0.67
November 2001 0.95
October 2002 1.02
May 2004 1.32
May 2006 1.22
November 2007 2.26


In 2008, Budi was prescribed Avodart, a stronger medicine, according to the doctor. He was on this drug for a year. With time, his PSA started to increase.

Date PSA
May 2009 2.13
May 2011 7.7
June 2011 8.0
July 2011 11.97

The doctor suspected something was not right and did a digital examination on Budi. There was no swelling. Budi refused to perform a biopsy because according to him he would not want to undergo any form of medical treatments  after that. No, he would not what to have his prostate or testes removed. Neither would he agree to chemotherapy or radiation.  Budi told us that his relative had his prostate removed but the PSA still kept going up after eight years.



Budi came to see us in July 2011 and was started on the herbs. He also bought an e-Therapy machine for use at home. It has been 5 years now and Budi is doing fine — as healthy as ever. The best part of the deal is he gets to keep his prostate! Below are his PSA readings over the years.


PSA after herbs


From 11.97 his PSA started to decline. In January 2015 it was 4.6. Because things went on so well for Budi, he started to eat some “forbidden” foods. In March 2016, Budi realised his misadventure. His PSA shot up to 8.0. Budi said he already knew why the PSA was high. Now, I am already back to my “good diet” again.



Recurrent Pancreatic Cancer Metastatised to the Bone and Lung

GG was 77 years old when she had problems with her pancreas in November 2007. MRI indicated that she probably had an intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm. In her medical report the doctor wrote: This lesion has malignant potential and should be treated accordingly. GG underwent a distal pancreatectomy in December 2007 in Mt. Elisabeth, Singapore. After the surgery no further medical treatment was indicated.

Nine years later, in 2016, GG started to cough, had fevers, nausea and vomiting.

An ultrasound on 3 May 2016 in Kuala Lumpur showed a solid mass lesion in the region of the body to tail of the pancreas measuring 28 x 33 x 67 mm … suggestive of recurrence. There were multiple cysts in her liver and solid nodules of unknown nature in the neck of the gallbladder. Further examination showed metastasis to the lung and bone.

Her CA 19.9 was at 234 and CEA was at 5.3.

GG is now 85 years old. It was at this point that we received an e-mail from her daughter-in-law.

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is L and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and was taking Breast M and Capsules as prescribed by you. She continued with your prescriptions without having major complications i.e., no pain and suffering until she passed away in 2011 due to high fever. We are extremely happy because she did not suffer much and managed to live for another 7 years.

Recently my mother-in-law did an ultra sound and x-ray as she was not feeling well. The results showed her pancreas having cysts and lung having numerous nodules. According to the doctors, cancer is almost positive unless biopsy is done to confirm. She had done surgery to remove part of her pancreas about 10 years ago due to the growth (non-cancerous). She appears to be healthy now with some minor coughing but complained of some phlegm. As she is of advance age i.e. 85, we wish to seek your advice on the best possible treatment for her. Family members are not agreeable to chemotherapy and radiation.

I attached below the medical reports, blood test and results of ultra sound and x-ray for your reference. I am hoping to receive your feedback soon as we are from Kuala Terengganu and are prepared to take her to Penang to consult you if possible. Thank you.

GG was prescribed herbs.

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

My mother-in-law started to take Capsule A-D, M Tea, Bon, Pancrea, Live P, Lun  about two days ago. Each time after about 2 hours of consuming the herbs, she started vomiting the herbs. On the first night of taking the herbs, the phlegm and cough reduced significantly but vomited about 2 hours later. She doesn’t have good appetite now, always belching and feels weak. We seek your opinion whether to continue with the herbs or to reduce the types and amount.  Hoping for your answer soon.

Reply: I expect that. She will have to suffer for the next 1 to 2 weeks to get better. Continue taking the herbs.

Dr. Chris Teo,

Thank you very much for the herbs prescribed to my mother-in-law. I noted that her condition now has improved tremendously … I would like to continue with the herbs. At present, she sometimes feel uncomfortable at her of stomach after taking pain killer. She has been taking pain killer because her outer thigh has been nagging her for more than 20 years. Actually, the pain is due to the disc fracture at the spine as informed by the doctors. I don’t know whether the pain is caused by her spine problem or other reasons. I would like to substitute the pain killers with your herbal remedy.

The son of GG called to say that GG was better. She had more energy and now can sit up. Before she had to lie down.


We are glad that at least when patients (or doctors) give up medical treatment for advanced cancer, there is still something that we can do to help — to make patients’ quality of life better.

GG is already 85 years old. Do you think subjecting her to chemotherapy or radiation make sense?

Reflect on this story written by Dr. Ken Murray.




Not too long ago, a man came to our centre on behalf of his 71-year-old father who was in a critical condition in the hospital. His father was semi-unconscious, couldn’t even open his mouth to eat or drink and had to be tube-fed. Looking at his medical condition — lung cancer that spread to his brain — we suggested that it would be better to do nothing than to try heroic acts. A biopsy was done followed by radiation. The question is: What is the purpose — what do you expect to achieve?





Breast Cancer: Six years without chemo, radiation or hormone. Happy, happy only!

ES was 49 years old when she was diagnosed with an invasive lobular carcinoma. The lump in her right breast was small, 15 x 10 x 10 mm. ES came to Penang for surgery. The doctor did a wide excision with right axillary sentinel node biopsy. The tumour was cleanly removed with margins clear of tumour. The four sentinel nodes removed from the armpit were also free of tumour.

The tumour was positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors  and negative for c-Erb-2.

Medical reports

Medical reports 2

After the surgery, ES was asked to undergo follow-up treatment of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and oral medication, Tamoxifen. ES flatly refused and opted for CA Care Therapy instead. The doctor was unhappy her. He warned ES, I am your doctor. If you don’t want to go for chemo as I told you, I am responsible if anything happens to you. You take that risk.

ES went back to her doctor every year for check up. For the first two years, the doctor kept insisting that ES should go for chemo. At the third annual visit, the doctor stopped “pushing” ES to go for chemo.

ES went to see her doctor again in April 2016 — six years after the operation. The meeting with the doctor and an ultrasound cost her RM 212.00, The doctor said, Good. He was aware that ES was taking herbs instead of the chemo he had suggested. No, he did not  ask ES about this “alternative treatment.”

Below is our conversation with ES and her husband in May 2016.

Some main points of our conversation:

Chris:  Did the herbs help you?

ES: Yes. My blood pressure became normal, before it was always low, 90/60. I felt healthier.

C: During your six years after surgery, do you experience any problem?

ES: No. Happy, happy only.

C: Now, did you ever worry that the cancer can come back again?

ES: Before in the first two years or so, yes. Now, I have no fear.

C: Some patients are reluctant to take the herbs after some years. What actually is the problem?

ES: Lazy to brew them!


What could have happened if ES were to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy and took Tamoxifen as suggested by her doctor):  Would her six years after surgery be a “happy, happy only” life?

  1. What would happen if she had chemo and radiation? Surely, she had to spend a lot of money. In addition she would suffer side effects. Seriously or not, no one could predict.
  2. Would she be able to have problem-free life after chemo and radiation? That depends on your “luck” (according to one onco).

Chemo did you ask

Capture 1

3   Recent research result has shown that about 50% of women with breast cancer have been receiving chemo that they don’t need! So, is chemo given to women just as a matter of routine or SOP (standard operating procedure)?

Capture 2





Breast Cancer: Declined chemo and radiation – alive and healthy. Relatives who had chemo, died.

chem chemo die die

TA, a 40-year-old Indonesian, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her story.

  • Sometime in 2013, TA felt a lump in her right breast.
  • For about 3 months, she had pain along the back bone.
  • In November 2013, TA underwent a lumpectomy. Histology report indicated a mixed type  of cancer — papillary carcinoma, DCIS, LCIS, CCL, UDH, intraductal papilloma, adenosis and fibroadenoma.
  • Her case was referred to Singapore and TA was told that it might be a cancer (?).
  • TA came to seek our help and was started on the CA Care Therapy. 

Recurrence – Mastectomy

  • The surgeon did not do a good job of the lumpectomy. A small lump appeared at the operation site.
  • TA underwent a mastectomy in 2014.
  • Five of 10 nodes were involved. TA was asked to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 session of radiation. 

 No to Chemo and Radiation

  • TA’s sister had ovarian cancer and underwent 18 cycles of chemotherapy. She eventually died. So this is the lesson that TA learned about chemotherapy. When told to do chemo-radiotherapy, TA just flatly refused the treatments.

CA Care Therapy vs the deadly chemotherapy

  • TA had been on our therapy since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two years, TA came to our centre again – saying that she “missed” us and wanted to keep up.
  • TA told us that a relative in Palembang (Indonesia) also had breast cancer. This was after she (TA) was diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared her healing journey with this relative but unfortunately the patient’s husband did not believe in alternative medicine. This relative had 7 cycles of chemotherapy. After the 6th cycles, she was totally “down.” TA asked her to stop the treatment but her advise was ignored. After the 7th cycle, she went into coma and died. She died less than a year after her diagnosis.
  • TA had another 70-year-old relative in Jakarta. He had liver cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. Initially the response was good but his condition “dropped” after more chemo. TA recommended that he tried our herbs. The patient agreed but his wife was against taking herbs. She is a rich lady! The patient died after more chemo.

TA took the right path

  • Seated next to her while relating these stories was TA’s husband. Initially, her husband also wanted TA to undergo chemotherapy as advised by the oncologist. But TA went on to search more literature and found CA Care. From then on, TA decided to take a non-medical path.
  • It has been 2 years and TA is still alive and healthy.
  • Our reminder to TA: Take care, don’t stress yourself. And don’t eat bad food! The cancer can come back again and we don’t have any “magic bullet” for you.

 Watch this video.

To those reading this story, just ask what you can learn from TA’s story. This is what we often tell patients: To live or to die is your choice. So, chose wisely! 

Perhaps you may want to soberly ponder these quotations:

chemo die fast and more painful

Die of chemo Allen Levin

Chemo kill  Compassonate onco







Stage 4 Breast Cancer: No surgery, radiation or chemo! Only on hormone and CA Care Therapy

Our three earlier posts are on breast cancer — two “rotten cases” and one “rewarding” case. Here is another one for you ponder on. 

e-mail:  10 October 2015

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is D. I am 37 this year and currently residing in Singapore. Out of desperation from searching for information about my mum’s breast cancer, I came to know about you and CA Care.

Having bought and read a few e-books from CA Care, I am well aware of the healing process suggested by CA Care.

Background:  Sometime this year, my mother (J, 56) noticed a lump on her left breast. Only until Sep 2015, she decided to visit K Hospital for check up. Upon investigation, the doctor in K Hospital diagnosed her with breast cancer and she was being referred to Singapore National Cancer Centre.

Last week, we had the first appointment at NCC. Doctor confirmed that it was early stage 4 breast cancer.

At the moment, no surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment were ordered. My mum is currently prescribed hormone therapy (Letrozole Alvogen) with next follow up appointment in Nov 2015.

Note: Letrozole is also known as Femara.

Attached are her medical reports.

Mammogram, 3 Sept. 2015: There is an ill-defined … mass …in left breast at 12:00 – 1.00 position. It measures 50x 35 mm.

Several other nodules are seen are both breasts. They are all subcentimetre .. and have well-defined borders.

At least two abnormal lymph nodes are seen in the left axillae.

Left breast core biopsy, 9 Sept. 2015: Invasive ductal carcinoma.

FNA left axillary lymph node: Metastatic carcinoma.

Hormonal status: Estrogen receptors positive, Progesterone receptors negative, CerbB2 negative.

Bone scan, 15 Sept. 2015: Increased tracer uptake in the right humeral head / proximal shaft.

I have spoken to my mum about your work and she is willing to heed your advice. Therefore, may I bring her over to Penang to see you asap? Dear Chris, please advice her and save her… 

Reply: If you think I can help you, yes– come with all medical reports and scan …. Monday to Thurs at 11 a.m. 

e-mail:  2 November 2015

D from Singapore here. It’s almost a month since we visited you in CA Care. I have to thank you for helping and speaking to my mum with regards to her breast cancer …  my mum will be having her 2nd review (blood test) at NCC tomorrow, 3rd November. I will update you.

e-mail: 31 January 2016

Hi Chris,

Attached is my mother’s latest scan in Dec 2015. Verified that all tumors had shrunk in sizes and some had even disappeared.

To recap, my mother had been taking your herbs since Sep 2015 + Aromatase Inhibitor (Letrozole Alvogen) to block the estrogen. Any comments for the progress?

1 Finding 2 Conclusion



This is indeed a unique and amazing case! Why?

If you have a lump in your breast, it is most likely that you will be asked to have it removed. Then after the surgery, you will be asked to go for chemo and radiation. Then and only then would you be asked to take Tamoxifen or Femara for 5 years! That’s the norm — especially if you are to go to a private hospital and have the money to pay for the medical bills.

When this “healthy” 56-yer-old lady came and told us that she got none of these invasive treatments (except Femara) we were surprised — can this be an improved, non-money-driven-therapy? How great it would be if most women were treated this way!

After about two months on CA Care Therapy and Femara, the tumours shrunk and some seemed to have disappeared (listen to video). That is amazing.

And what is even more amazing is that the oncologist did not object to the patient taking herbs! In fact he was supportive of her doing so. Rarely can you find such a situation! Generally, patients are scolded and told NOT to take “unscientific and unproven” therapy like herbs. Patients are often told that herbs can destroy the liver or kidney!

In the U.S. some doctors would label alternative healers as quacks or snake oil peddlers. We are glad to learn that alternative healers do have some “friends” among the medical doctors in modern, no-nonsense Singapore! Bravo!

This patient came to see us twice. On both occasions she looked healthy — there was nothing much that bothered her, apart from knowing that there are lumps in her breasts, around the neck and chest. But as we always tell patients — let us learn to live with the cancer, not declaring war on the cancer!

If you can eat, can sleep, can move around and have no pain then be grateful for what you are. As it is this patient still has a job and is happily working! Imagine what happens if she was to undergo chemo and radiation — quality life gone but the cancer would not be cured anyway. Or possibly the cancer may even spread more extensively and aggressively after these treatments!

29 Treat cancer-notpatient

5 Chemo-and-radio-crude

34 Treatment-worse-than-ca-Bay

52-surgery-radiation-etc-cau (3)

25 Some-body-must-be-iying

Liver Cirrhosis (& problems with the pancreas?): Two Years On, Still Doing Fine

SS (s-406) is a 61-year-old Indonesian. Sometime in 2011, he had to be hospitalized. Something was wrong. Fluid accumulated in his abdomen and this had to be tapped out.  In 2012, he landed in the hospital again, twice. In February 2013, he again had to go into the hospital to have fluid tapped out of his abdomen.

In July 2013, SS came to seek our help. Since then, he need not go to the hospital anymore!

What was wrong with SS?

An utrasound on 16 May 2013 showed a 8.9 x 6.6 cm mass in his pancreas.  And he had fatty liver.

A follow-up CT scan the next day showed liver cirrhosis with:

  • ascites (accumulation of fluid –usually serous fluid which is a pale yellow and clear fluid — in the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity. Ascitic fluid can have many sources such asliver disease, cancers, congestive heart failure, or kidney failure).
  • cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder).
  • cholangitis (infection of the biliary tract with the potential to cause significant morbidity and mortality), and
  • pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).



The report said: tidak terlihat nodul /massa atau lesi fokal (no nodule or mass seen).

So, how can we make out of this case with two conflicting imaging reports?

SS was prescribed herbs for his liver and pancreas and was told to keep to a healthy diet.

Listen to the video clips below.



April 2014: Almost a year on CA Care Therapy, SS said he was far better off than before!

September 2015: According to his niece, SS is doing find fine up to this day. Since on CA Care Therapy he need not have to go back to the hospital anymore. SS had just came back from a holiday in Bali. Chris: Thank God for this!




Metastatic Breast Cancer: She Found Her Healing

WP is a 45-year-old lady. Within a period of LESS than a year, all these happened.

  • In November 2014, WP had a lump in the right arm pit. A mammogram showed multifocal clusters of micro-calcification. A surgeon did a bad, piecemeal excision of the lump. Test confirmed it was an infiltrating ductal carcinoma with DCIS margins involved.
  • A week later, another surgery was done to remove the other remaining half of the lump.
  • WP consulted an oncologist in Singapore. She was asked to do a PET scan.
  • PET scan results showed:
  1. Small focal areas of mildly increased FDG uptake seen in the right breast — foci of satellite tumours have to be considered.
  2. There are several hypermetabolic lymph nodes noted in right axilla and in the pre-carinal region of the mediastinum. These findings are suspicious of metastatic nodal disease.
  3. No definite scan evidence of FDG avid hepatic, pulmonary and skeletal metastasis is noted.
  • WP was told she had a Stage 4 cancer and needed chemotherapy. She received her first shot of chemo in Singapore — AC regimen costing SGD 6,000 per cycle.
  • Not happy with the first oncologist, WP decided to seek another oncologist.
  • She did a total of 6 cycles of chemotherapy in Singapore. Since her cancer was Her-2 positive, WP was given Taxol + Heceptin. One injection of Herceptin cost SGD 4,000.
  • All treatments were completed in April 2015. Another PET scan was done. The results showed:
  1. The foci of increased FDG uptake in the right breast have resolved.
  2. The FDG-avid lymph nodes in the right axillary region and precarinal region of the mediastinum show interval metabolic resolution.
  3. No new suspicious FDG-avid lesion is detected.
  • In layman’s language the first round of chemo was a great success! But this success did not last long.
  • Six weeks later, a lump was again found in WP’s right breast. FNAC confirmed cancer.
  • The oncologist wanted WP to continue receiving Herceptin. Each treatment cost SGD 4,000 and WP will need to continue receiving Herceptin for life!
  • CT scan was done and it showed lung nodules.
  • In simple layman language the first round of chemo was a failure. It did not cure her.
  • WP was referred to a lung specialist who suggested a surgical removal of the infected nodes.
  • WP consulted a breast specialist in Kuala Lumpur and had a mastectomy (total removal of right breast).
  • A PET scan was again done on 11 August 2015. The results showed:
  1. There is interval development of several FDG-avid lymph nodes in the lower cervical, right supraclavicular, left internal mammary and medistinal regions. A consideration would be nodal metastases.
  2. A stable subcentimetre subpleural lung opacity without FDG-avidity in the right lower lobe is non-specific.
  • The breast specialist suggested more chemotherapy — the same advice as the oncologist in Singapore.
  • 18 August 2015, the breast specialist wrote: “The consensus on treatment from our Tumour Board was for her to complete her Herceptin and have radiotherapy to the chest well … radiotherapy to include the SCLN and Mediastinal LN as well as continuation of Herceptin and Perjeta in combination.”

After a month on CA Care Therapy, WP returned and said she was happy, confident and looked prettier! Listen to her.


Knee and joint Pains Gone After e-Therapy

WP suffered two side effects after her medical treatment.

  • After her surgery and axillary lymph nodes removal she felt numbness in her right arm. This is a very common problem suffered by patients.
  • After the chemo with Herceptin she had pains in her knees, ankles and joints.

Since WP planned to stay in Penang for 3 days, we took the opportunity to put WP on our e-Therapy.

After 3 sessions of the e-Therapy (each session lasted less than an hour) the numbness and pains were gone! Let WP tell you her experience.



Many cancer patients came to see us after all their medical treatments have failed them. We are their “last one stop”.  We also reminded them: Don’t expect us to cure you! We don’t have any magic bullet. You learn how to heal yourself. In this case, we are indeed glad to know that we can help WP in many ways — If you can eat, can sleep, can move and have no pain, don’t ask for more! Be grateful and be happy. WP had demonstrated to us that she had found her way to healing!

We always tell patients to ask two questions before undergoing any treatment (medical or alternative).

Before undergoing chemotherapy (radiation or surgery), did you ask the oncologist if the chemo is going to cure you?

WP did not ask this question when she met the first oncologist. But the second oncologist did tell WP that chemo would cure her cancer — saying, Many of my patients lived for 5 years.  To the doctors, surviving 5 years or more means cure, which unfortunately is not true.

I learned about Amy Cohen Soscia from the internet. She had breast cancer when she was 43-years old. Amy underwent a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She received treatments in one of the world’s outstanding cancer hospitals in the United States. In spite of the aggressive treatment,  Amy’s cancer spread to her liver and spine. She also received Herceptin. The cancer spread to her brain. More chemo drugs and radiation but these did not help her. Before she died, she wrote:


In this case, WP had chemo with Herceptin. The treatment did not work. So, the oncologist’s respond was more chemo and top it up with radiation.  For the chemo, there is a new but expensive “bullet.”  This is the first time we heard about Perjeta.  What is it? Perjeta (chemical name: pertuzumab) is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used in combination with Herceptin (chemical name: trastuzumab), another targeted therapy medicine, and Taxotere (chemical name: docetaxel), a type of chemotherapy, to treat HER2-positive, metastatic breast cancer  (Perjeta was called Omnitarg in earlier studies).

Can Perjeta cure cancer? How much does it cost?

Perjeta helped patients with HER2-positive breast cancer live significantly longer. But how long is that?  According to a study rolled out at the European Society for Medical Oncology meeting, Perjeta helped half of patients live at least 15.7 months longer than patients in the control group, the study data shows. In the world of metastatic, HER2-positive breast cancer, that’s a whopping result.”We’ve never seen anything like this before,” lead author Sandra Swain of MedStar Washington Hospital Center told The New York Times. “It’s really unprecedented to have this survival benefit.” Perjeta’s U.S. list price is about $5,900 per month, and it’s used in tandem with Herceptin, which costs $5,300 per month. Source: Roche’s Perjeta helps breast cancer patients live a record-setting 15.7 months longer

“Most patients will take the combination of Perjeta and Herceptin until their disease worsens, which is about 18 months,” the spokesperson said. “The estimated cost for a course of treatment … for 18 months is approximately $188,000.” Source: FDA approves Roche’s pricey new Herceptin partner, Perjeta.

Put this in the context of a patient in Malaysia. You need to spend RM 827,200 (current exchange rate of 4.4) to live for 18 months. The treatment does not cure you — does it prolong your sufferings?

Not too long ago, a friend whose wife had breast cancer was told by a renown oncologist: If you have a million or so, this is the time to spend your money, to show your concern for your wife. But the big question is, Can the treatment cure her? The answer is NO. My friend told me, It was a disgusting advice! We never went to him again.

One Indonesian cancer patient asked her oncologist if he could consider giving some discount for her chemo treatment. After all she had been receiving so many cycles of chemo from him but he could not cure her. The oncologist replied, Ask your husband to go and rob the bank to pay me.

Read more about medical cost: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/medical-costs-technology/

Reflect on the wisdom below:


WP came to see us a month ago. She decided to believe in her own body in wanting to get well. She did not want to go for anymore medical treatment. Would you regret for making this decision? WP said she is now happier, healthier and prettier! Will she make it to another two years without having to spend a million bucks? Time will tell.

Ella was told without chemo she had only three months and with chemo she would live for two and a half years (no cure!). Ella forgo chemo and made it to seven years. And today she is still healthy! At CA Care, we have seen many Ellas (and you don’t have to rob the bank!). Praise God, the Almighty Healer.

Click on this link to browse through the many cases of breast cancer that we wrote about https://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/breast-cancer/





Stomach Cancer: No to surgery and chemo. Why?

EK is a 66-year-old female. About 2 years ago, she felt stomach discomforts after eating. If she had soft diet, then she was okay. She did nothing about this problem. During the Chinese New Year, 2015, she felt something blocking when she took food. Then she vomited. The problem went away after that. In June 2015, she went to a medical clinic and the doctor said she might have thyroid problem. However, an endoscopy and biopsy in July 2015 indicated stomach cancer.

EK and her son came to seek out help after being told that EK had to undergo chemotherapy followed by surgery. EK did not want to undergo these procedures. Why? Listen to our conversation that day.



Summary of our conversation

Chris:  Does your mother know about this?

Patient: Yes. When doing the scope, the doctor told me on the spot that I have cancer. The doctor then asked me to undergo chemo. Must decide immediately. Chemo is to shrink the tumour first. After that, they will operate me, to remove my stomach.

Son: He was trying to convince her to immediately proceed with the treatment. But when I did research on line the chemo does not work so well with diet causing cancer.

C: I understand. You are not the only one. Many others are like you too. You do not get cancer only yesterday. Perhaps it has been there for the past 5 or even 10 years already.

P: Only 2 years ago.

C: Perhaps 5 years ago it was already there but it did not show up and you did not feel anything. Most people do not “listen” to their body. For you, only now it shows up. What do you want to do? You have to decide. Correct, on the one hand you can have it removed and maybe it is gone. Do you want to operate?

P: I don’t want to operate. The doctor told me if I do not operate the tumour will grow. It may cause blockage and  bleeding. And it is going to be very painful.

C: The doctor said you have to do chemo first and then surgery. Did you ask him if these procedures are going to cure you?

P: No doctor would guarantee that.

S: Why I feel not satisfied is every time we discuss with the doctor — he never want to tell us the probability. They don’t know. Depend on patient, this can happen, that can happen. They don’t know and dare not go into this subject.

P: The doctor told me it is going to be 50: 50.

S: They never tell us about the side effects. What can happen after that? I spent about 2 weeks researching (in the internet) I know that there are a lot of (side effects).

C: Okay, take it easy. Relax. Go home and think about it and decide. Listen to your heart and not your head. If your heart says operate, then go for the operation. If your heart says no operation, then don’t do the operation.  Take it easy.

This is a major surgery. The whole stomach has to be removed. Understand this. If the cancer does not spread, then removing it is good. Clean and throw it away and it is gone. But if the cancer has already spread, that is where the problem is. If it has already gone to the liver, what do you do? Cut the liver also? It is hard for us to decide what is the best thing to do now.

After removing your stomach, you can’t eat anything you like any more. You need to adjust your diet. It is going to be a bit difficult.

Then that 50:50 chance — may be it may not end up 50:50 at all — we don’t know.

You can’t blame the doctor because that is all they know.

Then, back to this again. What if you do not do operate? First, the tumour may grow and block (the passage way). You cannot eat and vomit. So, you may have to face these problems.

All these basically mean — you cut, you die; you don’t cut you also die. But everybody also has to die. The question to ask is: How do you want to die? That is the most important thing.

If you go for surgery, you may die on the table. We don’t know.

P: Yes, that was what the doctor told me. If something goes wrong, you die.

C: You also need to know this. If you cut, you also need to suffer later … due to the chemo, etc. Go through all these sufferings and die. May be not worth it. This is one scenario. Another scenario is, now you are still well with no problem. If you can take care of yourself, maybe you don’t have to die sooner, may be you don’t have to suffer so much. But know that one day you have to die. So, which one do you want” Think for yourself.

You come and see us — can we cure you? No, we are not god. But we also know that we have helped a lot of people already. They don’t die that soon. But they have to learn how to help themselves. Learn how to live with your cancer. Tell your cancer — you stay in there but don’t disturb me, and I don’t disturb you. If I die, you (cancer) also die.

If there is blockage, then you have to go for surgery. If not, relax.

We know this is dangerous, we know this is a rare cancer. In one year, we do not see many case like this.

Okay, do you want to go home and think first what you want to do?

P: No, I don’t want surgery. Then go for chemo — no, my whole body would collapse! The doctor also told me that even if I did the operation, he would not be able to remove everything. May be something may be left behind. Because of that, I want to go for natural therapy.

C: Do you understand that it may not cure you? People come and ask us to cure them. Our answer is, No we cannot cure you. Because we know that cancer cannot be cured, but to help you — YES. But you have to want to help yourself first. But how long you want to help yourself is up to you. Some people get well after 6 months — they forget what we taught them after that!

S: Professor. Thanks for reminding us. I know in terms of diet, it is not easy to change.


EK and her son were desperate. And they need help. The doctor wanted her to go for chemo and surgery for her stomach cancer that had probably spread to the liver, pancreas, spleen and lymph nodes. In simple language, this is an advanced cancer,  where surgery alone cannot cure her.  The cancer cannot be totally removed. That means, the chance of recurrence is very high. In addition EK has to undergo chemotherapy. EK knew what she was asked to go into and decided not to follow the medical way.

EK and her son clearly need help. CA Care was set up to exactly to do this — to help those in need of direction and help. And we are ready to help. But for those who come to CA Care in search of “magic bullet” or any easy way out, then we say you have come to the wrong place. Please go elsewhere to shop for your cure.

EK’s son took time to browse the internet for more information. He was clearly unhappy that he could not discuss anything with the doctors. Understandable, doctors are busy people and they don’t have the time to explain things to the patients or their family members.  Read what Dr. Heymann wrote:

Doctor visit 12 minutes

It is unfortunate that doctors do not have the time to show much concern about the patients. EK was told right there and then, while doing the scope, that she has cancer and chemo has to be done immediately. The message came like a bomb. No doubt about, the “death sentence” as many like to call it, caused much anxiety and distress not only to the patient but also the entire family. Patients and their family members want to know MORE, but they cannot get much information from the doctor. At CA Care, we try our best to answer your concerns and provide information as honestly as we can — to empower you with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions.


While in the midst of writing this story, a patient came to our centre. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread extensively to his liver. After the CT scan, the doctor told him: We cannot operate you. We cannot chemo you. Go home, eat anything you like and go and play as much golf as you like. The patient told us, I know what that mean. The doctor virtually told me to go home and wait to die. It was indeed a great let down. We don’t know how he took it, knowing that this man was once the deputy head of a state government, a VVIP.  He and his wife spent about one and half hours at our centre. We answered everything that they wanted to know. No doubt, they were satisfied. They now know what they CAN and NEED to do next.

Read again what Dr. Jody Heymann wrote:

Hospital not concern of patients

Pose this question to the Power-that-Be, Given the above situation, what can we do to improve the situation? Is building more hospitals  the answer? Perhaps we don’t need expensive hospitals but train people who run hospitals with a more “human heart”.

I am fully aware too that during our consultation, I am often very blunt. To most people, may be the mention of the word “death” is a taboo and is very objectionable. But at CA Care, we often bring this subject up with the patients. This is because we want them to understand the bigger picture of the problem. We fully understand, ALL patients want to be cured of their cancer, no matter how advanced their disease may be. Many patients say they want to “fight” to the end. Well said, but do you still want to fight with the SAME weapons,  if you know with almost certainty that you are going to lose the war. In addition, you  suffer as a consequence. Some even leave a “big hole” in their bank account for the next-of-kin to settle. The only winners in the game are the doctors, hospitals and drug companies!

Perhaps you may wish to reflect on these two quotations:




We are not implying here that patients with terminal cancer should just give up — go home and wait to die like the case of the VVP above. Far from it. Perhaps the question to ask is, If the expensive, scientific medicine cannot cure your cancer, can there be another option? At least another option which can allow patients to live in peace without suffering, even though we all know that cancer cannot be cured.

EK and the VVIP above did not give up. At least they came to CA Care and they found “peace” and a new “hope”.




Had Three Cancers! Three To 12 Months To Live. Three years on CA Care Therapy still okay!

Sixty-six year-old Ray (not real name) was a smoker since age 17. He stopped smoking when he was 58.

  • In 2004 (61 years old), Ray was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent a subtotal gastrectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy. This was followed by radiotherapy.
  • In 2007, his PSA was at 7.29. TRUS guided biopsy was done which revealed prostate cancer, Gleason 3+3. Ray underwent prostrate surgery.
  • In 2011, Ray underwent another surgery to remove his gallbladder. Biopsy indicated no malignancy. However, in early 2012, Ray had high grade fevers and was jaundiced. His liver function enzymes were elevated — Alkaline phosphatase = 433, AST = 87 and ALT = 161.
  • Ray underwent an ERCP with SEMs placement. Later, a tumour was found in the lower bile duct.

Ray was in a dilemma. The doctors told the family:

  1. There is no medication for him.
  2. Chemotherapy would only provide a 20 percent chance of success.
  3. Cyberknife procedure may be a consideration.

They consulted three doctors. One doctor said Ray have only a few months to live, maximum 7 months. An oncology surgeon said if it is a bile duct cancer, maximum 30 months but if the tumour grows and blocks the duct then he would not last long. The third doctor gave him a year at most.

Ray’s son found CA Care in the internet and wrote us. Later, his son-in-law came to seek our help. Watch this video.

This is the story written by Ray’s son.

My father’s journey with alternative treatments http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,71199,0.htm?mid=550843


I just wanted to narrate my father’s journey with cancer and our personal experience with alternative treatments.   


My father was first diagnosed with Stomach cancer in 2004 and whilst it was a tremendous shock to us we were a bit ignorant about the cancer (which probably helped us at that time). Anyway, he underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  He was lucky to be a stomach cancer survivor and made changes to his diet and lifestyle (gave up smoking).  He was then diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 and again underwent surgery and recovered from that successfully.

Bile Duct Cancer

To our horror he was diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer in March 2012 (albeit he did revert back to a more unhealthy lifestyle in 2011, which included alcohol, meat and fried foods).

In April 2012 the doctors put a self expanding metal stent to alleviate issues of bile flow and subsequently when his condition improved a bit they looked at the possibility of surgery. However, once on the table the surgeon decided that surgery was not possible.  The doctors attending to him had mentioned a prognosis of 3 to 6 months to me.

Without surgery my understanding is that conventional medicine does not offer many solutions and quality of life was a key consideration in our decision. Therefore, as a last resort we turned to alternative medicines.

Our Journey with Alternative Medicines

I spend my time between Australia and India. My focus last year in April was entirely on finding him the best alternative medicines that are available (and with some body of knowledge behind them).

I narrowed down my options to the following

1) Professor Chris Teo from Malaysia who runs CA CARE

2) Natural Supplements

3) Ayurveda treatment from DS Cancer research in India.  Albeit I started Dad on the Ayurveda in Sep 2012 more as an insurance policy.  He was already feeling better before then.


This is run by a botanist in Malaysia called Chris Teo and he has had great success in healing people (he doesn’t believe in a cure) with cancer and Dad has his herbal teas on a daily basis. Protocol is provided by Chris.  Also, he is very focused on diet and red meat, fried food, dairy, alcohol and processed sugar are definitely not allowed.

Dads current situation

My father has a good quality of life (90% of any one of us) and apart from the occasional infection due to the stent, his blood reports (tumor markers have remained down and Liver Function test is mostly in normal range) and scan on his 1 year anniversary has also provided a clean bill of health (i.e. scan said stable disease).

The future is always uncertain but I really wanted to share my personal experience with everyone who might be struggling with this disease and wish you all the best.

Latest update 2015: It has been 3 years plus and this patient is still doing okay. This is an e-mail Ray wrote in June 2015.

Over last three years have lost over 22 kg, current weight 54 kg. I am 5feet 11 and normal weight was in 70s. Doctors looking after my day to day issues including  Bile Duct stents, have been strongly advocating putting on some weight to counter disease plus new developments. My diet is mainly vegy, little fish sometimes, no sugar, salads and fruits of all types. Cooking media is olive oil mainly and sometime a coffee or tea to feel normal.

 UPDATE: 25 December 2015 


My father passed away yesterday night as a result of his cancer. He was bed ridden towards the end, however, he did not suffer pain which is associated with the disease and was able to eat and drink small amounts to his last day (including some of your tea).

I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you as your medicines have certainly provided us with much cherished time with our father. He was diagnosed in March/April 2012 and the time we have had with him has been very precious. Regards, Rahul.

Please take note: Patient was given 3 to 6 months to live but he managed to live a happy life for more than 3 years. This is what we mean by we cannot cure any cancer — neither can anyone on earth!



Liver Cancer: You are still around? It’s a miracle

Ben (not real name), 65-year-old Indonesian, first came to see us in 2013. This is what was written in his medical report dated 13 August 2013.

The above named gentleman first came to see me at Z Hospital on 12 August 2013 with a presenting history of abnormal liver enzymes. Of note, he is a known case of chronic hepatitis C infection (since 2000), diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, old stroke and post cholecystectomy. He also has allergy to penicillin.

Laboratory investigations, ultrasound abdomen and CT scan abdomen were done for further evaluation.

Ultrasound Abdomen dated 13 August 2013

  1. Finding suggestive of liver cirrhosis, associated with multicentric hepatoma. The large mass in right lobe liver is 8.4 x 7.2 cm. There are also multiple smaller nodular lesions in right lobe liver, which are about 1.0 cm to 2.0 cm. A calcification in right lobe liver.
  2. The spleen is enlarged, 14.5 cm.
  3. Small right renal cysts.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis dated 13 August 2013

  1. Multiple enhancing masses seen at the liver. The largest one measures 6.9 cm x 7.4 cm.
  2. Liver cirrhosis with portal hypertension.
  3. The spleen is enlarged measuring 14.8 cm.
  4. Small right renal cyst, 0.9 cm x 1.5 cm.
  5. Prostate is enlarged measuring 4.9 cm x 6.1 cm with no focal lesion seen.


Mr. Ben was diagnosed to have the following medical problems:

1) Chronic hepatitis C infection with chronic active hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension (splenomegaly, thrombocytopenia and trasaminitis).

2) Multicentric hepatomas.

3) Post cholecystectomy.

4) Right renal cyst.

5) Diabetes mellitus.

6) Hypertension.

7) Old stroke.

He is currently on the following medications:

1) Legalon

2) Propronolol

I have advised him to seek early treatment from Consultant Oncologist in view of further treatment of his multi-centric hepatomas (i.e. TACE or RFA).

Based on the above, the doctor told Ben the following:

  1. Liver transplantation would be impossible due to his age.
  2. Liver surgery may be an option.
  3. He needed to undergo chemotherapy.

Ben refused further medical treatment and came to seek our help.

One Year Seven Months Later

Ben came to see again in late April 2015, one year seven months later.  He had gone to see his doctor and did a CT scan.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis 28 April 2015

  1. There are multiple enhancing masses seen at the right lobe of the liver. The largest one measures 10.5 cm x 15.4 cm seen at segment 6 of the liver. There are two small calcifications seen at the left lobe of liver.
  2. Spleen is enlarged with greatest diameter measures 14.5 cm.
  3. Prostate is slightly enlarged with greatest diameter measures 4.3 cm x 6.2 cm.

With much “satisfaction” in his face Ben told us:

  • Ben: When I saw my doctor yesterday, he shook hands with me twice!
  • Wife said: The doctor commented, “You are still around?” (implying that Ben should have been dead by now). According to the doctor, among his patients, in cases like this, the longest survival time was only 9 months.
  • B: Generally by 3 to 6 months they were gone. When I first saw him almost 2 years ago, I was given only two months to live.
  • Chris: Does he know what you are doing.
  • B: I told him I am on herbs.
  • C: Was he angry because you were taking herbs?
  • B & Wife: No, no. He said, “Good, go on with the herbs.”
  • B: The doctor said, “It is a miracle.”
  • C: Yes, at CA Care we see miracles every week! This is NOT something unusual. Thank God for this blessing.

Listen to our conversation that day.


Ask these questions.

  1. Almost two years now, Ben is still alive and well. Why? He was entirely on the herbs — no chemo at all (that was the only option he had). What does that tell you? Herbs are not proven? Hocus pocus?
  2. What about those who did medical treatment? Maximum of 9 months and they were dead? Even from Ben’s own experience, his many friends were gone after medical treatment. Ben told us he has a doctor friend (trained in Germany) who was very impressed with his progress. The doctor even asked for CA Care’s address!
  3. Sometimes, we tend to think that people who go for herbs and forsake scientific medical treatments are dumb fools, deficient in knowledge and uneducated. NO, that is a wrong presumption! Generally those who come to CA Care are well educated people. Like the case of Ben, he was once the President of a university! He knew what he was going into.


Ovarian Cyst & Fibroid Gone After 3 Months on Herbs

Ida (M690); a 41-year-old Indonesian lady,  came to see us today (9 October 2014) and shared her story. She and her husband also agreed to allow us to use this video without having to cover her face — Let all those who have similar problems know!


  •  In 2003 she had a laparoscopic surgery to remove a 1.6 cm ovarian cyst. After the surgery she was pregnant and had a baby.
  • In 2010 there was again a 2.7 cm ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid. Ida was asked to undergo surgery again. She declined.
  • Ida came to seek our help on 5 February 2010. She presented with backache. Her menses blood was dark and there were clots. She had white discharge which caused itchiness. Sometimes she had discomforts due to bloated stomach.
  • Ida was prescribed GY 5 and GY 6 herbs.
  • On 10 May 2010 — 3 months after taking these herbs, Ida came back and told us that her gynae could not find any more cyst and fibroid.
  • We told Ida to stop taking the herbs since her problems had resolved.
  • It is now 2014. I asked Ida if she suffered any problems since 2010. She answered, “No”. Did you go back and see your gynae again? “No.”

Lung Cancer: Six to 12 Months to Live. Must do chemo, that’s the only way. With herbs still alive after 2 years!

CB (H894) was 74 years old when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  His daughter came to seek our help on 25 May2012.

CB’s problem started two weeks prior to his daughter’s visit. He had coughs and became breathless. He was brought to a private hospital where fluid was tapped out of his lung.

His CEA on 8 May 2012 showed 13.18 (High). Pleural fluid (fluid from the lung) showed atypical cells suggestive of small cell carcinoma.

Preliminary scanogram on 10 May 2012, showed right pneumothorax of approximately 40 percent and partial collapse of the right upper lobe and total collapse of the right lower lobe.

Bilateral small pleural effusions are seen in the bases.

According to the doctor, the only treatment available for  CB is chemotherapy. There is no other option. There will be no cure, only control the cancer. At best he has 6 to 12 months to live.

Since he was already old the family decided not to do any chemo.

CB’s condition at that time:

1. Breathing difficulty.

2. Cough with white phlegm.

3. Bowel movements, 2 to 3 days once.

4. No appetite.

5. Unable to sleep.

We prescribed Capsule A, Lung 1 and Lung 2, Lung Phlegm, Cough 5, Constipation and Gastric paste.



Chris: Who asked you to come and see me?

Daughter:  Alice told me about you. She was your student some years ago.

This was what I told CB’s daughter:

  • I can’t cure your father! It all depends on him – whether he wants to take care of himself or not.
  • If he does not believe in what we do, there is no point coming here. You must believe first.
  • If you believe your doctor, then go and see the doctor. But some people refuse medical treatment, then it will be a different story.
  • The herbs are bitter – not nice to the taste, awful smell, etc. Can you father stand that? Some people cannot accept that.
  • He has to take care of his diet. Cannot eat anything he likes. He must understand this first. Only then can he take care of himself.
  • There is no such thing as “magic bullet”.
  • I suggest that you don’t take any herbs first. Go home and discuss with your family. There is no point wasting money and time. He has to be committed. That is the important thing.  Then don’t take meat, sugar, table salt, dairy products and oil.
  • If he cannot take care of his diet, there is nothing I can do to help him.

Up to this day, I did not get to meet CB at all. He did not come to our centre. in fact, CB’s case of out of our “radar”.

However, on 11 June 2014, i.e. two years later,  I happened to “bump” into CB’s daughter when she came to collect herbs for her father.

Chris: How is your father doing.

Daughter: Okay, no problem, no complaints.

C: Amazing – it has been more than 2 years now. He can eat, can sleep and has no complaints? Cannot ask for more!

Pain Gone After e-Therapy

Jane (not real name) was a 47-year old lady from South Africa. She lived with her husband and their dog in a boat that sailed around the world. The happy family had been sailing like this for the past 15 years. Sometime in mid-2013, they landed in Malaysia. Jane developed breathing difficulty and was subsequently diagnosed with lung cancer. CT scan showed a 3.2 x 4.1 x 6.7 cm mass in her lung.

Jane was asked to go for chemotherapy but she refused. She was in severe pain when she came to seek our help. One way to help Jane with her recurrent persisted pains was to put her on the e-Therapy.

Listen to what happened to her.



Day 1: After detox 1 and detox 2: She went through “hell”. She felt very tired and the pains were more severe.

Day 2: She had nausea, was very tired and the severe pains persisted! She became very irritable, did not feel like eating and it was pain, pain, pain – all the time.

Day 3: In the morning, things seemed to improve a little bit. She became less irritable and less nauseous. However, the pain remained the same.

In the evening, Jane had more of the e-Therapy (almost 2 hours). She had hot flushes, she had a lot of sweat and felt something “moving” inside. The pains did not improve.

Day 4: She awoke at 3 a.m. and felt real good! I jumped out the bed. No pain. I felt absolutely healthy. Jane had more of the e-Therapy in the morning. She walked some distance to an organic shop for lunch. Her pains started to come back.

Day 5: I felt good, rested and it was fantastic.            

Day 6: Jane was better off today than she was on Day 1.



We were glad to be able to help Jane with her pains. The next day, she sailed away with her boat (picture) and we never get to see Jane again. Later we received an e-mail from her husband saying that Jane had passed away on 1 January 2014. The cancer had spread to her brain. It was indeed unfortunate that we were unable to help Jane using herbs because her “Caucasian” stomach would not tolerate them.